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Eastern Kingdom Cup rewards from vendor

4 Oct 2023

During the Eastern Kingdom Cup, players can collect Riders of Azeroth Badges, which can be traded for special items and rewards from Maztha in Valdrakken or Dathendrash in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. NEW DRAGON CUSTOMIZATIONS: Winding Slitherdrake: Yellow Scales Winding Slitherdrake: Paired Horns Winding Slitherdrake: Horned Brow Winding Slitherdrake: Shark Finned Tail CUSTOMIZATIONS (PREVIOUSLY DROPPED FROM [...]

Emerald Back Transmog Achievement Reward

4 Oct 2023

10.2 has an achievement called Adventurer of the Emerald Dream. This Achievement requires you to kill 10 rares in the Emerald Dream zone in the list. Completing this task will reward you with a back transmog called Ochre Ornament of the Grove.   

Where to get Enchanted Whelpling´s Dreaming Crest

4 Oct 2023

The Formula: Enchanted Whelpling´s Dreaming Crest is learned by enchanters to be able to craft the optional reagent (Enchanted Whelpling´s Dreaming Crest). This is used to upgrade gear to 431-444 ilvl.  This Formula drops from an Elite rare called Nuobaron in the Emerald Dream. However, it might drop from other rares as well in the [...]

Warcraft Rumble comes out November 3rd

3 Oct 2023

Get ready to join the action-packed mobile game Warcraft Rumble, where awesome Minis come alive to battle in exciting fights. You can play in different ways, like going on thrilling adventures in the single player campaign or having epic battles against your friends in PvP mode. Get ready for tons of excitement and crazy fun! [...]

Location of Rumble Coins and Rumble Foils

3 Oct 2023

You can get Warcraft Rumble minis as toys! By collecting Rumble Coins you add them to Rumble Machines to get the minis. There are 7 unuque ones: - Maiev- Sneed- Huntress- Stonehoof Tauren- Ghoul- Murloc- Whelp EggYou can also collect Rumble Foil that is used to change look on your minis. There are 14 in total, two [...]

Where to get Enchanted Wyrm´s Dreaming Crest

2 Oct 2023

The Formula: Enchanted Wyrm´s Dreaming Crest is learned by enchanters to be able to craft the optional reagent (Enchanted Wyrm´s Dreaming Crest). This is used to upgrade gear to 460-473 ilvl.  This Formula drops from a rare called Ignit the Firebranded in the Emerald Dream. However, it might drop from other rares as well in [...]

How to gear up in patch 10.2 before and during season 3

2 Oct 2023

Let´s say that you just started a new character today, before 10.2 goes live. Or maybe you have a main character where you wonder if you can gear it up in 10.2 before Season 3 goes live. Or maybe you are changing to a new main.  How good can you gear up before Season 3 [...]

All Side Quests in Emerald Dream -10.2

1 Oct 2023

THere are in total 9 side quests in the zone in patch 10.2. All these side quest are tied to the new Renown Faction - Dream Wardens. Completing a side questline will reward 750 reputation. Here are all the locations of the side quests.  1 NPC: WrathionQuest: A Draon in Hand is Worth Two in [...]

10.2: Three weekly quests with 441-463 ilvl Gear Reward

30 Sep 2023

There are 3 weeklies in 10.2 that rewards very good outdoor gear. The gear is Veteran gear between rank 1-3. Veteran Gear in 10.2 ranges between 441 ilvl to 463 ilvl gear. That means that this gear ranges betwen Raid LFR and Normal mode Gear drop.  The first outdoor content that rewards this gear is [...]

10.2 Storyline rewards VERY high Gear ilvl

30 Sep 2023

 The main storyline has 7 chapters and here is info on chapter 1-5. 10.2 We are getting all gear slots except for 1 ring and 2 trinkets. The gear of the ilvl differs on story progress which maybe means that we are getting chapter 1-4 first and 5-7 later.  Gear is Explorer so it can [...]

