Legion Reputation Guide

This is information gathered during Alpha and will be updated continuously.

In Legion there are six reputation factions. For most of the quests, completing one in a certain zone will reward you reputation with that certain faction its tied to.  

  • Highmountain (Zone: Highmountain)
  • The Wardens (Zone: Entire Broken Isles)
  • The Nightfallen (Zone: Suramar)
  • Court of Farondis (Zone: Azsuna)
  • The Dreamweavers (Zone: Val´sharah)
  • The Valarjar (Zone: Stormheim)

Reputation faction rewards

For detailed information on rewards, click on the certain faction below under Legion faction reputation guides.  It´s only at Alpha version at the moment so rewards will most likely change. Also, all the rewards are not implemented yet.

However, general rewards are:

  • Gear (820 and 850 ilvl)
  • Toys
  • Pets
  • Rank 3 patterns, recipes etc for professions

Also, each faction has "Boon" that can be bought when hitting revered/honored with a certain faction. 

Highmountain Faction

Boon of the Butcher (Honored)
Permanently enchants shoulders with the Butchery enchantment, allowing the wearer to obtain Butchered Meat from the corpses of their enemies.

Dreamweaver Faction

Boon of the Harvester (Honored)
Permanently enchants shoulders with Harvester enchantment, allowing the wearer to obtain Harvested Goods from the corpses of their enemies. 

Court of Farondis Faction

Boon of the Gemfinder (Revered)
Permanently enchants shoulders with Gemfinding enchantment, allowing the wearer to obtain Found Sacks of Gems from the corpses of their enemies. 

Valarjar Faction

Boon of Salvager (Revered)
Permanently enchants shoulders with Salvager enchantment, allowing the wearer to obtain Salvaged Armor from corpses of their enemies. 

Nightfallen Faction

Boon of the Manaseeker (Honored)
Permanently enchants shoulders with the Manaseeker enchantment, allowing the wearer to obtain ManaTinged Packs from corpses of their enemies.

The Wardens Faction
Boon of the Bloodhunter (Revered)
Mobs have a chance to drop addition to standard loot.

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Dungeons rewards reputation in Legion

Each dungeon in Legion is connected to a faction. Killing a dungeon boss rewards 250 reputation for the faction it is tied to. Here is the list of what factions are to what dungeon.  Some are not totally confirmed and only based on dungeon location in The Broken Isles.

Black Rook Hold rewards reputation with the Dreamweavers

Darkheart Thicket rewards reputation with the Dreamweavers

Eye of Azshara rewards reputation with Court of Farondis.

Halls of Valor rewards reputation with The Valarjar

Maw of Souls rewards reputation with The Valarjar

Neltharion´s Lair rewards reputation with Highmountain

Court of Stars rewards reputation with The Nightfallen

Vault of the Wardens rewards reputation with The Wardens

The Arcway rewards reputation with The Nightfallen

Some Class Order Hall followers increase reputation gain

You can assign a Champion follower as combat ally which follow you and support you in in The Broken Isles (click here to check my Class Order Hall follower guide for more info).

Some classes have champions that gives you 5% increased reputation gain when assigned as a combat ally. This is still Alpha version so the abilities that Champions have when assigned to Combat Ally will probably change. And I guess that all players will have this kind of ability on one of the champions before launch.
But at the moment following Classes have a champion that increase reputation by 5% when assigned to Combat Ally:

  • Hunters (Champion: Addie Fizzlebog)

End game - World Quests reputation farming

When you hit max level you will find all the world quests when opening your map. 
World quests are divided in difficulty to be completed. The time point a quest available is dependent on the difficulty to be completed and they are divided (black, blue, purple).

You will also have Emissary quests that are bound to a reputation faction. To complete an emissary quest you have to complete 4 world quests for a certain faction. On the bottom right corner on your map you will see what faction it is for that week and what the rewards is. Each Emissary quest will be available for three days. If you forgot to log in yesterday, that emissary quest will be available for two more days, and you’ll also have a new one. You can have up to three Emissary quests active at once.

This is also a great way to farm reputation with the different factions. Mouse over on a world quest will give you information on what faction that quest is tied to. Completing that quest will reward you extra reputation.
Here you will find quests tied to following reputation factions

* Valarjar
* The Wardens

* Highmountain Tribe
* The Wardens

* Dreamweavers
* The Wardens

* Court of Farondis
* The Wardens

* The Nightfallen
* The Wardens


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