Korthia Guides

A full list of guides on all you need from Korthia

Full Guide: Korthian Gear / 233 ilvl upgrade / reputation / new currency / vendor / 9.1 conduit / 9.1 sockets


How to get Korthian Gear and upgrade


Guide - Farm reputation with The Archivist´s Codex


How to farm Stygian Ember


How to farm Mawshrooms (Evolving, Tasty and Questionable)


Guide – Farm reputation with Death´s Advance


How to get the quest Drum of Driving - Korthia


How to get the offering key in Korthia


All Locations of the Relics Chests in Korthia


How to open the Spectral Bound Chest in Korthia


The Archivist Codex Vendor has Account-bound items


All locations Archivists treasures


You lose a lot of stuff if u do the Skip in 9.1


How to get to the Island - Vault of Secrets



How to get the Darkmaul Mount - Tasty Mawshrooms

How to get the Rampaging Mauler Mount

How to get the Masterwork Gravewing Mount

How to get Foresworn Aquilon mount

How to get the mount: Maelie – All locations (Reins of the Wanderer)

How to get the Dusklight Razerwing mount

How to get Crimsom Shardhine Mount - 9.1

17 Jun 2021