New Year Guide

My final (mini) Guide of year 2015, is the New Year Event! Whether you are relaxing in-game or celebrating outside, or maybe will do both, I wish you all a Happy New Year!

This event starts from December 31st at 6 AM game time and finishes at January 1st.


If you want to see some fireworks, you will find them in all major cities, and also in Booty Bay.

Buff – Celebrate Good Times!

This Buff gives you +10 to all stats.
This buff lasts for 30 minutes.

This buff stacks with the normal stat buff

  • Cannot be used in raids (Nothing about Dungeons thou)
  • Cannot be used in Arena (nothing about battlegrounds thou)

Guide – How to get the buff

  • Target a winter revealer NPC that is dancing
  • Open your chat tab and type /dance
  • The buff is yours!

Here is a list of where you can find NPC revealers (some of them can only be found during certain events):

Blood Elf Female Winter Reveler


Human Female Winter Reveler

Lunarfall (inside the inns)

Pandaren Female Winter Reveler

Lunarfall (inside the inns)

Blood Elf Male Winter Reveler


Boneship Reveler

Shadowmoon Valley (40.6, 79.4)

Human Male Winter Reveler

Lunarfall (inside the inns)

Goblin Female Winter Reveler


Pandaren Male Winter Reveler

Lunarfall (inside the inns)

Stormwind Reveler

Stormwind (62.4, 70.8) and Moonglade

Orgrimmar Reveler

Orgrimmar and Moonglade

Ironforge Reveler

Ironforge and Moonglade

Undercity Reveler

Undercity and Moonglade

Drunken Brewfest Reveler

Dun Morogh (56.2 37.8)

Thunder Bluff Reveler

Thunder Bluff and Moonglade

Draenei Reveler

Outside The Exodar

Booty Bay Reveler

Booty Bay

Darnassus Reveler


Drunk Dwarf Reveler


Blood Elf Reveler


Filled Festive Mug!

This is a mug that you fill up with beer and can drink as much as you want. After drinking, it allows you to slow fall.

Guide – How to get the Filled Festive Mug

  • There are big barrels and big tables full of empty mugs in major Cities.
  • When clicking on an empty mug you will loot it.

  • Click on the beer barrel and fill you mug up so it becomes “Filled Festive Mug”.

When drinking the Filled Festive Mug, you will (except being drunk) get slow fall for 30 seconds.

Cool Tips if not hotfixed yet

  • You can grab loads of these mugs and fill up with beer
  • If you fill up loads of beer, then log out and log in again, all those mugs with beer turns into one and you can use it endless.
  • You can use (if goblin) rocket jump or the Rocket Boost Xtreme, and then drink the beer and fly (jump with style) far away. Cool in Battlegrounds.

Booty Bay – a special place in New Year

All the NPC guards are drunk and asleep.

This is a great area for PvP servers, since the guards will not attack you.

If you want action, this is the place to go to.

Also, if you want great fireworks and amazing view for New Year, this is the place to go to.

29 Dec 2015