The Wardens Reputation Guide

How to gain reputation with the Wardens

  • You gain reputation with the Wardens through World Quests. Unlike the other factions which are tied to zones, the Wardens world quests are spread out all over The Broken Isles.
  • Endboss on Vault of the Wardens rewards 250 rep.

The Wardens reputation rewards


Trapped Treasure Chest Kit

Schematic: Reinforced Headgun Rank 3 (Engineering)

Schematic: Bolt-Action Headgun Rank 3  (Engineering)


Fledgling Warden Owl

Syxsehnz Rod

Boon of the Bloodhunter
Shoulder enchant that allows the wearer to obtain Bloodhunter´s Quarry from corpses of their enemies.

Vantus Rune Technique: Star Augur Etraeus Rank 3 (Inscription)
Vantus Rune Technique: Spellblade Aluriel Rank 3 (Inscription)
Vantus Rune Technique: Cenarius Rank 3 (Inscription)


Drape of the Patient Hunter
850 ilvl

Warden´s Tabard

Design: Twisted  Pandemonite Choker Rank 3 (Jewelcrafting)
Schematic: Sawed-off Cranial Cannon Rank 3 (Engineering)
Schematic: Semi-Automagic Cranial Cannon Rank 3 (Engineering)


Where is The Wardens vendor located?    

Vendor NPC is called Marin Bladewing located 48:74.



26 Jul 2016