Micro-Holiday: Spring Balloon Festival

This event is a Micro-Holiday (comes out in patch 7.1.5) event that occurs between 8-10th of May only.

The Skies are clear, the wind is calm… it´s a great day for hot air ballooning. Hop into a hot air balloon, enjoy the scenery, and make some new friends!

There are 7 zones in which you can take a balloon ride.


  • Open your map
  • Check for red X symbols on the map. That’s where the balloons will be.

Following locations have balloon starting zones (in PTR).
Crystalsong (Northrend)
Valley of the Four Winds (Pandaria)
Stormheim (Broken Isles)
Suramar (Broken Isles)
Highmountain (Broken Isles)
Azsuna (Broken Isles)

  • Travel to a X location.
  • You will see a balloon and an NPC next to it. When you talk to the NPC you can sign up to take a ride. When 3 players on total are queued, the balloon trip will start.
  • Depending on what zone you took the balloon, you get get a small guide about that area.
    (Side note: the balloon will drop you of on a different location)

Now in the PTR, there are no achievements yet for Micro-Holidays, but I´m sure it will come.

12 Dec 2016