Emerald Dream Shield Transmog

29 Sep 2023

Introducing the Magnificent "Grovekeeper's Barrier": an exquisitely designed shield that is effortlessly attainable and impossible to overlook within the enchanting realm of the 10.2 zone, Emerald Dream. Nestled within a captivating building, lies a treasure chest adorned in vibrant shades of green. To unlock its secrets, simply perform the command /sleep to transform into a [...]

October Trading Post -2023

29 Sep 2023

CLASS ARMOR SETS AND WEAPON SETS DEATH KNIGHT Webbed Saronite ExoskeletonItem Type: Head, Shoulder WaistCost: 450 Trader's Tender  Webbed Saronite WeaponryItem Type: Webbed Saronite Eviscerator (1-Hand Sword), Webbed Saronite Greataxe (2-Hand Axe), Webbed Saronite Devourer (2-Hand Sword)Cost: 500 Trader's Tender DEMON HUNTER Nathreza Blasphemer’s FlamesItem Type: Head, Shoulder WaistCost: 450 Trader's Tender  Nethreza Blasphemer’s GlaivesItem Type: Nathreza Blasphemer’s Wingglaive (Warglaive), Nathreza Blasphemer’s [...]

NEW Timewalking Mount and How to get it

27 Sep 2023

When you complete a timewalking dungeon, you will get a buff called Knowledge of Timeways.  This buff increases your exp from killing monsters and completing quests by 5%. But this also stacks.  When you have 4 stacks of this buff, it turns into a new buff called Mastery of Timeways. This buff will now increase [...]

How to Farm LOADS of 418 (upgrade to 437) ilvl Gear BoE

27 Sep 2023

Slumbering Dream Fragment is an item that you can get in 10.2. Combining 5 of these items, you will get a treasure chest called Renewed Dream. This chest can contain: BoE 418 ilvl 2/8 Explorer (437 ilvl max upgrade without any crests) BoE 421 ilvl 3/8 Explorer (437 ilvl max upgrade without any crests)The slots [...]

New Prime Gaming Reward!

26 Sep 2023

Blizzard is teaming up with Amazon Prime Gaming once again offering Prime Gaming subscribers the opportunity to claim the exclusive Zipao Tiger pet! With its rarity, elegance, and in-game benefits, this pet is a must-have for avid gamers. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer, and be sure to claim your Zipao Tiger pet before [...]

Get 428 + ilvl Gear every week for 5 weeks!

26 Sep 2023

Timewalking Turbulance has started! Each week for 5 weeks, we are getting a Timewalking event in which you will also get a Timewalking event quest for each of the weeks. These quest are similar, to complete 5 timewalking dungeons and you will be rewarded with Heroic Raid Gear. That means, you will get 428-437 ilvl [...]

Larodar, Keeper of the Flame Boss Tactics - 10.2 - Amirdrassil: The Dream's Hope

25 Sep 2023

This fight is divided in three parts (Phase 1, intermission, Phase 2).  During the fight, lava will move closer and closer to the middle. This fight is a race against time and managing the lava on the ground so that the raid can fight the boss on clear areas.  PHASE 1 Boss will spawn 3 [...]

Volcoross Boss Tactics - 10.2 - Amirdrassil: The Dream's Hope

25 Sep 2023

You will fight the boss on a circular platform where the boss is in the middle.  Divide the raid into two groups where the healers are evenly distributed.  When you get a circle debuff on you, make sure you are away from players. This debuff will decrease in size.    You will see a dark [...]

How to get 10.2 Head enchant - Incandescent Essence

24 Sep 2023

In Patch 10.2, a new head enchant has been introduced that offers different powers based on your role (melee DPS, ranged DPS, tank, or healer).  This enchantment automatically changes when you switch your specialization and can be seen on your buff user interface. Let's take a look at the specific powers for each role: Healer [...]

