How to get the Masterwork Gravewing Mount

I got this mount today on the PTR but it is not on the mount journal so I can´t mount it or show it.

This mount comes from a quest item called Gravewing Crystal that drops from a rare (Stygian Stonecrusher) in Korthia.

How it works

This rare starts by talking to Drippy in Vaults of Secrets (45.62,79.93), see map.
On the map it is called "No stornborn Left Behind" (from Trolls movie "No trolls left behind :D")

If the NPC Drippy is there to start the rare spawn event he will wisper you “Psst, YourName, Over here!”

Talk to him and he and his friends will help a damaged creature.

After a while the Rare Stygian Stonecrusher will come.

This rare have a chance on dropping the quest item Gravewing Crystal.

You turn in this quest to the Stonewright in Keeper´s Respite in Korthia.

The quest empowers a gravewing and there is a gravewing next to the NPC that you deliver the quest to. Meaning, most likely this is how the mount will look.

24 May 2021