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Mythic Raid trash mobs now drop BoE

24 Jan 2023

An update for 10.0.5 came out that regards Mythic epic gear that drops from non-boss enemies in Mythic Vault of the Incarnates. This gear is now bind on equip (BoE).  Gear that has been looted before this change will not be adjusted to BoE, only new drops will be BoE´s.   

Hotfixes: January 23, 2023

24 Jan 2023

Dungeons and Raids Algeth’ar Academy Vexamus Fixed an issue allowing players to line of sight Mana Bombs and Arcane Fissure. Mythic+ Affixes Thundering Mark of Wind now prefers tank specialized players. Developers’ note: We've heard the feedback from players that safely removing their mark on tank players can be overly dangerous in many situations. Tank [...]

When is Trading Post coming out

24 Jan 2023

Trading post comes out with patch 10.0.5 BUT it will be live on February 1st.  Patch 10.0.5 comes out 24th Jan US and 25th Jan EU.  No matter where your realm is located, we all get Trading Post on February 1st. 

Where is Trading Post located

24 Jan 2023

In Orgrimmar and Stormwind.  In Orgrimmar, it is located in the Valley of Strength.  In Stormwind it is located north of Mage´s Quarter next to the canal. 

Class Tuning Incoming -- 25 January

22 Jan 2023

In addition to the class changes that are part of the 10.0.5 patch, during scheduled weekly maintenance on 25 January, we will make a number of tuning adjustments to specializations based on their performance in Raid and M+ content. It’s our intent that these changes help make these specializations viable options for raid and dungeon [...]

WoW Hotfixes - Updated January 19

22 Jan 2023

Dungeons and Raids Stratholme When zoning into Stratholme from the exterior world, players now have access to all of the dungeon’s bosses instead of the two-wing Looking For Dungeon counterparts. January 18, 2023 Classes Warlock Fixed an issue where Grimoire of Synergy would not function while Grimoire of Sacrifice was active. Dungeons and Raids The [...]


21 Jan 2023

We got more changes 6 days before 10.0.5 goes live. Gear from different expansions got changed again, Boss scaling, character scaling and gear scaling is... well buckle up.   


21 Jan 2023

You can ad enchant illusions on artifact weapon. No matter if you wear an artifact weapon or transmog and artifact weapon, it works to add enchant anyway.   

10.0.5 - New Items added in Trial of Style

20 Jan 2023

Patch 10.0.5 has an update on items added in the Trial of Style vendor.  There are in total 25 new cosmetics added to the vendor. These include Head, feet, waist, 2-hand Sword, 1-hand sword, Staff, dagger, gun and  polearm.    Where is the Trial of Style Vendor According to Blizzard´s post, there are two vendors, [...]

Hotfixes: January 18, 2023

19 Jan 2023

Classes Warlock Fixed an issue where Grimoire of Synergy would not function while Grimoire of Sacrifice was active. Dungeons and Raids The Nokhud Offensive The Raging Tempest Surge of Power can no longer be removed with player immunities. Mythic+ Azure Vault Leymor Explosive Affix - Volatile Saplings no longer spawn Explosive Orbs. Professions We have [...]

WoW Hotfixes - Updated 17 January

18 Jan 2023

By Blizzard January 17, 2023 Dungeons and Raids Vault of the Incarnates Fixed an issue where the damage zone visual for Stonebreaking Leap from Quarry Stonebreakers sometimes did not match the actual damage location. Mythic+ Algeth’ar Academy Overgrown Ancient Explosive Affix - Hungry Lashers no longer spawn Explosive Orbs. Azure Vaults Arcane Fury’s Piercing Shards [...]

PATCH 10.0.5

18 Jan 2023

By Blizzard Learn more about the changes coming in 10.0.5 content update such as the new Trading Post feature, a new in-game event, and more ways to add to your Appearances. TABLE OF CONTENTS TRADING POST THE STORM'S FURY EVENT ACHIEVEMENTS CLASSES CREATURES AND NPCS HOLIDAYS ITEMS AND REWARDS MAGE TOWER PLAYER VERSUS PLAYER PROFESSIONS [...]

You get one charge per week for converting Tier Gear

18 Jan 2023

When it comes to converting gear into Tier gear, you will get a charge once a week and with that charge you can convert one piece of gear into Tier Gear. But this charge is given by completing am account-wide quest (meaning, you only need to to it on one character and your other characters [...]

What gear can be converted/crafted into Tier Gear

18 Jan 2023

Blizzard came out with a post today stating all gear that can be convereted into tier gear. First of all it has to be Season 1 gear. Here are all the gear that you can convert:  Mythic +  Pvp Raid - Vault of the Incarnates Tier 2 Epic Storm Gear Tier 2 Warmode gear World Bosses Loot from Great Vault  

Raid Finder Wing 3 - Vault of the Incarnates Now live

17 Jan 2023

This weekly reset is unlocking the 3rd wing of raid finder.  The bosses included in the third wing are: Broodkeeper Diurna Raszageth The Storm-Eater Last boss in the first raid will now be available in Raid Finder.   

