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Tier Gear Vendor in the War Within

17 Jul 2024

The marks from the new raid Nerubar Palace are now out on the War Within Beta. You get these marks from the last boss in the raid, Queen Ansurek. To turn this curio into a tier gear, you have to trade it in a special tier vendor.  Location Ab´xal -  PvP Tier Vendor Ip´xal - [...]

Unlock Both Alliance and Horde Remembered Mounts with Just One Purchase

16 Jul 2024

Embark on a journey through the memories of Azeroth in the latest pre-expansion event and gather Residual Memories to acquire new additions for your Warband collection. Engaging in the event allows you to accumulate Residual Memories, a valuable currency that can be utilized to procure mounts, pets, Veteran Gear, and a variety of other items [...]

EVERYTHING on Warbands and alts in The War Within

16 Jul 2024

In the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, The War Within, players will experience account-wide progression for all their characters across their account, regardless of faction. This includes shared Renown, a Warband bank, Achievements, Collections, and more. Upon logging into the game, a Warband conversion process will automatically enable account-wide progression systems, eliminating the need [...]

Best Healers in The War Within (TWW)

12 Jul 2024

Here is the ranks of healers in THe War Within. This is based on logs from raid testing.  Holy Paladin S Mistweaver Monk A Restoration Shaman B Preservation Evoker B Restoration Druid C Holy priest C Discipline Priest D

BEST Tank in The War Within (TWW)

12 Jul 2024

Here is ranking on the best tanks in the War Within based on dps. This is ranked from raid log data.  Single Target Brew Monk A Vengeance DH A Prot Pala B Blood DK B Prot Warrior C Guardian Druid C Cleave  Guardian Druid A Brew Monk A Vengeance DH A Prot Warrior B Blood [...]

BEST dps in The War Within (TWW) based on DATA

12 Jul 2024

Here is the ranks of melee and ranged dps in THe War Within. This is based on logs from raid testing.  Best Single dmg Arcane Mage S Augmentation Evoker A Elemental Shaman A Retribution Paladin A Beastmaster Hunter A Havoc Demonhunter A Marksman Hunter A Windwalker Monk B Enchane Shaman B Unholy DK B Feral [...]

No Tier Gear from Pre-Patch gear

9 Jul 2024

The War Within's pre-patch gear was designed to provide players with a means to catch up, offering a chance to obtain gear that can bridge the gap between different levels of progression. Guides have been published to explain how this pre-patch gear functions and how players can acquire it. However, a recent development has sparked [...]

Follower Dungeons Contribute to Weekly Dungeon Quests in the War Within

8 Jul 2024

Each week, you can embark on a rotating weekly dungeon quest within the War Within. This quest presents various dungeons that you must complete, offering a choice of different reputation and renown factions as a reward. Upon completion, you can select one faction to receive 1500 reputation. Additionally, opting for one of the severed pacts [...]

Level-Up Campaign Skip in The War Within

8 Jul 2024

Unlocking the option to skip the level-up campaign and begin the max-level campaign in your World of Warcraft journey is an exciting milestone. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through this process: Reach Renown 5 on the 4 War Within Renowns Once you achieve Renown 5 on the 4 War Within Renowns, your [...]

How to get Reins of the Soaring Meaderbee Mount

7 Jul 2024

There is a vendor NPC called Cendvin, located in Cinderbrew Meadery in Isle of Dorn (/way 74.33,45.31). This NPC sells an item for a special currency called Sizzling Cinderpollen.  Reins of the Soaring MeaderbeeCosts 900 Sizzling Cinderpollen He also sells a Recipe for gold:  Recipe: Cinder NectarTeaches you how to craft Cinder Nectar. Restores 3.7 [...]

How to Buy EVERYTHING in Darkmoon Faire in ONE DAY

7 Jul 2024

There is a tactic in which you can get an unlimited amount of Darkmoon PriceTickets. This tactic can already be prepared before The War Within goes live. When The World Within goes live (even Prepactch), you will be able to receive currencies from your other characters in your account. The only requirement is that you [...]

Another 34 slot bag in The War Within

6 Jul 2024

Another 34-Slot Bag is available on The War Within. This one is a treasure located in  Ringing Deeps (/way 59.01,64.38).  You have to interact with the Kaja´Cola Machine and click on the buttons in a special order to get the treasure. The combination is: 3 ,4 ,1, 2  This will reward “Goblin Mini Fridge”, a [...]

Guide to Farming Kej Currency in the War Within

6 Jul 2024

The War Within is an upcoming expansion in World of Warcraft that introduces the Kej currency. This guide will provide information on how to farm Kej currency in the game. Renown Levels and Kej Rewards Reaching certain renown levels with the Severed Threads faction will reward you with Kej currency. It's important to note that [...]

A new Fishing Derby in World of Warcraft

6 Jul 2024

Welcome to the exciting world of the Fishing Derby in the War Within! Get ready to reel in some special fish and earn valuable currency in this thrilling event. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you make the most of your fishing adventures: Event Details The Fishing Derby War Within takes place every Saturday in [...]

How to fix "Dmg numbers not showing" in WoW

4 Jul 2024

There can be a bug that doesn´t show dmg numbers in World of Warcraft even if you have changed it on settings. To solve it, just copy paste this script: /console floatingCombatTextCombatDamage 1   This command enables floating combat text for damage. If you want to disable combat text for damage, you can change the number [...]

