How to farm Mawshrooms (Evolving, Tasty and Questionable)

There are 3 types of mushrooms in Korthia called Mawshrooms. These are Evolving Mawshroom, Tasty Mawshroom and Questionable Mawshroom. 

What do the Mawshrooms do

Evolving Mawshroom

What I know so far is that this transforms you to a mushroom lookin fella. What I mean with “so far” is because it feels that it might have another purpose once you transform. But hey, maybe it’s just for fun. The cool thing about it is that you have this look during combat as well!

Tasty Mawshroom

This is for getting the Darkmaul Mount. Check out my guide here for that.

Questionable Mawshroom

Gives a screen affect for 10 min, makes you high and you see stuff. By stuff you actually see the Jailer threatening you. When you enter combat.

How to farm Mawshrooms

There are 10 locations that spawns something called Invasive Mawshroom. It also shows as a chest on minimap. Looting it has a chance on giving you either a Evolving Mawshroom or a Tasty Mawshroom or a Questionable Mawshroom.


8 Jun 2021