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When is 10.2.5 Coming

Mark Your Calendars: The Seeds of Renewal Goes Live January 16 in US and January 17th in EU.

NEW EVENT - Azerothian Archives

This event is in a location of the famed Battle of Traitor´s Rest between Neltharion´s troops and all the culture of the Dragon Isles eons ago. 

This location has loads that has not been uncovered, discovered and recovered. The Archivists need all help they can get to complete this and that is where you as a player will hop in. 

How does it Work

There is a Lead Archivist that will give you tasks such as inspecting rocks, get help from elementals, help other archivists, clean up, polishing dragonbones and more.This scenario (event) is similar to what you have seen in the Community Event in which we will wait for the Lead Archivist to give us tasks.

You will work with these tasks for 9 minutes. When you complete a task, the Lead Archivist will inspect it and write out information gained that turns into tomes. So basically, you will get Tomes as reward. 

There is a progress bar on the screen where you can see your progress in percentage. When you reach 100%, you will be rewarded with a tome. You can reach full bar several times during the 9 minute event. 

When 9 minutes have passed, a big dragon will appear to stop you. Killing this dragon will have some kind of reward that is not out at the moment. But it feels like it can be reputation and Mysterious Fragments. Maybe even items that you find in vendor. There is a mount called “Clayscale Hornstrider” that has source “drop from Azerothian Archives”, so this could be a drop from this dragon. 

What are the Tomes?

The tomes are ranked in uncommon (Dusty), rare (Preserved) and epic (Immaculate) quality.

You can interact with these tomes and achieve a new currency called Mysterious Fragment and also reputation for a new faction called Azerothian Archives. 

What is Azerothian Archives reputation?

This event is tied to a new reputation faction called the “Azerothian Archives”. This is similar to the Soridormi reputation in 10.1.5. where the reputation is divided in different ranks. There are 5 ranks that you can reach. 


Total Reputation needed











Thank you Leysttv for datamining this!

We do not know what the rewards are at the moment. 

What can I do with Mysterious Fragments?

There is a new NPC vendor called Provisioner Aristta that sells Transmogs and a mount (so far).

Historian Transmog

  • waist
  • Back
  • Head
  • Hands
  • Feet

Archivist Transmog

  • One-hand 
  • Two-hand
  • Back
  • Glasses (Head)




  • Explorer´s Stonehide Packbeast

Other transmogs

There is a full set of a similar transmog as the Historian transmog set, but with a different color. Instead of getting it from the vendor, you will get it from the Azerothian Archivist event. These pieces can drop from the dragon in the end, or from the tomes. The set is called Excavator and consists of the same pieces as the Historian transmog:

  • waist
  • Back
  • Head
  • Hands
  • Feet

Another Mount

The second mount tied to the Azerothian Archivist is the Clayscale Hornstrider. You have a chance on getting this mount from the dragon in the end, or from the tomes.

Send Mysterious Fragments to alts

You can also send Mysterious fragments to your alts via the item Priceless Artifact. This item is bind on account, which means that you can send it to your alts. This item is sold by Provisioner Aristta for 1000 Mysterious Fragments and you get 1000 Mysterious fragments when opening the item. 

Azerothian Archives Achievement

There are several achievements tied to Azerothian Archives. In total, there 3 types of rewards. Two of them rewards the pets, Hap´he and Reese. There is a meta-achievement called “The Archives Called, You Answered”. Completing this meta-achievement rewards the Title: Isles Archivist. 

Follower Dungeon

In 10.2.5 there is a new type of way to do normal dungeons. This is called “Follower Dungeon” and consists of you together with AI NPCs. The different roles that you get as AI will be based on what role you character has. If you have a dps, you will get a tank, a healer and dps. If you have a tank, you get a healer and dps and so on. 

How do I enter Follower Dungeon

Open up the Dungeon Finder and when you click on the dropdown list, you will find Follower Dungeon there. Now you can choose what role you want on your character and then que up. 

What difficulty is Follower Dungeon

This type of gameplay is only available in Normal Mode. 

What is the minum character level for follower dungeon

You can enter the Follower Dungeon from level 60 up to level 70.

What dungeons are included in Follower Dungeon?

The available dungeons are all the 8 Dragonflight dungeons in Normal mode.

How does it work?

You will enter the dungeon and fight through it in the similar way as if there are real players there. You can choose who leads the dungeon and based on what you choose, there will be different outcomes.If you choose not to lead, the tank will initiate combat, but the AI companions will wait for you after defeating a group. If you do not choose to lead, the AI companions will wait until you start attacking before the tank jumps in. 

