GUIDE - COMPLETE ALL Azerothian Archives Achievement

There are several achievements tied to Azerothian Archives. In total, there 3 types of rewards. Two of them rewards the pets, Hap´he and Reese. There is a meta-achievement called “The Archives Called, You Answered”. Completing this meta-achievement rewards the Title: Isles Archivist. 

This meta contains following achievements:

Tenured Archivist

Reach max reputation with The Archivist. 

Goggle Wobble

Use /dance while wearing the Technoiscryers when Technoscrying with the Azerothian Archives. This one is completed when you have the Technoiscryers on you during the storyline, or the World Quest or the event. It´s not up in PTR for testing. 

Finally At Rest

Aquire the story of Traitor´s Rest while participating in the The Big Dig. 

Rewards: Pet - Hap´he

  1. Complete the weekly quest - The Big Dig - Traistor´s Rest
  2. Each week on the same character, you must now complete it 6 times. Which means 6 weeks. 
  3. Once done, you completed the achievement and you get the pet Hap´he

When a Rock is Just a Rock

Collect rocks with Roska while Excavating with the Azerothian Archives. 

It seems that, you have to complete the mains storyline that unlocks World Quests. Because this achievement cannot be completed during Traitor´s Rest event. Since it has to be something that is repeatable content for an achievement, it seems that this one is tied to Azerothian World Quests where you collect rocks with Roska. 

Clued In

Work Nirobin to discover Information-Stuffed Clues while with the Azerothian Archives.

This achievement is completed via the Traitor´s Rest event. Two of the tasks are to find clues with Nirobin. It seems that you have to complete both “clues tasks”. 

Tome Comber

Gather different Tomes during the scenario. 

There are 9 different tomes that can get via the Traitor´s Rest event. To get a tome, you have to participate in the event and fill up the progress bar. The reward from filling the bar to max, is a tome. It is random on what kind of tome you will get. The tomes are either uncommon, rare or epic, and it is less common that you get an epic tome and higher chance to get uncommon tome. 

Just one more thing 

Complete any site´s entry in the Tome of Archived Isles Research for Nirobin of the Azerothian Archives. 

- Lost Atheneum

- Igria´s Watch

- Concord Observatory

- The Riverbed

- Gaze of Neltharion

- Winglord´s Perch

All these sites above are locations that you will unlock World Quests in. You unlock World Quests via the 10.2.5 Archivist Storylines. So here, you will complete tasks in one of these areas to get the achievement. 

Rewards: Pet - Reese

Relic Rescuer

Recover following relics when doing the scenario event “The Big Dig”

  • Exposed Jar
  • Exposed Mandible 
  • Exposed Statue
  • Exposed Figure
  • Exposed Urn
  • Exposed Tablet
  • Exposed Hammer
  • Exposed Box
  • Exposed Carving

You complete this achievement during the Traitor´s Rest event. To complete this achievement, you have to find 9 items from the Exposed Carvings. These are excavation sites near the NPC that give you the different tasks during the Traitor´s Rest event. Just keep excavating these and you will find all of them eventually. New ones spawn periodically. 


25 Dec 2023