How to get the quest Drum of Driving - Korthia

You probably felt that it is impossible that there is an entrance to a cave or something to get this quest and been looking around.

Actually, you are almost correct. There is no entrance close to the quest.

The entrance is actually one of those ancient teleporters scattered around Korthia.

These teleporters are damaged and you have to repair them to enter them.

To repair them, you must reach Rank with The Archivist´s Codex and buy the item Teleporter Repair Kit from he Archivist Roh-Suir vendor.

The teleporter that takes you to the quest is located at 39.37,52.56 in Windswept Aerie area (see image).

This takes you to Chamber of Knowledge where the quest is and also a rare mob called Yarxhov the Pillager.


22 May 2021