All locations Archivists quest items

When Rank 2

  • You can find quests inside treasures in Korthia that rewards 250 Cataloged Research. 

  • Quests that you can find inside caves. 
    One is in Hope´s Ascent at cave entrance 42,41.  See image. 
    This quest is called Talisman of the Eternal Scholar. This quest rewards 250 Cataloged Research. 


  • Quests that you can find in The Path of Understanding. 
    At 62,56.  See image. 
    This quest is called Singing Steel Ingot and rewards 250 Cataloged Research. 


  • Another quest: Wispering book binding (Book of Binding): The Mad Witch. 
    Located in cave entrance 30.55.

When Rank 3

  • A new quest called Missing Relics that wants you to examine missing relics within the Reliquary of Remembrance

These gives you cluse on where the 4 Relics chests are.

You need to buy 4 keys and start looking for the 4 Relic Chests.


All Locations of the Relics Chests

 Gorak Claw Fetish

Located in the Cave 43.47,57.56

The Netherstar

Located in 32.99,42.02

Guise of Changeling

Located in the Cave 42.17,40.99

Ring of Self-Reflection

Located in 43.89,76.90

Turning all these 4 quests in rewards 2000 reputation with The Archivist´s Codex and 1250 Cataloged Research

When Rank 4

You will be able to repair ancient teleporters. 

You can only repair one when there is a rare that spawned inside it. 

One of the rares is called Xyraxz, located in 44.94,35.53.

Killing this rare rewards the quest Obelisk of Dark Tidings. Completing this quest rewards 500 Cataloged Research. 


You get a new quest to find more items.

5. Sack of Strange Soil (Inside the teleporter)
also 5. Obelisk of Dark Tidings (kill rare)

Drum of Death Loa.

The Everliving Statuette

Kill rare in here. 



When Rank 5

You get a quest to find the three last treasures, each treasure is a quest turn-in. 
Each one rewards 750 Catalog Research and 500 reputation with the Archivist Codex. 

1.Lang Family Wood-Carving
2. Shadowslicing Shortsword
3. Bulwark of Divine Intent


1 Jul 2021