The Nightfallen Reputation Guide

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How to gain reputation with the Nightfallen

  • The first way to gain reputation is through questing in Suramar. The majority of quests, rewards reputation. You can only do quests in Suramar after hitting max level. See below regarding Suramar quest line and reputation vendor.
  • The second way of gaining reputation with Nightfallen is when you are max leveled (110). When you hit max level you will find World Quests when opening your map. Mouseover on a world quest on your map will give you information on what faction that quest is tied to. Completing that quest will reward you extra reputation. For a full guide on World Quest, follow this link.
  • Third way: Do the Building an Army Scenario. This rewards Remnants and tablets of Falanaar which grants reputation. 
  • The fourth way of gaining reputation with Nightfallen is to farm the dungeons Court of Stars and The Arcway. Endboss kill rewards you 250 reputations.
  • Fifth way: Do Kirin Tor world quest. Kirin Tor world quests do reward reputation for the other legion factions. In this case it is based on where the quest is located in the Broken Isles.
    Kirin Tor world quests in Suramar rewards The Nightfallen reputation. 
  • Sixth way: Do the Kirin Tor Emissary World quests. Completing 4 quests for Kirin Tor, when the Emissary World quest is up will reward you with one insignia of choice. The Insignia gives 1500 reputation to any reputation faction in the Broken Isles except Nightfallen which gives 750 reputations instead.
  • 7th way: Do the Wardens World Quests in Suramar. The reward will be reputation for the Wardens AND for Nightfallen (for example if the reward is 250 rep, you get 250 for The Wardens and 250 for Nightfallen. 

Nightfallen reputation rewards


Nightfall Slippers
Cloth - Feet
800 ilvl

Irongrove Boots
Leather - Feet
800 ilvl

Footpads of the Nightrunners
Mail - Feet
800 ilvl

Scavenged Felsoul Sabatons
Plate - Feet
899 ilvl


Treasure Map - Suramar
Reveals treasures on the minimap of Suramar as long as the map is in the inventory. 

Mobile Telemancy Beacon
Set up the beacon in the field to return to Shal´aran.

Boon of the Manaseeker

Permanently enchants shoulders with the Manaseeker enchantment, allowing the wearer to obtain ManaTinged Packs from corpses of their enemies.

Braided Manastring Cinch
Cloth - Waist  
820 ilvl
Requires lvl 110


Class Hall tier - Hands

820 ilvl

Extinguished Eye

Home Made Party
Don a “Home-made” Nightborne party mask

840 ilvl
Stam, crit, mastery


Class Hall tier - Shoulder

850 ilvl

Nightfallen Tabard

Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Bracers Rank 3
Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Pantaloons Rank 3
Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Slippers Rank 3
Design: Subtle Shadowruby Pendant Rank 4
Formula: Enchant Ring – Binding of Versatility Rank 3
Formula: Enchant Ring – Binding of Mastery Rank 3
Formula: Enchant Ring – Binding of Critical Strike Rank 3
Formula: Enchant Cloak – Binding of Intellect Rank 3

Class Hall Armor Tier

Each class has its own tier that can be bought (when unlocked) from the Class Hall Quartermaster.
Some of the armor require Nighfallen reputation in order to unlock them. These are:

Class Tier Hands – 810 ilvl
Unlocks after reaching Honored with Nightfallen

Shoulder – 850 ilvl
Unlocks after reaching exalted with Nightfallen

You can also upgrade all your Class Hall Amor up to 840 ilvl. The items to upgrade also needs to be unlocked:

Upgrade Armor Kit – 810 to 820 (costs 1000 Order Resources)
Unlocks after reaching Honored with Nightfallen, costs 5000 Order Resources to buy it.

Upgrade Armor Kit – 820 to 830 (costs 3000 Order Resources)
Unlocks after defeating the final boss of every Legion Dungeon, on any difficulty. Costs 10 000 Order Resources to buy it.

Upgrade Armor Kit – 830 to 840 (costs 6000 Order Resources)
Unlocks after reaching Exalted with the Nightfallen, costs 15 000 Order Resources to buy it.

For a full guide regarding class order tier set, click here.

Where is The Nightfallen vendor located    

The Nightborne are located in Suramar which is a content only for max level (110). Once you hit 110 you will get a quest via your Adventure Guide which guides you through a quest line in Suramar to aid the Nightborne.

The Quartermaster is called The Arcanist Thalyssra, located in Shal´Aran (see map below). You need to complete the quest “Shal´Aran” in order to check her reputation vendor. As soon as you start the Suramar quest line, it goes pretty fast to get to Shal´Aran quest so don´t worry about that.

Entrance to the Cave Shal´Aran located in Meredil in Suramar.

Entrance to the Cave Shal´Aran located in Meredil in Suramar.

Suramar (Nightfallen) questline

I will not go into detail yet because of spoilers, but what you need to know is that after completing several quests in the Surarmar questline (for Nightfallen), you will unlock a scenario which is for free the first time, then it costs Ancient Mana (depending on how many NPC you want to bring). This Scenario is called "Whithered Army training" and the goal is to kill and loot a lot of mobs in Ruins of Falanaar. This rewards you with alot of reputation and Artifact Power. 


19 Jun 2016