Guide – Farm reputation with Death´s Advance

How to gain reputation with Death´s Advance

  • Dailies
    You gain reputation when completing daily quests in Korthia.
    Any daily quest rewards 125 reputation.
    There are some dailies that has Death´s Advance Commendation as reward which awards 175 reputation extra except from the 125 rep as being a daily.

  • Weekly 
    There is a weekly quest called Shaping Fate in Korthia that requires you to do activities (kill rares/loot chests/kill mobs etc) in Korthia that increases a percentage bar. Once you have it at 100% you complete the quest.
    This quest rewards 750 reputation.

  • Assaults
    Each week we get two assaults that lasts 3 ½ day each.
    Assaults are when two covenants team up and fights in the Maw. Your task is to complete 4 quests and a final quest for them.
    Completing one assault rewards 350 reputation.
    Completing both assaults in a week rewards 700 reputation in total.

  • Tormentors of Torghast
    Event in the Maw that you can do 2 times a week. 
    Each time rewards 100 rep. 
    The first time you do it in that week, you get a chest ithat rewards 200 rep.
    Tormentors are active every 2 hours. 
    Completing this, rewards 300 reputation per week. 

  • The Contract:  Death´s Advance
    This contract gives more reputation with them every time you complete a world quest in the Shadowlands.
    A player with inscription profession can make this and sell to you directly or through the action house. 

  • Quest reward
    A quest that you can find from the Rift chest when inside the rift in Korthia. The quest is called Stolen Korthian Supplies.
    This rewards 200 reputation. 

  • World Quest
    There are 2 weekly world quests in the Maw. 
    The 2nd quest spawns after you kill the world boss in the Maw. 


How much can you farm each week

If we don´t include the Death´s Advance Commendation as reward then it would look like this:

5 Daily quest = 625 rep per day. This means you get 4375 rep each week from dailies. 

In total you get 4375+750+700+1000= 6825 reputation a week minimum. 

Neutral- Friendly 3000
Friendly - Honored 6000
Honored - Revered 12000
Revered - Exalted 21000
42k in total. 

It would take 6-7 weeks to hit Exalted with Death´s Advance.  

This exludes the contract and questl loots in Korthia. 
This exludes the reputation you get from doing the main questline. 

Where is the reputation vendor (Quartermaster)

The reputation vendor NPC is called Duchess Mynx and she is located in in Keeper´s Respite in Korthia (63.34,23.33).

What does the Death´s Advance Quartermaster sell


Korthian Armaments
Bind on Account
This item becomes a Korthian gear when used.
Korthian gear starts at ilvl 200 and can be upgraded to 233 ilvl.

Vault Anima Tracker
Use: Allows you to track and locate stolen Anima Vessels while on assaults in the Maw.

Pattern: Shrouded Hand Towel
Use: Clean off blood, slime, dust… anything really!
Costs 300 Stygia

Technique: Contract: Death´s Advance
Extra reputation with Death´s Advance when completing world quests in the Shadowlands.  




Recipe: Crafter´s Mark III
Use: Teaches you how to craft a Crafter´s Mark III
An optional reagent that upgrades a crafted gear to ilvl 200.

Domestic Aunian
Teaches you how to summon this companion.

Mantle of Death´s Advance
Cosmetic Back. 

Domination gear 
220 ilvl
Costs: 2000 Stygia. 


Amber Shardhide
Costs 5000 Stygia


Death´s Advance Tabard
Costs 3000 Stygia

Transmog set
Use: Collect the appearances of the Renathal´s Battlefield Attire armor set.
Costs 6000 Stygia

Covenant Mount
Costs 1000 Stygia



23 May 2021