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Info & Tips of todays Legion Timewalking Mage Tower testing

21 Oct 2021

How your character will be  You can't use any power from shadowlands or previous expansion. You can enter it at level 45. All gear is scaled to 50 ilvl. How to increase your character power in Legion Timewalking Mage Tower Use best gear stats either from older exp or buy Korthian gear since u can [...]

9.1.5 Release date is out

21 Oct 2021

Blizzard has announced that patch 9.1.5 comes out on: Nov 2nd US Nov 3rd EU Nov 4th Asia  

9.1.5: Mobs in rift drops Relic Fragments & Cataloged Research

7 Oct 2021

Blizzard has added a change in 9.1.5, that mobs in Korthia inside the Rift will drop Relic Fragments and Cataloged Research. More specifically it is the Soulless Vengeance mobs and all elites that has a 100% drop on Relic Fragments. Soulless Vengeance drops 1-2 Relic Fragments. Elite mobs drop 6-11 Relic Fragments. There is a [...]

HUGE increase of Cataloged Research in 9.1.5

3 Oct 2021

There are two main things that you turn in to the Archivist that he turns into Cataloged Research and gives you as a currency. Half of that Cataloged research will also turn into Archivist reputation. Cataloged Research Items – changes in 9.1.5 Cataloged Research items are items that you find in Korthia. When turning in [...]

9.1.5 Relic Examination Techniques doesn’t increase cataloged research

26 Sep 2021

When turning in relics and cataloged research items to the Archivist, you will get half of that amount turned into the cataloged research currency. In 9.1.5, one of the items added to the Archivist Vendor in Korthia is the Research Report: Relic Examination Techniques. This is a Blizzard Account item, meaning that you can buy [...]

New video: Specific Armor Slots Bind on Account Korthian Gear – 7% chance on TRINKET & no necklace

25 Sep 2021

No more Stygia from Souls in 9.1.5

24 Sep 2021

In current patch 9.1 you get 20 Stygia from clicking on a Soul in the Maw when having the quest "Return Lost Souls" (Rescue 20 Souls from the Maw). This is a great way to farm Stygia since you can rescue 19 souls and get Stygia from then and then remove the quest from your [...]

New video: Tips & Trix leveling up in 9.1.5

23 Sep 2021

9.1.5 Guide: Korthian Gear - Location, ilvl, upgrade, cost,

23 Sep 2021

In 9.1.5 we are getting Bind on Account Korthian gear that are gear slot specific. Meaning, you can buy this gear and send it to your alts. What is the ilvl on Korthian gear The ilvl starts at 200 ilvl and this can be upgraded all the way up to 233 ilvl with the currency Cataloged [...]

Legion Mage Tower Timewalking Guide

20 Sep 2021

When is Legion Mage tower coming Mage tower will be available when Legion Timewalking is up. On the PTR you will see that the first Legion Timewalking is up on 7th of December in US and 8th of December in EU. Legion Timewalking will be up for 2 weeks the first time it comes out. [...]

Guide: Where is the Legion Timewalking keystone

17 Sep 2021

Talk to the NPC Ta’hsup in Oribos.  This NPC is located next to the Great Vault in Oribos. This NPC has a quest called "Timeworn Keystone" that is needed to take to get a Tomeworn Keystones. You start with a +2 keystone once you accept the quest. That keystone will last for the entire Legion Timewalking [...]

Dates on Legion Timewalking AND Patch 9.1.5

16 Sep 2021

In last week’s build on the PTR we saw that Blizzard added the Legion Timewalking on the calendar which was 2nd of November. This week´s build they actually changed the date to 7th of December. Changing the date shows that they have a goal on when they want 9.1.5 to be released followed by Legion [...]

Mage Tower in Legion Timewalking

15 Sep 2021

Blizzard Bluepost (original) In Legion Timewalking, the Mage Tower will operate similarly to how it did during Legion. The original seven different Challenges (grouped by your specialization’s role) will be available to try repeatedly, for the duration of Legion Timewalking: “Closing the Eye” for Frost Death Knight, Havoc Demon Hunter, Survival Hunter, Subtlety Rogue, and [...]

BEST WAY to lvl up 9.1.5 - Fastest Way & Maximize Renown - Tips & Trix

14 Sep 2021

PREPARATION Before you start leveling up, you must do the following. Upgrade your Heirlooms to shadowlands gear upgrade and wear all that you can.The ilvl of heirloom is pretty low at start when level 50 so check what you need and keep wearing the rest. But at higher levels the heirloom gear scales up pretty [...]

Change cursor size in 9.1.5

9 Sep 2021

An option has been added in 9.1.5 settings. You can now change the size of your cursor. To do that, press escape button to enter the game men and click on Interface. Once there, click on Accessibility on the left side. On the bottom you will find Cursor size, choose the one that fits you. [...]

