Micro-Holiday: Un´Goro Madness Guide

This event is a Micro-Holiday (comes out in patch 7.1.5) event that occurs between 10-12th of August only.

“The dinosaurs in Un´goro are getting restless. Time to go pay them a visit.”


Travel to Un´goro in Southern Kalimdor.

There are 9 different elite Dinosaurs around this area that have different spawn times.

When you open your map, you will see a cross mark on the locations in which there is an elite dinosaur that spawned.

It seems that 3 dinosaurs spawn each time.
The dinosaurs are:

  • Skrox
  • Dadanga
  • Queen Zavra
  • Zavas
  • Giantfin
  • Croesus
  • Sherazin
  • Akarida
  • Tar Tyrant

Make or join a party or just go solo if other players are attacking the dinosaurs.

When you kill a dinosaur, you will get a “Dino Mojo”. If you throw it at another party member, you and that other player will get a random Adaptation buff.
There are six different adaptation buffs:

  • Adrenaline
    The caster's adrenal gland is hyperactive. Every 3 sec. the caster's damage dealt is increased.
  • Caustic Blood
    The caster is bleeding profusely, every 3 sec. a pool of Caustic Blood forms. Players standing in these pools suffer 775 to 901 Nature damage every second.
  • Chronometric Instability
    The caster's ties to the timeline are unstable. Many abilities will echo at the same location several seconds later.
  • Heavy Footed
    The caster is heavy footed. Any time the caster moves, nearby enemies are flung by the shock waves their steps create.
  • Poisonous Skin
    The caster's skin secrets toxins that will inflict 646 to 752 Nature damage to all players within 100 yards every 3 sec.
  • Spores
    The caster's skin is infested with volatile spores. Every 5 sec. a series of spores are launched at nearby enemies. Anyone caught within 0 yards of the impact will suffer Nature damage.

23 Dec 2016