GUIDE - NEW EVENT - Azerothian Archives - 10.2.5

This event is in a location of the famed Battle of Traitor´s Rest between Neltharion´s troops and all the culture of the Dragon Isles eons ago. 

This location has loads that has not been uncovered, discovered and recovered. The Archivists need all help they can get to complete this and that is where you as a player will hop in. 

How does it Work

There is a Lead Archivist that will give you tasks such as inspecting rocks, get help from elementals, help other archivists, clean up, polishing dragonbones and more.This scenario (event) is similar to what you have seen in the Community Feast Event in which we will wait for the Lead Archivist to give us tasks.

You will work with these tasks for 9 minutes, every 5 minutes. When you complete a task, the Lead Archivist will inspect it and write out information gained that turns into tomes. So basically, you will get Tomes as reward.


There is a progress bar on the screen where you can see your progress in percentage. When you reach 100%, you will be rewarded with a tome. You can reach full bar several times during the 9 minute event. 

When 9 minutes have passed, a big dragon will appear to stop you. Killing this dragon will have some kind of reward that is not out at the moment. But it feels like it can be reputation and Mysterious Fragments. Maybe even items that you find in vendor. There is a mount called “Clayscale Hornstrider” that has source “drop from Azerothian Archives”, so this could be a drop from this dragon. 


There is a questline that introduces you to Azerothian Archives, the different characters involved and different items and elementals that you will use in order to find archeological findings. 

What are the Tomes?

The tomes are ranked in uncommon (Dusty), rare (Preserved) and epic (Immaculate) quality.

You can interact with these tomes and achieve a new currency called Mysterious Fragment and also reputation for a new faction called Azerothian Archives. 

What is Azerothian Archives reputation?

This event is tied to a new reputation faction called the “Azerothian Archives”. This is similar to the Soridormi reputation in 10.1.5. where the reputation is divided in different ranks. There are 5 ranks that you can reach. 


Total Reputation needed











Thank you Leysttv for datamining this!

We do not know what the rewards are at the moment. 

What can I do with Mysterious Fragments?

There is a new NPC vendor called Provisioner Aristta that sells Transmogs and a mount (so far).

Historian Transmog

  • waist
  • Back
  • Head
  • Hands
  • Feet

Archivist Transmog

  • One-hand 
  • Two-hand
  • Back
  • Glasses (Head)


  • Explorer´s Stonehide Packbeast

Send Mysterious Fragments to alts

You can also send Mysterious fragments to your alts via the item Priceless Artifact. This item is bind on account, which means that you can send it to your alts. This item is sold by Provisioner Aristta for 1000 Mysterious Fragments and you get 1000 Mysterious fragments when opening the item. 

Azerothian Archives Achievement

There are several achievements tied to Azerothian Archives. In total, there 3 types of rewards. Two of them rewards the pets, Hap´he and Reese. There is a meta-achievement called “The Archives Called, You Answered”. Completing this meta-achievement rewards the Title: Isles Archivist. 



This meta contains following achievements:

Tenured Archivist

Reach max reputation with The Archivist. 

Google Wobble

Use /dance while wearing the Technoiscryers when Technoscrying with the Azerothian Archives. 

Finally At Rest

Aquire the story of Traitor´s Rest while participating in the The Big Dig. 
Rewards: Pet - Hap´he

When a Rock is Just a Rock

Collect rocks with Roska while Excavating with the Azerothian Archives. 

Clued In

Work Nirobin to discover Information-Stuffed Clues while with the Azerothian Archives.

Tome Comber

Gather different Tomes during the scenario. 

Just one more thing 

Complete any site´s entry in the Tome of Archived Isles Research for Nirobin of the Azerothian Archives. 

  • Lost Atheneum
  • Igria´s Watch
  • Concord Observatory
  • The Riverbed
  • Gaze of Neltharion
  • Winglord´s Perch

Rewards: Pet - Reese

Relic Rescuer

Recover following relics when doing the scenario event “The Big Dig”

  • Exposed Jar
  • Exposed Mandible 
  • Exposed Statue
  • Exposed Figure
  • Exposed Urn
  • Exposed Tablet
  • Exposed Hammer
  • Exposed Box
  • Exposed Carving
18 Dec 2023