How to get the mount: Maelie – All locations (Reins of the Wanderer)

It seems that you find her once a week on live servers, instead of once per day. 

There is an NPC in Keeper´s Price called Tinybell that is training her mount Maelie to a great steed but she tends to wander off a lot on her own.

Tinybell needs out help to find her.

You need to find that steed and click on her so she returns home. 

Make a macro to target her easier when you find her.

/target Maelie

Then spam click it until she shows up. If she is not on one of the locations below then go to the next one.

When you find her, put a marker on her so it is easier to locate her.

All locations that I found Maelie

After finding her 5 times, you will get the quest “Maelie, The Wanderer” from Tinybell, that rewards you the mount Reins of the Wanderer.  

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Maelie the Wanderer


22 May 2021