Wow Events

There are 4 different types of events in World of Warcraft:

  • Micro-Holidays


    These are events that are rare and are only active 1-3 days, depending on what event. There are 9 different micro events in which some are several times a year and other are once a year. 
  • Weekly events
    These are events that starts at every weekly reset. There are 6 different weekly events in which one of them occurs per time for a week. For each weekly event there is a quest that is offered at Dalaran in Broken Isles. 
  • Recurring events
    There are 2 different events that occur several times. Stranglethorn Fishing extravaganza which occurs every Sunday, and he Darkmoon Faire, which occurs during the first week of every month.
  • Yearly Holiday events
    These are yearly events that is tied to holidays during the year. There are 14 holiday events in total.



Weekly Events

Timewalking Dungeon Event Guide

Pet Battle Bonus Event

Arena Skirmish Bonus Event

Battleground Bonus Event

World Quest Bonus Event

Shadowlands Dungeon Event


Micro-Holidays Events

Call of the Scarab (21-23 January)

Tavern Crawl (31st January, 31st July)

Hatching of the Hippogryphs (19th February)

March of the Tadpoles (5th April)

Volunteer Guard Day (23rd April)

Spring Balloon Festival (8-10 May)

Glowcap Festival (27th May)

Thousand Boat Bash (6-8 June)

Un´Goro Madness (10-12 August)

The Trial of Style

Moonking Festival

Auction House Dance Studio

The Great Gnomeregan Race


Recurring events

Stranglethorn Fishing extravaganza

Darkmoon Faire Guides


Yearly Holiday Events

Lunar Festival Guide (Feb 1 – Feb 15)

Love is in the Air Guide (Feb 15 – Mar 1)

Noblegarden Guides (Apr 2 - Apr 9)

Children's Week Guide (May 2 – May 9)

Midsummer Fire Festiva Guidel (Jun 21 – Jul 5)

Harvest Festival Guide (Sep 9 – Sep 16)

Pirates' Day Guide (Sep 19 – Sep 20)

Brewfest Guide (Sep 20 -Oct 6)

Hallow's End  Guide(Oct 18 – Nov 1)

Day of the Dead Guide (Nov 1 - Nov 3)

WoW Anniversary Guide (Nov 16 – Nov 30)

Pilgrim's Bounty Guide (Nov 21 – Nov 28)

Feast of Winter Veil Guide (Dec 16 – Jan 2)

New Year Guide(Dec 31)