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All ways to Farm reputation with Soridormi and Rewards

9 Jun 2023

Soridormi is the new quest faction in patch 10.1.5 tied to the Time Rifts.  Where is Soridormi She is located mainly in the Time Rift event in Thaldraszus and in charge of the Time Rift event.  All ways to get reputation with Soridormi Remember, that this is data based on how it looks on the [...]

How to Gear UP in 10.1.5 - Super Fast for Alts & Mains

8 Jun 2023

A new Catchup mechanic has been added in the 10.1.5 patch and is very good for your alts and mains.   

Welcome Back GIFT for your old characters

8 Jun 2023

A blue post came out about changes coming to your characters that you have not logged into for a while. All characters that are between level 10-60 and not logged in to for a while will get a Welcome back gift. This is on the 10.1.5 PTR at the moment and will probably come live [...]

New weekly Quest - Time Rifts

7 Jun 2023

A new weekly event quest is added in 10.1.5 tied to the time rifts. The Time Rift quest is called "When time needs mending". You complete this quest by killing a miniboss in the 2nd part of the Time Rift event.  This quest rewards an item called "Contained Paracausality" which contains: - 1800 reputation with [...]

All Time Rift Mini bosses and Alternative Timelines

7 Jun 2023

In patch 10.1.5 we are getting an event called Time Rifts. Each time the Time Rift vendor is up you complete different objectives for 8 minutes (open world with other players) where you fight back against 2 Time Rift invaders that seems to be rotating weekly. After the 8 min event you enter (seems to [...]

NEW PETS in 10.1.5 - Time Rift

7 Jun 2023

New pets added to the Time Rift vendor. Each Time Rift vendor sells one pet (there are 7).  Gill´dan Killbot 9000 N´Ruby Doomrubble Obsidian Warwhelp Briarhorn Hatchling As u can see, the colors are not completed on some of them.  Jeepers (Jeepers didnt work to spawn).

NEW Catchup Gear in 10.1.5

7 Jun 2023

New vendor added in Time Rift selling Veteran Gear. Where is the new 10.1.5 Gear vendor located It is located in Thaldraszus (see map).  Currency is Diluted Time Capsule and Paracausal Flakes for weapons and gold for gear. Not sure if the gold will still be there on live.  GEAR COST Back (x4 different ones) [...]

Kalimdor Cup - August 30

7 Jun 2023

Kalimdor cup is out on the PTR calendar, Aug 15th. The cup will be up for 2 weeks and it seems that is will be up every 10th week.   

NEW EVENT - Secrets of Azeroth - Rewards mount, pet, transmogs and Title

7 Jun 2023

A new event called Secrets of Azeroth where we have to figure out different secrets.    This comes out Aug 30. This seems to be tied to 5 achievements with rewards for each achievement.  Whodunnit Rewards a mount: Pattie In this achievement you need to figure out all secrets the happened during the Secrest of [...]

8 NEW TRINKETS in 10.1.5 - Overview - Dragonflight

6 Jun 2023

Here is an overview of all 8 new trinkets coming in the next patch 10.1.5. The player power on them are amazing and the visual animations are spot on.   

Transmog Bags from Time Rift vendor rewards a lot!

5 Jun 2023

One of the Time Rift vendors in 10.1.5 is the Horde vs Alliance world Time rift vendor. It´s actually called Warlands vendor.    She sells transmog armor that is based on your character class and faction.  The head, legs and chest armor are sold separately. The other pieces are sold in bags called equipment bag, [...]

10.1.5 Time Rift Achievement - Temporal Acquisition Specialist - How to Complete

5 Jun 2023

Temporal Acquisitions Specialist is an ahievement in patch 10.1.5 where you need to find a variety of items across the Timeways. Here is a video on how to complete it.  There are 7 alternative worlds tied to the Rift event.  Black Empire (Azq'roth) Demon (Azewrath)  Robot (A.Z.E.R.O.T.H.) Scourge (Azmourne)  Titan (Ulderoth)  Murloc (Azmerloth) Horde vs [...]

10.1.5 New Megadungeon - Full PoV Run - Dawn on the Infinite - Dragonflight

4 Jun 2023

Did a full clear of the new Mega dungeon, Dawn of the Infinite. This is a PoV of the entire run. Here are some of the loot: Sparks of Shadowflame from 10.1.5 Megadungeon 421 ilvl loot from 10.1.5 Megadungeon Paracausal Flakes & Flightstones from 10.1.5 Megadungeon  0:00 Start 3:10 Chronikar 7:33 Manifested Timeways 12:20 Blight [...]

Paracausal Flakes & Flightstones from 10.1.5 Megadungeon

4 Jun 2023

The new Mega Dungeon coming in patch 10.1.5, Dawn of the Infinite has shown to drop the new currency Paracausal Flakes, used for bying items from the new 10.1.5 Time Rift vendors.  Also, each boss rewards 75 Flightstones. 