Flightstones and Crests turns into gold and silver

3 Jul 2024

With the dragonflight coming to a close and the impending prepatch for the new expansion, The War Within, on August 23rd, it's essential to prepare for the changes that will occur during this transition. One significant change to note is the depletion of Flightstones and Crests in the War Within, which will be converted into [...]

How to Obtain and Use the mobile Warband Bank in The War Within

3 Jul 2024

In "The War Within," players have the opportunity to acquire a valuable tool known as the Warband Bank, a mobile bank that can be summoned to manage items and resources on the go. Here's a guide on how to obtain and use the Warband Bank:Acquiring the Warband Bank: Quest Activation: The questline to obtain the [...]

Pet that makes you purple and drunk?

3 Jul 2024

The Mind Slurp pet is a unique companion that occasionally  turns its owner purple and occasionally causes dizziness.   Pet that makes you purple and drunk?Bookmark for futureHow to get:— Dr. Moudi (@WorldofMoudi) July 3, 2024 Here's a guide on how to obtain this intriguing pet in the south-eastern part of Azj-Kahet: Black [...]

How to get Spark of Omen in the War Within

3 Jul 2024

Spark of Omen is the new crafting reagent to upgrade crafted gear in The War Within. This item increases gear to 584-597 ilvl.  You will get your hands on Fractured Sparks of Omen and you need 2 of them together with 250 Valorstones to make it into a Spark of Omen.    How to get [...]

EVERYTHING about Severed Thread Pact

28 Jun 2024

The Notoriety Pact (Severed Thread Pact) consists of 3 Nerubians that will help you to help them in The War Within zone Azj-kahet. You will get to know them during your adventures when doing the main storyline and side quests in Azj-kahet.  The 3 factions in the Notoriety pact are: The Vizier  The Weaver  The [...]

Location of all profession bag patterns in the War Within

28 Jun 2024

We are getting profession bags in the War Within with a special touch on it. These bags are 38-slot bags and will also have special profession specific power.  The profession that can craft these bags are Tailors. The normal tailoring trainer will no teach how craft them so they need to find these recipes and [...]

You can Buy Knowledge Points in The War Within

28 Jun 2024

In Azj-kahet, there are mobs that are hostile but also mobs that are friendly. They become friendly via the main storyline in Azj-kahet. Also, when you reach renown 2 with the Severed Thread, you will unlock access to vendors in City of Threads, Azj-kahet. Some of these vendors are profession vendors and sell items containing [...]

All profession Bags with Power in the War Within

28 Jun 2024

We are getting profession bags in the War Within with a special touch on it. These bags are 38-slot bags and will also have special profession specific power.  The profession that can craft these bags are Tailors. The normal tailoring trainer will no teach how craft them so they need to find these recipes and [...]

Guide to Crafting PvP Gear in The World Within

26 Jun 2024

To craft PvP gear in The World Within, you will need to follow a few steps. Here's a guide to help you get started: Learn the Recipes: To craft PvP gear, you need to learn the recipes from a special vendor NPC called Hotharm. You can find Hotharm in Dornogal at coordinates (/way 56.49,89.35) . These [...]

Artisan Consortium Vendor in The War Within

26 Jun 2024

Artisan Consortium is back in the War Within but this time it is the vendor with no reputation requirement to buy the items. But remember that this is Beta and can change before going live.  Where the the Artisan Consortium vendor located The Artisan Consortium vendor NPC is called Lyrendal and located in Crafter´s Enclave [...]

GUIDE: Darkmoon Trinkets and Darkmoon Sigils

26 Jun 2024

Big Shoutouts to Toolock and PattiFord for helping looking into this!! Where to get Darkmoon Cards The Darkmoon cards are obtained from “Crusty Darkmoon Cards” which you get when fishing special shipwrecked Debris. The fishing pool looks the same everywhere in Khaz Algar but has different names based on which zone it is.  In Isle [...]

Have a Herb Garden in The War Within

25 Jun 2024

In the upcoming expansion, The World Within, Herbalism introduces a specialization perk called Cultivation. This specialization focuses on the ability to grow and collect special seeds, which can increase the amount of herbs you obtain. Here's a guide to help you understand and make the most of the Cultivation specialization. Activating Cultivation and Obtaining Seeds [...]

GUIDE: Arathi Loremaster - Get the Arathi Book Collection Toy

22 Jun 2024

Arathi Loremaster is a task treasure icon on the map. To start this task you must head to Mereldar and talk to Ryfus Sacredpyr (/way 40.01, 51.12).  This NPC will ask you 6 questions that you must answer to be rewarded with a toy “Arathi Book Collection”. To answer the questions, you must find a [...]

Guide: Khaz Algar Lore Hunter Achievement

22 Jun 2024

Khaz Algar Lore Hunter is an achievement in which you must find lore objects in THe War Within. These are lore objects that you interact with. They look like a magnifying glass icon on the minimap when you are close to the object.  There are 5 lore objects in each zone and each lore object [...]

How to get Cliffside Wylderdrake: Midsummer Fire Festival Armor 2024

21 Jun 2024

The Midsummer Fire Festival is here, and one of the exciting activities you can participate in is fighting Alune via the dungeon finder. While this boss event offers rewards and loot drops, it's important to note that the Cliffside Wylderdrake: Midsummer Fire Festival Armor cannot be directly looted from this source. Let's dive into the [...]

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