Outland will have 13 new Dragonraces available for you to race. These are similar to what you have seen with in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom Cup. You will be rewarded with the same currency, Riders of Azeroth Badges when completing the races. The amount of badges rewarded are same as before, meaning, you will get 1 badge for each bronze/silver/gold, and different race difficulty completed. 

When is Outland Cup

Outland Cup starts on January 18th and lasts until January 31. 

New quest - same same but different

There is an introduction quest tied to Outland cup but it is slightly different. Instead of completing 3 races to complete the quest, you have to complete all 13 races. The reward has increased to 40 Riders of Azeroth Badges. 

Are there new rewards? 

The Dragonrace Cup vendor which has been available during Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom Cup will be up during the Outland Cup. We have new items added to the vendor. We are getting a recolor of the old Dragonracing transmog. We will also get 2 new backs tied to the Dragonracing tracing transmog set. 

A new manuscript has been added called “Manuscript of endless possibility”. This manuscript will summon a random dragon riding mount.

Completing all races in gold will reward a new title “Outland Racer” and a new tabard “Ruby Riders of Azeorth Tabard”. 

18 Dec 2023