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FULL GUIDE: When and where does the Diablo 4 Golbin spawn

25 May 2023

The goblin comes up every 30 minutes, Every full hour and every half of the hour. It seems to have a special pattern where to spawn. This is how it has been so far 10:00 Stormwind 10:30 Dragonflight Zone - Ohnaran plains 11:00 Orgrimmar 11:30 Dragonflight Zone - Azure Spawn 12:00 Stormwind So basically faction [...]

World of Warcraft Pays Homage to Diablo with the Greedy Emissary Event

25 May 2023

By Blizzard In a classic homage to Diablo, World of Warcraft® * is holding a special in-game event with hellish rewards. Strange winds blow in from another world, and sightings of odd, bag-holding creatures spot the land. Find them and see what treasure they may hold! When: May 25 at (10:00 a.m., Server Time) through June 14Where: [...]

WHELP DAYCARE - The DREAM for pet collectors AND everyone else!

25 May 2023

Pet collectors and also anyone that likes baby dragons will LOVE this questline where you will become a caretaker. This entire story is filled with fun activities, achievements, rewards, pets titles and all that good stuff. Also, thank you lazey for helping!    These are the pets you can get the main storyline  Rusziona - [...]

NEW WoW EVENT - May 25 - A Greedy Emissary

23 May 2023

How to get the Alliance and Horde level 30 mount - 10.1.5

22 May 2023

In 10.1.5 you will get a new mount for your horde character, and a new mount for your alliance character.  The horde mount is called Scarlet Pterrodax. Alliance mount is called Harbor Gryphon.  How to get the mount It is stated by a PTR blue post that you need to reach level 30 to receive [...]

10.1.5 “IMPROVED CHANGES” - Exile's Reach and City Introduction

21 May 2023

Development notes for 10.1.5 stated that we are getting improvements on items in Exile's Reach and that the City Introduction is improved. This video checks that out, 10.1 and 10.1.5 side by side leveling through Exile's Reach and City Introduction. 0:00 INTRO 1:19 Exile´s Reach 4:19 Introduction to Capital City 6:27 OUTRO  


20 May 2023

Check out when Moudi goes through the first early look of Time Rifts that came out on testing resently. Here is also what has been datamined: "This week, testers will be able to play through stage one of the Time Rift event. Stage two, which is coming in a later build, will take you [...]


19 May 2023

Here are the different sources of flightstones BUT also a very good location to farm them over and over!  

NEW LEGENDARY PET - How to get it

18 May 2023

    Here are the locations of the motes. Big creds to Lasskicker that posted these on the wowhead comments. (16) Mote of Nasz'uro known locations: The Waking Shores /way #2022 22.84 88.41 Apex Canopy /way #2022 24.15 55.56 Obsidian Throne /way #2022 58.50 67.65 Ruby Lifeshrine /way #2022 63.89 44.81 On Tree Ohn'ahran Plains [...]


16 May 2023

After taking down Sarkareth (last boss in 10.1 Aberrus Raid) on Mythic, a legendary weapon questline for Evokers called  the Cracked Titan Gem item.  This item has now been answered by Blizzard, stating that when once the Scalecommander Sarkareth has been defeated for the first time on Mythic difficulty, the Cracked Titan Gem item will [...]

10.1.5 - FROZEN RUNES BACK - Crafting Frost Resist Patterns

15 May 2023

ALL MOUNTS in 10.1.5 PTR (so far)

14 May 2023

Here is a preview on all the mounts that are out so far on the 10.1.5 PTR. 


13 May 2023

Here is a list of the different acitivities you can do in patch 10.1 that is tied to player power.  Valdrakken Weekly QuestFragments, Flightstones PROFESSION PERSON!?Take the Barter quest (2) in Valdrakken.Take the profession knowledge quest Take the dungeon quest (complete 5 Heroic Dungeons)Champion Gear / Drake Crest (437 max ilvl)250 rep ALL renowns Weekly [...]

10.1.5 Development Notes

12 May 2023

NEW EVOKER SPECIALIZATION: AUGMENTATION Emberthal and Ebyssian are working together to release the Black dragonflight essence that had been siphoned from the Dracthyr during their long stasis, unlocking memories and powers forgotten to them. All Evokers now can choose to explore Azeroth as a new specialization: Augmentation. Augmentation is a Damage Dealer role that uses the essence [...]

10.1.5 - Track items in your transmog UI

12 May 2023

A new feature is coming out in patch 10.1.5 where you will be able to track or untrack an item.  When you shift click you will be able to see a collection tab.  Some of these have a map pin so that you can find the location much easier.  You can follow the path on [...]


