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Follower Dungeons in The War Within

20 Jun 2024

In the Dragonflight expansion of World of Warcraft, a feature called Follower Dungeons was introduced, and it is set to make a comeback in The War Within. Follower Dungeons provide players with a distinct and immersive experience of dungeons. Players have the option to queue up solo and embark on these dungeons with a party [...]

The Great Vault in World Within Guide

19 Jun 2024

The Great Vault can now be seen on The World Within Beta. The new objective in The World Within is “world” which replaced PvP. The World section does not only have Delves but also World Activities.  Raids Defeat 2 Raid bosses in Nerub-ar Palace Defeat 4 Raid bosses in Nerub-ar Palace Defeat 6 Raid bosses [...]

How to Restore Lifeless Stone Ring

19 Jun 2024

What is Restore Lifeless Stone for This item is needed to restore its power to create an Heirloom Ring - Band of Radiant Echoes.  How to Restore the power of the Lifeless Stone Ring Step 1 Lifeless Stone Ring is an item bought by the Pre-Patch vendor located in the bottom center of new Dalaran. [...]

Pre-Patch goes live 30th of July

19 Jun 2024

After discussing the date and the nature of the quests in the pre-patch, it was noted that the quests in the pre-patch are weeklies, indicating that the pre-patch is expected to last for a month. However, a recent development has shed light on the actual release date of the pre-patch. Toolock discovered the date in [...]

FULL GUIDE - Pre-Patch War Within - Release Date, Rewards, How it works

19 Jun 2024

When does Pre-Patch come out Based on warcraft datafiles (That Toolock found), Pre-Patch Event is scheduled ATM on July 30th! Could mean that US getting it on 29th and EU gets it on 30th. How does it Work You will be able to do a memory event every 1.5 hour in one of the three [...]

Very easy to get - NEW 34-slot Bag in the War Within

18 Jun 2024

There is a 34-slot bag that you can get very easy and is “Binds to Warband until equipped”, meaning that you can send it to any alt before using it. This is from a treasure called Windswept Satchel, located in Priory of the Sacred Flame Hallowfall (/way 30.23, 38.75) on the edge of the big [...]

The Severed Threads Renown Guide

17 Jun 2024

Renown Rewards Profession and Crafting No Profession Knowledge Gearing Weathered Harbinger CrestRenown 4, 8, 18 Carved Harbinger CrestRenown 12, 18, 21 Adventurer Gear (Trinket) Renown 5 Veteran Gear (Trinket) (same type as adventurer)Renown 11 Champion Gear (Trinket) (same type as adventurer)Renown 19 Enchanted Runed Harbinger CrestRenown 25 Delves Restored Coffer KeyRenown 3, 13, 22 Treasure [...]


16 Jun 2024

Before Season 1 starts, you can get 9 Veteran pieces and chance on up to 8 more Veteran pieces.  The first week of The War Within will most likely be suppressed regarding rewards from max level outdoor gameplay since we can play it 3 days ahead of launch. Blizzard has also stated that these 3 [...]

World Boss Kordac Guide - The War Within

15 Jun 2024

Kordac is one of the formidable world bosses in The War Within, a thrilling expansion of the World of Warcraft universe. As a central figure in the Isle of Dorn, Kordac poses a significant challenge to players brave enough to confront him. This guide will provide valuable insights into Kordac's location, abilities, and strategies for [...]

125% swim speed and underwater breathing in The War Within

14 Jun 2024

Welcome to the guide for the incredible new potion in the World of Warcraft expansion, "The War Within"! This potion will not only enhance your swimming speed but also grant you the ability to breathe underwater, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. Here's everything you need to know: Potion Description The potion, known [...]

Guide to Kej in The World Within

13 Jun 2024

In the new World of Warcraft expansion, "The War Within", a new currency called Kej is introduced. This currency is tied to the zone Azj-Kahet. How to Earn Kej Kej can be earned through various activities in Azj-Kahet: Completing a Bounty Rumor: 50 Kej Completing Side Quests in Azj-Kahet: 250 Kej Finding Treasures in Azj-Kahet: [...]

Guide to the New Mount in War Within: Delver's Durable

13 Jun 2024

1. Introduction of Delver's Durable Delver's Durable is a new mount introduced in the War Within game. It is unique due to its customizable features, similar to the Dragonfly mount from Dragonflight.   2. Obtaining the Mount The Delver's Durable mount can be obtained through the Delver system. You will get a quest called Bountiful [...]

NEW non-jewelcrafting sockets and gems in The War within

13 Jun 2024

In the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, The War Within, players will have the opportunity to utilize Fragrance items and Fragrance sockets to enhance their gear. These Fragrance items offer various bonuses and can be placed in compatible gear to boost the player's stats. This guide will provide an overview of the Fragrance items available, [...]

Legendary Weapon Fyr´alath the Dreamrender does more damage in the War Within

12 Jun 2024

The Legendary weapon "Fyr´alath the Dreamrender has higher secondary stats, stamina and does 400k+ more damage on a level 80 character in The War Within compared to level 70 on Live servers. Here is the level 70 character on live server.  1,441 Strenght6,852 Stamina449 Critical Strike760 HasteDealing 999,451 Shadowflame damage over 2.3 sec when used. Attacks [...]

11 Super Easy Ways to Obtain 600+ ilvl Gear Before Season 1

11 Jun 2024

With the early access beginning on August 23 and Season 1 commencing on September 10, there are ample opportunities to obtain 600 ilvl gear before the season starts.  Before delving into the five super easy ways to obtain 600 ilvl gear, it's important to note the gear levels available from different raid difficulties: Raid Finder [...]

