How to get the Darkmaul Mount - Tasty Mawshrooms

There is a NPC located in Korthia called Darkmaul (location 42.83,32.74 , see map).

This NPC will become your mount once you feed it until it likes you.

Ýou feed it with an item called Tasty Mawshroom.

Once you feed it 6 times you get it as a mount.

How to farm Tasty Mawshrooms

There are 9 locations in Korthia, see map.

These 5 location will eventually spawn Invasive Mawshroom. It also shows as a chest on minimap. Looting it has a chance on giving you a Tasty Mawshroom.

If someone else has looted it just before you it dissapears, but it is only some minutes respawn time.

8 Jun 2021