You lose a lot of stuff if u do the Skip in 9.1

When starting the new 9.1 questline for the first time you get the quest “First Move” to talk to Bolvar and start the questline. This questline will eventually take you to Korthia.

When in Korthia, you will get a quest called “In Need of Assitance” that requires you to complete 3 Daily Quests in Korthia. This rewards

  • Death´s Advance War Chest
    Contains Korthite Crystal, reputation with Death´s Advance, conduits, rep with other covenants.
  • 10 Stygian Embers
    For Domination gear
  • 500 Anima

This is similar to the weekly quest “Shaping Fate” that you get as well later on. The only difference is that this quest also rewards a renown.

So basically, its like two weekly quests of Shaping Fate instead of one when it comes to all types of rewards except for renown.

If you log on your other character, you can talk to Bolvar and choose that you have heard the tale before and skip it.

This will unlock Korthia for you and you don´t have to do the questline that took you there.
However, you will NOT get the quest “In Need of Assistance”. You will only get the weekly quest “Shaping Fate”.

In conclusion. If you skip on your other character, you will miss out on

1 Korthite Crystal
750 reputation Death´s Advance
Korthia gear
500 rep on a Covenant
500 rep on a Covenant
10 Stygian Embers

30 Jun 2021