Micro-Holiday: March of the Tadpoles

This event is a Micro-Holiday (comes out in patch 7.1.5) event that occurs 5th of April only.

"Today, the baby winterfin murlocs of Borean Thundra complete their trip across Westrift."

  • Travel to Winterfin Retreat in Borean Thundra (Northrend).

  • Talk to King Mrgl-Mrgl and accept the quest “Adopt a Tadpole”.

  • Speak to one of the murloc babies running around, to follow you.

  • Take the quest "A Tadpole´s Request” and head to the other side of the water and collect 10 clams.
  • Complete the quest then accept the new quest “The Way of the World”.
    kill Mrrga (level 110 whale).
  • Talk to the baby murloc and complete the quest “ A gift from your tadpole”. This reward is a Tadpole Gift that contains a grey item (at least what I got).
  • The baby murloc still follows you every time you enter Westrift.

After this step there is nothing else that happens on the PTR.
Maybe, when enough baby Murlocs are taken care of by players, they start their trip across Westrift.

10 Dec 2016