The Archivist Codex Vendor has Account-bound items

The new 9.1 reputation faction The Archivist´s Codex has a vendor with different items that you will use in Korthia. It requires reputation to be able to buy different items.

Some of these items are bound on account, meaning once you have reached a reputation and unlocked the item in the vendor, then you can buy it on your alt characters as well, without having the reputation needed.

There are two of these items.

  • Teleporter Kit
    This is used to repair Ancient teleports that have a rare inside it and also a one time quest that rewards reputation and cataloged research.

  • Repaired Rift Key
    This is used to interact with a rift in Korthia. This takes you to the same zone (Korthia) but another dimension. This rift has quests and chests.

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25 Jun 2021