NEW Archeology World Quests in 10.2.5

The Azerothian Archivists are part of the 10.2.5 World of Warcraft patch: Seeds of Renewal, offering unique quests, an event (Traitor's Rest) and also unlocks new World Quests. These Azerothian Archivists provide a questline that introduces you to various items used during the Traitor's Rest event. Once you have completed the introduction questline, you will have the opportunity to embark on new World Quests offered by the Azerothian Archivists, around the Dragon Isles. 

To unlock the full potential of World Quests with the Azerothian Archivists, it is crucial to complete the introduction storyline. This storyline serves as a gateway to a world of exciting quests and adventures that seems to be tied to Archeology tasks.

You will find the first quest as a flyer in Valdrakken or you can gead straight to the location of the NPCs. They are located inside the tower on the floating island next to Algethar Academy ion Thaldraszus. 

The Azerothian Archivists will guide you to five different locations where you can embark on thrilling quests and uncover hidden treasures. These locations include:

  • Dragonskull Island in Forbidden Reach
  • Winglord's Perch in Forbidden Reach
  • Gaze of Nelthrarion in Zaralek Cavern, 
  • Igrias Watch in Zaralek Cavern,
  • Riverbed, Concord Observatory, Lost Anethenum Site.

It also seems that we are getting access to excavation sites. These sites offer unique opportunities for exploration and discovery. Keep your eyes peeled for the Tome of the Archived Isles Research, guided by Nirobin, the Excavating in Dragon Isles questline led by Roska, and the Technoscrying in Dragon Isles adventure guided by Zenata. These quests will provide you with invaluable knowledge and rewards as you uncover the secrets of Dragon Isles.

24 Dec 2023