Higher Soul Cinders reward AND no weekly cap

9 Sep 2021

In 9.1.5 we are getting significantly increased the amount of Soul Cinders awarded from Layers 8 – 12, Maw Assaults, Tormentors of Torghast, and Command Table missions. A layer 8 rewards a big chunk of 170 Soul Cinders which is only 10 less than completing a layer 12 in 9.1. The total amount of a [...]

Send anima to alts in 9.1.5

9 Sep 2021

A new vendor is added in Oribos that sells Kyrian Traveler´s Anima Cache. This Cache costs 250 anima and will store 250 anima in you bag that can be sent to other characters in your blizzard account. The vendor is called Heirloom Vendor (name will probably change) and located on the top floor in oribos [...]

Full Reputation guide for Archivist Codex

8 Sep 2021

A full guide on different types of catalog research items, where to get them. Korthia Rare timers and location. Treasure location and much more. Farm more than 3000 Catalog Research per day.   

9.1.5 SCOUTING MAP - Locked behind a WALL of Achievements

8 Sep 2021

  Before 9.1.5 we had Scouting Map of classic/vanilla zones, Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. In 9.1. all expansions are getting a Scouting Map. With a Scouting Map you will discover flight points and reveal maps around that zone. A scouting map costs 10 000 gold. Scouting Map: The Burning Crusade Campaign Scouting Map: True Cost of [...]

9.1.5 Better for alts

3 Sep 2021

Threads of Fate If your alt character picks ”Threads of Fate” you will have access to following: Level your character in Torghast via daily quests that also rewards Soul Ash. Level up in Battleground PvP via daily quests that also rewards gear. Bonus Objectives are much shorter and also rewards Renown. Zone Objectives rewards higher [...]

9.1.5 Heirlooms Guide

3 Sep 2021

Overview Heirlooms are now usable in Shadowlands. A new rank is added for heirloom gear. You can use heirlooms when choosing Threads of Fate. You can use heirlooms when not choosing Threads of Fate. Heirlooms Shouting Maps are added for Shadowlands and all other expansions. Heirloom Scouting maps are used to instantly explore all areas [...]

Full Guide – Timewalking: Legion

2 Sep 2021

When is Legion Timewalking On the PTR calendar. we see Legion Timewalking on 7th of December for US and 8th of December for EU.  How long is Legion Timewalking Legion Timewalking will last for 2 weeks on the first time it comes out and then it will last for 1 week like the other timewalking [...]

AoE Cap removed

2 Sep 2021

Several class abilities will have their AoE cap removed in the coming patch 9.1.5. Instead, those abilities will have reduced dmg done more than 5 targets. Here is the Blizzard notes and what class abilities that will be affected. Blizzard Developers' note: With the launch of Shadowlands, we reduced the maximum number of targets that several [...]

Legendary gear can be scrapped in 9.1.5

2 Sep 2021

In the coming patch 9.1.5 you will be able to scrap your legendary gear and get refunded with Soul Cinders and Soul Ash. You scrap you legendary gear at the Runecarver in Torghast. You will also be refunded with all of the Soul Ash and Soul Cinders that were spent to create the legendary gear.

All (Dev listening) changes coming in 9.1.5

28 Aug 2021

COVENANT UPDATES Reaching max Renown with your Covenant will Unlock so you can switch freely between all four Covenants without cooldown restrictions. Pets, mounts and transmogs that have been earned from that covenant will be available regardless of what covenant you are in. Alts will also have access to the cosmetic rewards. Conduit energy removed.  [...]

Farm 3000 Catalog Research per day - Full guide (Video)

12 Aug 2021

A good way to farm Stygia in 9.1

7 Aug 2021

Take the weekly quest “Return Lost Souls” from your covenant. Head to the maw and free souls.Each soul will always reward 20 Stygia. Once u reach 19/20 Souls for the Quest, remove it and take it again. You only get 20 Stygia per soul when you have the quest.

Best Route for Korthia Rift Chests (Video)

2 Aug 2021

Best Domination Shards for Demon Hunter

30 Jul 2021

Best Domination Shard for Vengeance Demon Hunter The set bonus is the Blood type. Shard of Rev Shard of Jas Shard of Bek The other Shards are Shard of Cor (dmg) Shard of Dyz (dmg) Shard of Zed (defence) Shard of Kyr (defence) Best Domination Shard for Havoc Demon Hunter The set bonus is the [...]

Best Domination Shards for Death Knight

30 Jul 2021

Best Domination Shard for Blood Death Knight The set bonus is the Blood type. Shard of Rev Shard of Jas Shard of Bek The other Shards are Shard of Dyz (Unholy) Shard of Zed (Unholy) Best Domination Shard for Frost Death Knight The set bonus is the Unholy type. Shard of Zed Shard of Dyz [...]

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