Legion Endgame- World Quests Guide

In Legion, when hitting max level (110) you will discover a new type of end gaming. In Warlords of Draenor we have our Garrison with followers that we send out on missions. In Mist of Pandaria we had awesome lore questing. In Legion, we will have a mix between them. We will have awesome lore and instead of sending followers out on missions, we will go out in the world (Broken Isles) ourselves!

Since the Broken Isles is flexible (mob levels scales to your lvl were ever you are in Broken Isles) endgame will be all around the Broken Isles. World quests will be ongoing constantly, and constantly shuffling. Every time you log in, your map is filled with various objectives, various types of gameplay with varied reasons and awards. You can choose what you want to do, which zone(s) you want to go to.

How does it work?

When you hit max level you will find all the world quests when opening your map.
World quests are divided in difficulty to be completed. The time point a quest available is dependent on the difficulty to be completed and they are divided (black, blue, purple).

Black world quest (common quest)
There are quests that are easy and can be done solo. The rewards can be:

- Profession reagents
- Rare gear
- Artifact Power
- Gold
- Order Resources

Blue elite world quests (rare quests)
These quests can be with or without an elite dragon on it. An elite dragon on it has a higher difficulty and requires a party. The rewards can be:

- Gold (more than common quests)
- Order Resources (more than common quests)
- Rare Gear
- Traveler´s backpack for Order Halls follower

Purple elite world quests (Epic quests)
These quests have an elite dragon on and require several players (raid) are world boss kills.
It seems that you get 2 of these quests per week. The rewards are:

- Traveler´s backpack for Order Halls follower
- More will be updated

Other rewards not seen yet:

* Mounts
* Toys
* Battle Pets

Three day quests (Emissary quest)

You will also have Emissary quests that are bound to a reputation faction. To complete an emissary quest you have to complete 4 world quests for a certain faction. On the bottom right corner on your map you will see what faction it is for that week and what the rewards is. Each Emissary quest will be available for three days. If you forgot to log in yesterday, that emissary quest will be available for two more days, and you’ll also have a new one. You can have up to three Emissary quests active at once.

The Emissary quest reward is reputation for that certain faction and a chest which contains gold and a chance on getting a Curious Coin. This coin can be used to buy profession patterns from Xurios in Dalaran (see location on map below). 

Legion Reputation farming

This is also a great way to farm reputation with the different factions. Mouse over on a world quest will give you information on what faction that quest is tied to. Completing that quest will reward you extra reputation.
Here you will find quests tied to following reputation factions

* Valarjar
* The Wardens

* Highmountain Tribe
* The Wardens

* Dreamweavers
* The Wardens

* Court of Farondis
* The Wardens

* The Nightfallen
* The Wardens

Kirin Tor (made a guide for this one)

Type of quests

The variety of quest are mixed so they will fit many types of gameplay:

Specific reputation factions
PvP Objectives (for example assaulting alliance towers as horde and kill a few NPC there)
World Raid Bosses (the boss comes and sticks there for 7 days, and gives you an awesome epic award when killed)
Profession missions (players with professions will have access to unique objectives that are specific to your gathering skill that others can´t)
Minigames (minigames such as the rolling ones)

The map with objectives are the same within each region, meaning Europe will have the same, Northern America will have the same and so on.



16 Apr 2016