Ultra Fast Reputation Boost - The Dream Wardens - 10.2 - Dragonflight

23 Sep 2023

Check out how you will min max and gain LOADS of extra reputation FAST with the new Renown Faction - The Dream Wardens

4 skin colors on Flourishing Whimsydrake

21 Sep 2023

In the upcoming patch 10.2 of World of Warcraft, four new skin colors will be added to the Flourishing Whimsydrake, a new drake mount. These skin colors are as follows: Normal: This skin color represents the default appearance of the Flourishing Whimsydrake. Night: This skin color gives the Flourishing Whimsydrake a dark, nocturnal look, perfect [...]

Weekly Quest Reward - 10.2

21 Sep 2023

In the upcoming 10.2 patch, we will get a new weekly quest called "A worthy ally - Dream Wardens". This requires you to gain certain amount of reputation during the week with the new Renown faction - The Dream Wardens. Completing this will reward you with 500 reputation with the Dream Wardens. You will also [...]

Buy Dreamseeds for Dragon Isle Supplies - 10.2

21 Sep 2023

Dreamseeds are used to growing flowers in the Emerald Dream in order to get certain loot from them. There are 3 types of Dreamseeds, Small, Plump and Gigantic. Based on what Dreamseed you use, it will be a specific flower that is common, rare or epic. That means that the reward you get once it [...]

10.2 World Boss - Gear - ilvl

20 Sep 2023

The new World boss added in 10.2 is Aurostor, the Hibernator.  This World Boss i located in the new 10.2 zone, Emerald Dream.    Each gear type has two drops and it can also drop a necklace. The ilvl lof the gear that drops from the World Boss differs based on gear slot. Armor gear [...]

Brewfest 2023 - Blue Post

20 Sep 2023

Do you love eating delicious food, drinking bountiful beverages, and riding rams around barrels of apples? Brewfest has arrived, and you can do all that and more from 20 September–6 October. WHEN20 September–6 October WHEREIronforge Entrance (Alliance), Orgrimmar Entrance (Horde), Valdrakken CURRENCY: BREWFEST PRIZE TOKENSCompleting quests and activities on the Brewfest grounds will generally reward [...]

All Dragon Glyphs in Emerald Dream

18 Sep 2023

There are 8 Dragon Glyphs added in 10.2 and they are on the new zone, Emerald Dream.  Here are the location of all 8 Dragon Glyphs.  Thank you for your help Lazey (@patf0rd)!  

10.2 - Dream Wardens Renown Rewards

18 Sep 2023

Renown Level Reward 1 Unlocks the Renown 2 Unlocks so that you can find treasure in Emerald Dream 3 You get 1 Small Dreamseed (used for planting a seed and get loot from) 4 Gives you additional power choice during Superbloom event.  15 Whelplin´Dreaming Crest Flightstones 5 Should unlock the start of being able to [...]

Smolderon Raid Boss Tactics - 10.2 - Amirdrassil: The Dream's Hope

17 Sep 2023

This fight has two phases and ping pongs between them. PHASE 1 In phase one you will bring the boss to the edge of the platform and the raid will be very close to boss.  When there are fire pools on the ground, you move clockwise.  Before phase 2, players will get two rounds of [...]

Council of Dreams - Raid Boss Tactics - 10.2 - Amirdrassil: The Dream's Hope

17 Sep 2023

You will fight a bear (Urctos), a green girl (Aerwynn) and a flying creature (Pip).  They must all die at the same time otherwise they will heal up. All three bosses has a special ability when reaching 100 energy. Urctos starts with highest energy from the start of the fight.  Aerwynn starts with middle energy [...]

Igria the Cruel Raid Boss Tactics - 10.2 - Amirdrassil: The Dream's Hope

17 Sep 2023

The platform has 3 weapons around the boss, one in front and two on the sides. When the boss reaches 100 energy, she will  channel “Marked for Torment”, players will periodically have fire patches under them, make sure you move. Igria the Cruel - Marked of Torment During Marked of Torment, players must run to [...]

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