How to get Korthian Gear and upgrade

You get certain type of gear in 9.1 that you get from Korthia. There is no specific name of this gear, so I will call it Korthian gear.

Korthian gear has the ilvl 200 and can be upgraded all the way to 233 ilvl.

You get Korthian gear from:

  • Dailies in Korthia
    Some of the questgivers rewards Korthian gear.
  • Weekly quest called Shaping Fate
    You complete this by killing mobs, looting chests completing dailies.
    This rewards
    - Death's Advance War Chest that guaranties a Korthia gear.
    - 500 Anima.
    - 10 Stygian Ember
    - 1 Renown upgrade

  • Buy a Korthian Armaments that contains a random Korthian gear.
    This is sold by Duchess Mynx (Death´s Advance Quartermaster). She is a new reputation vendor in 9.1 located at 63, 23 in Korthia.
    Requires Friendly reputation only, and costs 1000 Stygia.
    This gear is Bind on Account.

  • In the Maw there are World Events 2 times a week called Covenant Assaults. These have a chance to reward you with Korthian gear.
  • From Rares in Korthia that has a chance on dropping it. 

How to upgrade gear to 233 ilvl

You can start upgrading Korthian gear once you have unlocked the Archivist Roh-Suir. This is done by completing the Archivist Roh-Suir questline. Check out how to unlock it further down in this guilde. 

There are 6 ranks in total and each rank gives a specific ilvl.

You can upgrade Korthian gear at the same place as pvp gear and covenant gear.  
You can also upgrade at Assistant Scholar Kahvez located in Keeper´s Respite in Korthia. 

The maximum upgrade of this gear is 233.

Rank 2-4 is unlocked when completing the "Scholar Roh-Suir´s questline". Check out the guide on how to do it further down here

Rank 5 and Rank 6 are unlocked when you get to Tier 6 with Scholar Roh-Suir and buy a speicifc items from him. 

Rank 1
200 ilvl

Rank 2
207 ilvl

Rank 3
213 ilvl

Rank 4
220 ilvl

Rank 5
226 ilvl

Rank 6
233 ilvl


16 Jun 2021