Feast of Winter Veil Guide 2015-2017

Feast of Winter Veil is during Dec 16 -January 2


New this year 2017: Become a gnome (alliance) or goblin (horde) and get a Globe Yeti!

Unfortunately, you will only become winter veil gnome/goblin when you are inside the globe ☹

Travel to Ironforge.
there is a Giant Snow Globe outside the bank.
Enter the Globe.
You are now a winter veil Gnome!

Travel to Orgrimmar
There is a giant Snow Globe in Valley of Wisdom.
Enter the Globe.
You are now a winter veil Goblin!

How to get the Globe Yeti pet

  • Travel to the Giant Snow Globe
  • Wait for the yeti to spawn next to the snow man (spawns every 30 min)
  • When it spawns you pet battle fight it.
  • Cage it
  • You got it!,

More info and tips
Only 1 player per spawn can get it.
If there are several players there that are also waitning. Have a macro " /tar Globe Yeti
Then you increase the chance of fighting him first. 

Pet: Grumpling (from 2015)

Guide: You get this mount by opening (looking inside) Snow Mounds in FrostFire Ridge- They are around the area were grumpus and his minions are. The same area in which all the dailies directs you.

Toy: Red Woolen Sled (from 2015)


  • An AWESOME Sled that can be pulled by other players!
  • An AWESOME sled in which you can put your pet on and pull.

Guide: You will get this Sled by opening "A Gently Shakin gift" that is one of the gifts under the christmas tree, in which you can open at Christmas Eve.

Mount: Minion of Grumpus (from 2015)

  • Requires lvl 40
  • Requires Journey man Riding skill
  • Looks like the pet… but bigger… and a seat on him :D

Guide: can be achieved by opening a Savage gift Box.

Savage Gift can be bought by your Event Coordinator in your garrison for 5 Merry Supples. 

Merry Supples: A currancy that you can get by doing dailies that your Event Coordinator gives (4 a day).
All 4 quest rewards you with total of 5 Merry Supplies. 

Savage gift boxes will contain ONE out of following items:

-  Minion of Grumpus
-  Frozen Arms of a Hero
-  Elixir of the Rapid Mind
-  Medallion of the Legion
- Oil x300
- Garison ressources x300
- Apexis crystals x1000

Battle.net account bound: SNOW BLOWER

  • With this badboy you can create snowstorms
  • This has item not been confirmed yet

Weapon Illusion: Winter Grasp

“For those that don’t have or cant get hold on someone that has an enchantment hut in their Garrison… The Winter Grasp Weapon Illusion!”

  • Really good for low lvl chars since you can use it when you are minimum lvl 40.


"Merry Munchkin" Costum

  • Dress up your Pug Pet with a Christmas hat.

Guide: You will get this Sled by opening "A Gently Shakin gift" that is one of the gifts under the christmas tree, in which you can open at Christmas Eve.

New ivl on “Miniature Winter Veil Tree” dagger – 670

  • This dagger has been in the game before, but not with item lvl of course.


There is one daily quest called: You're a Mean One...

  • Take the quest at Hillsbrad Foot Hills
  • Join/make a team or go there and tag him while others attacking. He spawns outside the Growless Cave in Hillsbrad Foothills, east of Dalaran Crater.
  • In Warlords, this The Abominable Greench is an Elite lvl 103 with 4.3 million Hp.
  • You do not need to be in the same group as the one that tagged him
  • After he's dead, reindeer Metzen will appear nearby.
  • The gifts are near the cave where he spawns
  • Deliver the quest and you will be rewarded a “Stolen Present”
  • “Stolen Present” may contain Toys, pets or The Dagger

Garrison Decorations (from 2015)

  • Imported Trees: A festive collection of trees and presents.
  • Festive Outfits: Dress your garrison guards for the season.
  • Old Box of Decorations: A collection of candy canes, mistletoe and stockings.
  • Ball of Tangled Lights: A festive display of lights and wreaths.
  • Little Helpers: Winter Veil helpers and a Winter Wondervolt.

You can buy these decorations for Merry Supplies (currancy) from the event coordinator at your Garrison.

14 Dec 2015