How to farm Stygian Ember

Stygian Embers are used for upgrading Domination Shards. 

In patch 9.1 we are getting a new type of gear called Domination gear. The reason it is called Domination gear is because it has a special socket on it called Domination Socket.

Domination Socket can only be socketed by specific gems and there are only three types of gems:

  • Frost Shards
  • Unholy Shards
  • Blood Shards

Check out my full Guide on Domination gear here.

Farming Stygian Embers

Stygian Embers are received by

1) Looting bosses in Sanctum of Domination Raid. On the PTR it was chance on loot, not a 100% loot. There are 10 bosses in the new raid, if you get super lucky or if they will change the drop chance to 100% loot chance, then you will get 10 Stygian Embers a week from bosses. 

2) The weekly Korthia quest called Shaping Fate. This quest rewards 10 Stygian Embers. 

In total you will get up to 20 Stygain Embers a week. 

Upgrading Domination gear

ou can upgrade a shard up 4 times (total 5) so they become more powerful.

There is an NPC in Korthia called Bonesmith Heirmir that upgrades the shards for you. To be able to upgrade a Shard you need:

  • The gem/shard that you wish to upgrade
  • Stygian Ember

You can buy an item called Soulfire Chisel to remove a gem/shard from a domination gear. This item costs 23 gold only and you only need to buy it once.
So, if you have a shard in your domination gear, you can just remove it by using a Soulfire Chisel.
The ilvl does not change when upgrading the power of it.

  • The first time you upgrade will cost 5 Stygian Ember.
  • The second time you upgrade that shard will cost 15 Stygian Ember.
  • The third time you upgrade that shard will cost 30 Stygian Ember
  • The fourth time you upgrade that shard will cost 50 Stygian Ember
16 Jun 2021