If the AI companions die during a boss fight and you, as the tank, are still alive, they will be resurrected immediately. 

The speed of the dungeon is slower when you're not tanking. The AI tank pulls enemies gradually, but if you pull more enemies, the tank will take care of them.

The damage dealt by the AI companions is lower than my level 60 character with an item level of 187.

It seems like there is always one AI companion that deals decent damage, one that deals moderate damage, and one that performs poorly (especially if you are a healer). If you are a DPS, then one AI companion will perform well while the other will struggle.

What are the loot 

Boss loot is randomized as usual in normal dungeons. Trash mobs are distributed to all players as usual. 

Why Follower Dungeon

The dungeons are great for practicing your class such as healing or trying out new healing abilities. They are also good for practicing tanking. You can take your time without feeling stressed by other players. 

Outland Cup

Outland will have 13 new Dragonraces available for you to race. These are similar to what you have seen with in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom Cup. You will be rewarded with the same currency, Riders of Azeroth Badges when completing the races. The amount of badges rewarded are same as before, meaning, you will get 1 badge for each bronze/silver/gold, and different race difficulty completed. 

New quest - same same but different

There is an introduction quest tied to Outland cup but it is slightly different. Instead of completing 3 races to complete the quest, you have to complete all 13 races. The reward has increased to 40 Riders of Azeroth Badges. 

Are there new rewards? 

The Dragonrace Cup vendor which has been available during Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom Cup will be up during the Outland Cup. We have new items added to the vendor. We are getting a recolor of the old Dragonracing transmog. We will also get 2 new backs tied to the Dragonracing tracing transmog set. A new manuscript has been added called “Manuscript of endless possibility”. This manuscript will summon a random dragon riding mount.

Completing all races in gold will reward a new title “Outland Racer” and a new tabard “Ruby Riders of Azeorth Tabard”. 

Dragon riding - All Worlds

In 10.2.5, you will be able to Dragonride everywhere on your dragonriding mounts on zones you can fly. So not only in Azeroth, but also in Outland, Draenor and Shadowlands. Your dragonriding speed  will be 85% of the normal dragonriding speed you are used to in Draogn Isles.  

NEW STORY: Reclaiming Gilneas

We are getting a new questline in which we will help King Greymane retake his kingdom Gilneas. This questline has not been available on the PTR for testing (which is good). 

NEW CITY: Bel´ameth

We are getting a new Night Elves city called Bel´ameth. It is not completed on the PTR, so we will wait and see how it looks when 10.2.5 goes live. What we know so far is Bel´ameth is located in the living world where Amirdrasil is in Emerald Dream, under the big tree. 

This area has now been built up as a city and there are also several building and villages around the island. There is also a new harbor added on the north side. 

Here you can also find many NPC´s that you can interact with. Some of them will tell you stories from olf Darnassus. Some are here to defend and many have arrived to make a new home. This city has the typical things you will find, such as profession trainers, vendors etc. 

A new Quartermaster

There is a new quartermaster in Bel´ameth that sells new and old items. 

- A new dabard: Darnassian Tabard

- A new back: Darnassian

- New Shoulder: Darnassian Moonsilver Spaulder

- Old Darnassus Tabard

- Old Darnassus Back

New Transmogs

In the new Night Elve city Bel´ameth in 10.2.5, you will find loads of Transmog Treasures and also around the city, such as: 

  • Night Elven Shield
  • Blue Kaldorei Pouch
  • Violet Kaldorei Pouch
  • Night Elven Signal
  • Blue Kaldorei Bedroll
  • Blue Kaldorei Backpack
  • Kaldorei Spyglass
  • Kaldorei Bow Carver
  • Night Elven Bow
  • Night Elven Horn


There are new portals added in the city and also in the harbor. 

In the city, there are 4 portals. 

  • To Stormwind
  • To Darkshore
  • To Mount Hyal
  • To Valsharah

In the harbor, you will find a portal to Feathermoon Stronghold (located in the harbor)

We are getting some updates to some classes.

Trolls are getting 5 new Hair Colors. 

Draenei are getting one new skin color.

Warlocks are getting 4 new skins with different colors: 

  • Darkglare
  • Beholder
  • Observer
  • Tyrant

Dracthyrs will unlock the ability to dragonride in which the Soar ability will now be used for taking off. 

Seasonal World Events

We are getting updates on the upcoming Seasonal World Events: Love is in the Air and Noblegarden. We are also getting new cool items tied to the Hearthstone event. 


New Dragon Customization


Renewed Proto-Drake: Love Armor


Winding Slitherdrake: Lunar Festival Armor