Micro-Holiday: Volunteer Guard Day

This event is a Micro-Holiday (came out in patch 7.1.5) event that occurs 28rd of April only.

“Today, the denizens of Azeroth and Draenor take some time to celebrate the hard work that their guards perform. /Salute a guard to show you care.”


  • Travel to a major city
  • Type /salute when targeting a guard. This will transform you into the guard you saluted.
  • You will get a buff “Volunteer City Guard” that lasts for 24 hours.
  • Whenever you kill a City invader, you get 1 point, which you can see when you mouse over the buff.
  • Move around your city and wait for enemies to spawn and kill them. (Actually, you can even stand still and an enemy will spawn every 1 min). Beware, sometimes several invaders can attack at once.
  • When you kill 10 enemies in a city, for example Orgrimmar, your buff, will also now say: Defender of Orgrimmar.
  • Travel to all major cities in your faction (and in Draenoraswell), kill 10 enemies in each city.



    Following cities does not spawn enemies (but you can /salute the guards in Shattrath).
    Vale of Eternal Blossoms
    Dalaran – Northrend
    Dalaran – Broken Isles

    The more enemies you kill in a certain city, "the Defender of ..." will instead be "Heroic Defender of..." and Mythic "Defender of ..."
    Heroic requires 50 kills in the same city.
    100 kills does NOT give mythic. Not sure there is a mythic. 

    At the moment in the PTR, there are no achievements yet for Micro-Holidays, but I´m sure it will come.

Will enemies still spawn in cities if I still have the Volunteer City Guard Buff the day after?

Yes, yes they will. You can do it as long as you have the buff which lasts for 24h. 

 Other good things to know

- Seems that more enemies will spawn if you are in a group (spawns per player)
- If you are in a party, EVERYONE needs to do dmg to get the kill count.
- If you only heal, you will not get any kill counts.

Maybe this will be changed later in a hotfix, but for now, its like this.

11 Dec 2016