10.2.5 NEW CITY: Bel´ameth & LOADS of Transmogs

We are getting a new Night Elves city called Bel´ameth. It is not completed on the PTR, so we will wait and see how it looks when 10.2.5 goes live. What we know so far is Bel´ameth is located in the living world where Amirdrasil is in Emerald Dream, under the big tree. 

This area has now been built up as a city and there are also several building and villages around the island. There is also a new harbor added on the north side. 

Here you can also find many NPC´s that you can interact with. Some of them will tell you stories from olf Darnassus. Some are here to defend and many have arrived to make a new home. This city has the typical things you will find, such as profession trainers, vendors etc. 

A new Quartermaster

There is a new quartermaster in Bel´ameth that sells new and old items. 

- A new dabard: Darnassian Tabard

- A new back: Darnassian

- New Shoulder: Darnassian Moonsilver Spaulder

- Old Darnassus Tabard

- Old Darnassus Back


New Transmogs

In the new Night Elve city Bel´ameth in 10.2.5, you will find loads of Transmog Treasures and also around the city, such as: 

  • Night Elven Shield
  • Blue Kaldorei Pouch
  • Violet Kaldorei Pouch
  • Night Elven Signal
  • Blue Kaldorei Bedroll
  • Blue Kaldorei Backpack
  • Kaldorei Spyglass
  • Kaldorei Bow Carver
  • Night Elven Bow
  • Night Elven Horn


There are new portals added in the city and also in the harbor. 

In the city, there are 4 portals. 

  • To Stormwind
  • To Darkshore
  • To Mount Hyal
  • To Valsharah

In the harbor, you will find a portal to Feathermoon Stronghold (located in the harbor)

18 Dec 2023