Broken Isles Gameplay - Leveling and Endgame Outdoor Gameplay

Leveling in The Broken Isles

In the Broken Isles there are going to be four level up zones, in which all scale flexibly. So, if you want to start in Azuna or, Stormheim, or Highmountain or Val´sharah, you can choose the path you want to take through the Broken Isles. You can explore the world as you choose, you can carve your own path to victory.

Your objective in these zones, is to recover (acquire), the Titan Relics from that zone, that is needed to seal of the Tomb of Sargeras and stop the big portal and the Legion invasion of our world.

It doesn’t matter which zone you start in; you are going to have to go to all 4 zones.

All roads, still leads to Suramar, which is a fixed max level (110) zone. The entire zone exists for players who´ve already been to the other 4 zones. That is when your journey has come to a conclusion…for now.

This flexibility makes it easier to play with your friends.

  • The world scales to the player, not the other way around. Players do not get nerfed.
  • You will get appropriate quest rewards for your level.
  • The scaling does not go all the way to max level.
  • Overall, it will take (give or take) the same amount of time to kill a boar in Highmountain as level 102 for level 106. However, your artifact weapon will continuously grow in power and keeping ahead of power curves.

Endgame- Outdoor Gameplay

When hitting max level.

The core for Legion outdoor end-gameplay is to deliver the best of Warlords and Mists.

Keep that freeform gameplay in certain areas where you can take multiple roots to success, multiple roots to completing your objectives, like Warlords, and still have the story telling that were during Mists in which there were a clear reason for your actions and a clear point why you were defeating your enemies.

Of course there will be some sense of structure as well, such as where to begin and end, but not with a sense of compulsion that sometimes came along with Mists dailies.

A new thing; Because the Broken Isles is flexible, endgame can be all around the Broken Isles. No need to be limited to small size zones anymore. It will be a new system for Outworld quests.

The freedom of choice is still there. Choose where to go and where you want to complete your objectives. To have multiple roots.

A system of Outworld quests

There will be a system of outdoor world quests, that will be ongoing constantly, and constantly shuffling.

Every time you log in, your map is filled with various objectives, various types of gameplay with varied reasons and awards.

You can choose what you want to do, which zone(s) you want to go to. How you want to approach tackling the outdoor world.

Each one of the icons on the map represents a world quest, an objective you can go to, and the award is visible on the map.

The quest will be around for some period of time, they will vary widely from Just a few hours; Simple objectives that the one shown which rewards you artifact power. And some objectives vary up to an entire week that are more difficult and rewards epic loot.

The Hallmark of this system is variety in which you will be overwhelmed objectives. Think that the things our Garrison followers did, we as players will do instead.

These Outworld quests will be tied to
* Specific reputation factions
* PvP Objectives (for example assaulting alliance towers as horde and kill a few NPC there)
* World Raid Bosses (the boss comes and sticks there for 7 days, and gives you an awesome epic award when killed)
* Profession missions (players with professions will have access to unique objectives that are specific to your gathering skill that others can´t)
* Minigames (minigames such as the rolling ones)

The map with objectives are the same within each region, meaning Europe will have the same, Northern America will have the same and so on.



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Broken Isles Gameplay - Leveling and Endgame Outdoor Gameplay

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