421 ilvl loot from 10.1.5 Megadungeon

4 Jun 2023

The new Mega Dungeon coming in patch 10.1.5, Dawn of the Infinite has shown to drop 421 ilvl gear which is not part of the upgrade system. 

Sparks of Shadowflame from 10.1.5 Megadungeon

4 Jun 2023

The new Mega Dungeon coming in patch 10.1.5, Dawn of the Infinite has shown to drop Splintered Spark of Shadowflame which is a weekly loot for profession crafting high ilvl gear. Earlier, it is only known to come from the weekly Niffen quest or weekly PvP. 

NEW TRINKETS in 10.1.5

4 Jun 2023

In patch 10.1.5 we are getting 8 new trinkets. These trinkets are tied to the Time Rift event coming in this patch. Paracausal Fragment of Frostmourne Paracausal Fragment of Val´anyr Paracausal Fragment of Thunderfin, Humid Blade of the Tideseeker Paracausal Fragment of Azzinoth Paracausal Fragment of Sulfaras Paracausal Fragment of Shalamayne Paracausal Fragment of Seschenal [...]

Class Tuning Incoming – 7 June

3 Jun 2023

Death Knight Blood All damage abilities increased by 8%. Druid Feral Developers’ notes: The following set bonus changes will increase the average number of stacks of the (2) Set Bonus and cause the (4) Set Bonus to trigger less often, but provide more Agility when it does. Aberrus (2) Set Bonus: Chance for Shadows of [...]

10.1.5 - What is Time Rift (

1 Jun 2023

Time Rift is an event that is up every full hour in Thaldraszus.  Each time the Time Rift vendor is up you complete different objectives for 8 minutes (open world with other players) where you fight back against 2 Time Rift invaders that seems to be rotating weekly. During this time you gain: - reputation [...]


1 Jun 2023

New vendors have been added on the 10.1.5 patch regarding Time Rift vendors. It seems that not all are out, but lets take a look what they have to offer us!  

JUNE Trading Post - Preview!

1 Jun 2023

Another month has passed and new GOODIES are here! Check out The Trading Post for June. Visit T&W (Tawney and Wilder) just outside the Mage District in Stormwind or the Zen’shiri Trading Post next to Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar to check out all the latest items they have available.   The Bonus Reward this moth [...]

MORE gear nerfed except for trinkets

31 May 2023

When firelands came out as Timewalking raid, we got some heavy nerfs on the trinkets. This was also stated in a blue post. However, what was not stated was another nerf that took place.  Most of the Firelands gear have sockets on them and the same day as Firelands came out, the sockets where still [...]

When you get Augmentation Spec for Dracthyr

31 May 2023

The Augmentation spec will be available when patch 10.1.5 comes out.  You will get the spec automatically on your Dracthyr characters.  If you start a new Dracthyr, then you will learn the Augmentation spec at the same time as the other two specs during the starting questline for Dracthyrs. 

Timewalking raids are not Cross-Realm Guild

31 May 2023

Timewalking raids is a raid that requires you to form a raid group or join a raid group in order to do the raid. However, if you que up, then only players on the same faction as the leader can enter the raid.  We do not know if this is a bug or if it is intended. 

KALIMDOR CUP - How does it work & REWARDS

29 May 2023

Riders of Azeroth Badges Completing it in different difficulties rewards different amounts of badges.  Bronze (1 Rider of Azeorth Badge) Silver (2 Rider of Azeorth Badge) Gold (3 Rider of Azeorth Badge) The maximum you can get per difficulty is 3 Badges.  So basically, you can get 9 badges in total from each course.  There [...]


29 May 2023

In the latest bluepost it got confirmed that we are getting other mounts as dragonflying mounts. Let´s check out what mounts are in the list atm to become dragonflying mounts!  


27 May 2023

  When is the Revival Catalyst coming out in 10.1 The Revival Catalyst will be active on the 13th of June in US servers 14th of June in EU servers How will the Revival Catalyst work The week it becomes active, you talk to Therazal , in Valdrakken. Same NPC that gives you the weekly [...]

What GEAR you can Convert into TIER GEAR - 10.1 REVIVAL CATALYST

27 May 2023

We have gone through how the Revival Catalyst will work in patch 10.1. Now we are taking a look at what type of gear you can convert since we have a new gearing system and also new content. If you want to know more on how it will work out then check out the previous [...]

PRIME SUBS get a new epic WoW transmog

26 May 2023

This month, Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers can obtain an epic transmogrification appearance that is sure to turns heads wherever you go. EU: US:  

NEW "Old" Scholomance & Profession Transmogs coming back in 10.1.5

26 May 2023

  These are speculation notes.  Back in the days, Eva was part of a questline to to burn her corpse and tied to the doctor in scholo. (image from wowhead) When you find that journal, you start a questline. This questlines also leads to that you will perform a Ritual.  This ritual takes you back [...]

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