11 May 2023

By Blizzard While adventurers breach Neltharion’s secret laboratory in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, the next content update is making its way onto the PTR, including a whole new specialization for dracthyr Evokers, a new mega-dungeon—Dawn of the Infinite—and much more. New Evoker Specialization: Augmentation Emberthal and Ebyssian are working together to release the Black dragonflight [...]

Fastest Way to farm Dragon Isles Supplies

10 May 2023

On 10.1 there is a new event called Fyrakk Assault. Here is a guide on how it works.  One of the rewards from the mobs that you spawn is Dragon Isles Supplies. Based on what mob you spawn, you will get 30 or more when looting that mob.  Now in the beginning of the patch, [...]

Shadowflame Forge LOCATION

10 May 2023

The Shadowflame forge is located where the Fyrakk event is located.  Click on the map and look for the dragon head.  At the moment, the Fyrakk assault is located in Ohn´ahran plains.  The Shadowflame Forge looks like this.  

Where to get Shadowflame Essence

9 May 2023

Shadowflame essence has a chance on dropping from raid bosses inside the Aberrus. It is not 100% drop.  Does not seem to drop from end chest on mythic + dungeons. I´ve checked 8 dungeon runs now and no one got any shadowflame essence. 

Weakaura - BEST way to understand the new Gear system

9 May 2023

A new weakaura is out that will help you understand the gear system when you mouse over a piece of gear. 

BEST Weakauras - SEASON 2 - RAID & M+

9 May 2023

Weakauras for Mythic + SEASON 2 Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic + Nameplate Glow´s  M+ Season 2 Affixes  M+ Super DF Dungeons  M+ Automarker updated DF s2  Better LFG class colors  Spell CDs on nameplates dragonflight season 2  Weakauras for RAIDS SEASON 2 Aberrus the shadowed Crucible 

Huge Bartering changes at Renown 12 - cheaper Ponzo vendor

8 May 2023

There will be some major changes when reaching renown 12. Both in the way of farming Barter currency and also huge bartering vendor change.  All the different sources where you get Barter Bricks from will be changed into Barter Boulders with a 1:1 ratio.  Ponzo, the Barter vendor will change his currency from Bricks to [...]

Become the BEST, know what´s BEST

8 May 2023

What is best dps What is best healer What is best tank What trinkets are best to use What enchants are best to use What embellishments are best to use What spec are best to use What talents are best to use Best for Raid, Best for M+ What phial is best What stats are [...]

Class Tuning Incoming – 10 May

6 May 2023

By Blizzard In response to data and feedback immediately following the Embers of Neltharion patch, we’re planning to make adjustments to several classes. This tuning includes changes to talents in the live game and the testing values of several items that will soon become available in Season 2 (provided below). The following will take place [...]

10.1 Mounts and Pets

5 May 2023

By Blizzard   Big Slick in the City Big heart. Big dreams. Big Slick. Quest: Snailed it Zaralek Cavern — Boulder Hauler These Shalewings have been specially trained to carry large amounts of Barter Boulders for the niffen’s bartering activities. Vendor: Ponzo Zaralek Cavern — Cataloged Shalewing The first instance of a flaming shalewing ever discovered. Nine [...]

GET a 415 (upgrade to 437 ilvl) SUPER EASY EVERY WEEK

4 May 2023

The weekly dungeon quests are now changed in patch 10.1. Instead of 2 weekly dungeon quests, we are getting one.  This quest is called “Fighting is its own reward”, and located in Valdrakken (see map). We dont know if the weekly objective will change every week, but this week, you need to complete 5 heroic [...]

All ways to get Barter Bricks

2 May 2023

The beginning First quest comes from Ponzo "Get rich Quick" which is an introduction and rewards 1 Barter Brick.  After you hit Rank 3 with Loam Niffen, you will get a quest to talk to Ponzo. This leads to a quest (Bartering 101) that takes you to Valdrakken and also rewards 10 Barter Bricks.  You will now [...]


2 May 2023

Here are the fast and easy ones you can do to complete your trading post: This took me one hour to complete. You fly around and do quests mainly and then end it up with completing crafting orders.    Complete 15 World Quests - 150 Points Complete a PvP World Quest in the Dragon Isles [...]

Sparks of Shadowflame

2 May 2023

Sparks are every 2 weeks starting tomorrow (half a spark per week), and there is a tutorial quest that grants an additional half spark. This means players can get their first full spark the same week as the release of the patch, and the second spark will be creatable on week 3 (the week after [...]

The 10.1 Main Questline is Timegated

30 Apr 2023

The main questline in patch 10.1 is called Embers of Neltharion. This questline consists of 7 chapters.  It seems that we will get one chapter a week. This is because of the reward we are getting after completing a chapter.  Completing a chapter rewards 2500 reputation with the Loamm Niffen.  When completing chapter 3 and [...]

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