How to get the Dusklight Razerwing mount

This mount is from Korthia (9.1)

You get this mount by putting in an Lost Razorwing Egg that you find in Korthia in a special nest (Razorwing Nest). 

Lost Razorwing Eggs can be looted from killing Scavengers in Windswept Arie. 
It seeems that you can´t loot more than 2 eggs per daily reset. 

However, you have to make sure that you get “A cry of gratitude rings out from above” after clicking on the nest, because if an add spawns and attacks you, it means you failed.

I put in 6 eggs in total. On the last time, the Dusklight Matriarch that fly above the nest comes down and gives you the mount: Dusklight Razorwing. 


21 May 2021