Lunar Festival – How to summon Omen the wolf

What is Lunar Festival?

It is a celebration that the druids hold in Moonglade. This celebration is to acjkoledge their triumph many years ago against the Burning Legion. It was the Night Elves, Taurens and the proto-dwarven Earthen that defeated the Burning Legion, many years ago.

When is Lunar Festival?

2016, the Lunar Festival is between 1-15th of February

Who is Omen?

A wolf of great fortune and strength fought besides the heroes during the War of the Ancients, until he yielded to demonic magic and turning against his allies. This is beast was defeated in moonglade, but each year, when the festival begins, he stirs, and needs to be stopped.

How do I summon Omen?

1) Travel to moonglade. During the Lunar Festival there are Lunar Festival Emissaries in capital cities that gives you a quest, in which the reward is an invitation to moonglade festival.

  • To complete the quest. Go to the Lunar festival Vendor that is just nearby, and buy
    * 8 Lunar Firewords
    * 2 Lunar Fireworks Cluster
  • Fire all those fireworks and complete the quest.
  • The invitation reward can only be used when standing in the Lunar Festival Light.

2) Go to Valdar Starsong (see map) and complete the quest

3) Accept the quest Elune´s Blessing.

4) Go back to the summoning are you came from (see map) and buy 20 Green rocket clusters from Lunar Festival vendor.

5) Go to Stormrage Barrow Dens and Fire the green rocket at a cluster launcher.

6) Omen minions will spawn and then eventually Omen himself.

After killing Omen you receive Elune´s blessing and can complete the quest. The reward is
* Elune´s Lantern – Toy (Create an Elune Stone, requires a Solid Stone)
* 3 Solid Stones
* Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack

Enjoy the latern :)

1 Feb 2016