Legion PvP Guide

Note: This is Alpha testing and will probably have changes before it hits live. However, I will keep up and have it as up to date as possible.

There are several new things coming out in Legion regarding PvP:

  • Honor Talents
  • Prestige Ranks
  • PvP gear

Honor Talents

In Legion, you will have your normal talent tree, and a PvP talent tree, called Honor Talent System. The Honor Talent system is based on your PvP prestige. The Honor Talent system has its own leveling system, but instead of gaining experience when leveling the normal way, you gain Honor Points. And each level up, requires a certain amount of Honor Points. You probably wonder what happens to the Artifact weapon talent tree. All Artifact weapon talents work in PvP, but you need to obtain them ofcourse. 

Levels 1-10: 750 honor
Levels 11-20: 875 honor
Levels 21-30: 1000 honor
Levels 31-40: 1125 honor
Levels 41-50: 1250 honor

In total, it takes 50,000 honor to reach level 50.

You will not gain a new ability every time you level up. Each talent requires a certain level (see table below) and when there is no talent gain you will be rewarded with gold or Artifact power. 

Talent 1

Level 1

Talent 10

Level 22

Talent 2

Level 2

Talent 11

Level 25

Talent 3

Level 4

Talent 12

Level 28

Talent 4

Level 5

Talent 13

Level 31

Talent 5

Level 8

Talent 14

Level 34

Talent 6

Level 10

Talent 15

Level 37

Talent 7

Level 13

Talent 16

Level 40

Talent 8

Level 16

Talent 17

Level 43

Talent 9

Level 19

Talent 18

Level 46


Max level is 50 in game and at the moment, going from 1-50 takes 50,000 honor

The talent tree has the same setup as the normal PvE one, with 3 talents per row, and you choose one of those 3. However, every time you level up, you will unlock a talent vertically, meaning, you will unlock a talent one each row on the left side of the talent tree, then talents on middle side and finally on the right side.

The first talent that every class/spec gets is called Gladiator’s Medallion which Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character while in PvP combat. This replaces the trinket that has the same affect (Honorable Medallion). So now we can focus on the other cool trinkets instead.

Prestige Rank

Besides leveling up with Honor Points, to unlock talents, there is also a rank system, called Prestige Rank.

When you reach max level and unlocking all abilities, you will have the option to reset your rank. Meaning you reset so all abilities are gone and you start over from scratch again. Doing this will give you a new Prestige rank. You start at prestige rank 1 and max is rank 3(4?).

Why should you reset and start the talent system from scratch again?

Doing this will give you access to new cosmetic effects and vanity options such as 

Battlepet - A pet that is your biggest fan. Talks to everyone how awesome you are. 
A questline that grants you a new Artifact appearance. 
Courser Mount 
Toy: Puts a faction oriented banner on your back. 

Remember, your character will not become better in anyway with better gear, upgraded talents or anything like that. If you want to focus purely on gameplay, then you can reach max level and get the maximum power at Prestige rank 1. This system is for the players interested in cosmetic rewards.

PvP gear

This new system removes the PvP gear. You will not gain any currency to buy gear anymore, the Honor Points are instead an “experience point” for leveling up in the Honor System Talent tree.

This system is supposed to enable the importance of gear. The significance of gear if scaled down, so if you get the best gear in game, you will only have a very low advantage against other players. The gameplay in Legion is customized in a way that it is more about skills rather than gear.

Meaning, if you have gear in WoD with that is 25 ilvl higher then your opponent, it increases your performance by approximately 25%. In Legion, 25 ilvl higher gear will only increase your performance by 2.5%.

Trinkets, set bonuses and Legendary items will be deactivated in PvP.

There are still gear that you can get though PvP, but they do not have any PvP stats. At the moment, there are 2 sets you can obtain:

  • Vindictive Combatant
  • Vindictive Gladiator

How the Pvp gear works in detail

When you enter a Pvp battleground/arena at launch of Legion, your stats will be as if you had 850 ilvl gear equipped. 
Then your avarage ilvl is checked and compared to a baseline which is 800 ilvl at launch. So if your avarage ilvl is 800, your stats will be 850. Every avarage ilvl above that will increase your stats by 0.1% (every 10 ilvl is 1%). 

How to get PvP gear in Legion

The gear is rewarded through strongboxes that you get after winning a battleground/skirmish arena/ranked arena. Think of it as a personal loot system. The strongbox may contain

* Potions
* Marks of Honor (currency to buy all the old pvp gear)
* Pvp gear

There are no gold/silver/bronze boxes anymore, just one type of strongbox. 

The gear ilvl comes up to 850 ilvl atm and it is all pure luck of what ilvl you get on your pvp gear. 

Each armor type (plate, mail, leather and cloth) have the same look. However, they differ between Alliance and Horde.

Vindictive Combatant

 Alliance Cloth

Alliance Leather

Alliance Mail

Alliance Plate

Horde Cloth

Horde Leather

Horde Mail

Horde Plate



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