Gear Updates in The War Within

11 Jun 2024

In The War Within, there have been significant updates to gear, including changes to item levels (ilvl) and currencies. Notably, the names of upgrade currencies have been altered, and the crests have also undergone name changes. Name Changes on Upgrade Currencies The flightstones, previously used in Dragonflight, are now known as valorstones in The War [...]

Hallowfall Arathi Renown Guide

11 Jun 2024

Renown Rewards Profession and Crafting Renown 14: Profession Knowledge Gearing Weathered Harbinger CrestRenown 4, 9 Carved Harbinger CrestRenown 12, 16, 22 Veteran Gear (chest) 571 ilvlRenown 7 Champion Gear (wrist) 584 ilvlRenown 18 Enchanted Runed Harbinger CrestRenown 25 Delves Restored Coffer KeyRenown 2, 8, 14, 19. 21 Treasure Trove KeyRenown 24 Lightning the Way Event [...]

Dungeon updates in The War Within

11 Jun 2024

Welcome to the latest updates on The War Within beta, featuring exciting changes to dungeons and the affix system. This guide will walk you through the key modifications and additions, providing you with the necessary information to navigate the new features with confidence.Heroic & Mythic Dungeons In The War Within, the dungeon difficulty progression has [...]

The War Within Raid Testing

11 Jun 2024

The schedule for Nerub-ar Palace includes multiple testing sessions for various difficulty levels and encounters. Accessing the Raid Zone: Players in Dornogal, Orgrimmar, or Stormwind can speak to Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade V to teleport into the raid zone during testing sessions. It's important to note that the option to teleport into the zone will not [...]

Council of Dornagal Renown Guide

10 Jun 2024

Renown Rewards Profession and Crafting Profession KnowledgeRenown 12 Enchanted Runed Harbinger CrestRenown 25 Gearing Weathered Harbinger CrestsRenown 2  Carved Harbinger CrestsRenown 11, 19, 24 Gear Renown 7 - 571 ilvl gear (Veteran)Renown 16 - 584 ilvl gear (Champion) Enchanted Runed Harbinger CrestRenown 25 Delves Restored Coffer KeyRenown 3, 7, 12, 17, 22 Treasure Trove KeyRenown [...]

The War Within Launch Date announced

9 Jun 2024

The War Within will be released on August 26 with early access starting August 23rd.   

How to get into the new zones in The War Within Beta

6 Jun 2024

How to play in the zones in BETA the War Within 1) The game will put in the max level realm that doesnt let you test the zones, only dungeons. So make sure you choose Alleria or Khadgar realm. These are for testing the zones. 2) Choose the Template Character on the bottom left side [...]

GUIDE: Snuffling Event Activity in The War Within

5 Jun 2024

The Snuffling activity is an exciting event in The War Within expansion of World of Warcraft. In this activity, players can find special piles on the ground in the Ringing Deeps and interact with them to obtain various rewards. Here's a guide to help you make the most of the Snuffling activity. Snuffling Mechanics Finding [...]

Weekly Dungeon Quest in The War Within

5 Jun 2024

The Weekly Dungeon quest is a recurring quest in The War Within expansion of World of Warcraft. This quest offers players the opportunity to complete one of the dungeons each week. By completing this quest, players can earn 1500 reputation points and choose which renown or reputation faction they want to gain reputation with. Quest [...]

Weekly Aiding Quest in The War Within

5 Jun 2024

The Weekly Aiding quest is a new weekly outdoor quest in The War Within expansion of World of Warcraft. This quest allows players to choose what kind of weekly quest activity they want to do in the game. The quest is located in the Isle of Dorn in Dornagar. Quest Activities to Choose From The [...]

Guide to Obtaining Transmog Civilian Ensembles in World of Warcraft: The War Within

5 Jun 2024

In the new expansion, The War Within, World of Warcraft introduces a variety of Transmog Civilian Ensembles. These ensembles are available in seven different types and come in various colors. This guide will provide you with information on how to acquire these ensembles and the currencies required for purchase. Step 1: Understanding Transmog Civilian Ensembles [...]

How to get the Ivory Goliathus mount - Delve Meta Achievement

5 Jun 2024

In the new expansion, The War Within, World of Warcraft introduces the Delve Meta achievement, "Glory of the Delver." By completing this meta achievement, you will be rewarded with The Ivory Goliathus mount. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the Delve Meta achievement, including the specific delve achievements required. [...]

Teleport in The War Within

5 Jun 2024

In the new expansion, The War Within, World of Warcraft introduces an exciting feature - a direct "portal" between The Ringing Deeps and Isle of Dorn. This unique portal is actually an elevator that allows you to travel between the two zones seamlessly. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to unlock [...]

June Trading Post 2024 - The Water Gun! - FULL PREVIEW

1 Jun 2024

Another month has passed and new GOODIES are here! Check out The Trading Post for June. This month we have some very interesting rewards and this video will go through how they look and work! Of course the Watergun as a transmog! The transmog version does not come in different colors like the toy. The [...]

SNEAK PEAK - Customizable DELVE MOUNT - Airship Schematics - Delver´s Dirigible - The War Within

30 May 2024

Here is a video on the new Delve mount coming in the new World of Wacraft expantion, The War Within. How to get Delver´s Dirigible and how to get Airship Schematics. Also, Leyst amazing video on all customizations that I used comes from his twitter   

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