NEW Bunny Mount out

17 Jan 2023

A new 6-months Subscription mount is out. This time it´s the Jade, Bright Foreseer - Pandaria's hoptimistic rabbit spirit that will carry you around Azeroth and beyond with pure joy.   Jade, Bright Foreseer will be automatically added to your Collection once you purchase the 6-month subscription from the Blizzard Shop. Welcome this hopsome addition to your assortment of [...]

NEW Rares in 10.0.5

17 Jan 2023

There are new rares added in patch 10.0.5. These rares are added to following location Primalist Future (New event) Nokhudon Hold Imbu Cobalt Assembly Thyrhold PRIMALIST FUTURE - RARES In the pirmalist Future event, there are 4 rares added.  Shardwing Shapemaster Za´lani Tikarr Frostclaw Avalantus These rares have a 30 minutes spawn time after death. An [...]

How To Craft Your Own TIER SET In Patch 10.0.5 - Dragonflight Inspiration Catalyst Explained

15 Jan 2023

How To Craft Your Own TIER SET In Patch 10.0.5 - Dragonflight Inspiration Catalyst Explained  

Dragonflight has OVER 10 MILLION WOW SUBS!?

14 Jan 2023

  New data from amount of DBM downloads have shown some very interesting results (  


14 Jan 2023

In Dragonflight, the Creation Catalyst is renamed to inspiration catalyst.   When does the creation catalyst (Inspiration Catalyst) come out in Dragonflight? The Inspiration catalyst comes out on the 24th of January (US) and 25th January (EU). This is the same time as patch 10.0.5 comes out.  How does the Inspiration Catalyst work? You use [...]

Patch 10.0.5 going live Jan 24

12 Jan 2023

By Blizzard The Dragonflight 10.0.5 content update will arrive on January 24 and will usher in a variety of changes to help you on your adventures in Azeroth and beyond. Continue reading to learn more about changes like the new Trading Post feature, a new Primal Storm event, and more ways to keep stylish with [...]

Upcoming Raid Loot Changes

12 Jan 2023

By Blizzard We have a hotfix coming to the game later this week. With this hotfix, we will have: Fixed some situations where players could win Need rolls on duplicate items in a single roll session when it should not have been possible. This has already been working as intended for most items, but should [...]

Dragonriding changes, Dungeon fixes and more nerfs - Hotfixes January 11

12 Jan 2023

Dragonriding Rebalanced Dragonrider’s Cultivation, increasing the amount to 400% (from 10%) and reducing the duration to 3 sec (from 10 sec). This should provide more of a bonus for those that like to gather on the go. Dungeons and Raids Halls of Valor Adjusted the visual of Sanctify cast by Hyrja in Halls of Valor. [...]

Wrath Classic: Phase 2 January 17 and Ulduar January 19

11 Jan 2023

By Blizzard Join Brann Bronzebeard’s expedition, explore Ulduar, and take part in an epic tournament as the forces of Azeroth prepare for a confrontation with the Lich King in the next content phase of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Here’s the complete schedule: Available Starting January 17 Dungeon and Raid Emblem Changes A new [...]

Your GEAR is BROKEN - Mage Tower DELAYED!?

10 Jan 2023

HUGE (BAD) CHANGES in Gear Scaling, Timewalking and Mage Tower

10 Jan 2023

Mage Tower is coming back again in Dragonflight on patch 10.0.5. I have investigated how the fights are but I found something that is pretty bad news regarding your gear.  Dragonflight changed the ilvl system of previous expansions What no one has talked about during alpha and beta testing is the item level changes that [...]

Dragonflight TRINKETS got BUFFED

10 Jan 2023

  A new hotfix came out where many players thought that we would see trinkets getting nerfed. Instead, we got the opposite.

More dungeon changes this week

10 Jan 2023

The Nokhud Offensive Granyth Fixed an issue where multiple players could interact with the ballista at the same time and each fire an arrow. Teera and Maruuk Fixed an issue where Blessing of Protection allowed players to be immune to the effects of Teera's Gale Arrow. Ruby Life Pools Melidrussa Chillworn [With weekly restarts] Reduced [...]

WARLOCK Class Tuning this week

7 Jan 2023

We are getting several class tunings focused on improving their performance in Raid and M+ content. These changes will take place on the next weekly reset.  WARLOCK Affliction Agony Damage increased by 5%. Corruption Damage increased by 5%. Drain Soul Damage increased by 10%. Pandemic Invocation Damage increased by 20%. Seed of Corruption Damage increased by [...]

ROGUE Class Tuning this week

7 Jan 2023

We are getting several class tunings focused on improving their performance in Raid and M+ content. These changes will take place on the next weekly reset.  ROGUE Outlaw Precise Cuts (Talent)   Reduced bonus to Blade Flurry damage per missing target below its maximum to 2% (was 3%). Developers’ notes: As we monitor the developing M+ [...]

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