Traitor´s Rest Scenario

Participate in Solo and Group activities within Traitor’s Rest with a Weekly Public Event, 

This scenario (event) is similar to what you have seen in the Community Event. 

You have 8 minutes to complete tasks for a Lead Archivist. Completing tasks will make  the professor create pages for you. These tasks are ……….

You can see how many pages the professor has made on the top of the screen. 

For each bar you fill, will rewards you a tome. There are different types of tomes based on digsite and they also contain different amount of Archives. We don´t know what the Archives contain but it seems that they will contain reputation (thank you Toolock for the idea!). There are different quality of tomes. 

Seems that we have 3 types of tomes, uncommon, common and epic. 

  • Immaculate (epic)
  • Preserved (common)
  • Dusty (uncommon)

Based on what quality of tome you get, you will be rewarded with the Mysterious Fragment currency and reputation. 

After the 8 minutes has passed, the time is up and an enemy will appear that you can kill. 

Completing this scenario event will reward the new currency, 2000 Mysterious Fragments. 

New Vendor

This currency is tied to a new vendor NPC, Provisioner Aristta. She will sell you (so far): 

Historian Transmog

  • waist
  • Back
  • Head
  • Hands
  • Feet

Archivist Transmog

  • One-hand 
  • Two-hand
  • Back
  • Glasses (Head)


  • Explorer´s Stonehide Packbeast


This scenario event is also tied to a new reputation faction called the “Azerothian Archives”. 

There are 5 ranks that you can reach. 

First rank is called “Junior”.
To reach 2nd rank you need 10500 reputation in total. 

Second rank is called Capable
To reach 3rd rank you need 21000 reputation in total. 

Third rank is called Learned. 
To reach rank 4 you need 32500 reputation in total. 

Fourth rank is called Resident.
To reach rank 5 you need 42000 reputation in total.

Fifth rank is called Tenured. 

Thank you Leysttv for datamining this!


There is a meta-achievement called “The Archives Called, You Answered”. Completing this meta-achievement rewards the Title: Isles Archivist. 

This meta contains following achievements:

  • Tenured Archivist
    Reach max reputation with The Archivist. 

  • Google Wobble
    Use /dance while wearing the Technoiscryers when Technoscrying with the Azerothian Archives. 
  • Finally At Rest
    Aquire the story of Traitor´s Rest while participating in the The Big Dig. Rewards: Pet - Hap´he

  • When a Rock is Just a Rock
    Collect rocks with Roska while Excavating with the Azerothian Archives. 
  • Clued In
    Work Nirobin to discover Information-Stuffed Clues while with the Azerothian Archives.
  • Tome Comber
    Gather different Tomes during the scenario. 
  • Just one more thing
    Complete any site´s entry in the Tome of Archived Isles Research for Nirobin of the Azerothian Archives. - Lost Atheneum- Igria´s Watch- Concord Observatory- The Riverbed- Gaze of Neltharion- Winglord´s PerchRewards: Pet - Reese
  • Relic Rescuer
    Recover following relics when doing the scenario event “The Big Dig”
    - Exposed Jar
    - Exposed Mandible
    - Exposed Statue
    - Exposed Figure
    - Exposed Urn
    - Exposed Tablet
    - Exposed Hammer
    - Exposed Box
    - Exposed Carving


11 Dec 2023