Introduction Of LEGION (part 1)

Legion takes place on The Broken Isles.
This is the land in the heart of Azeroth that is long forgotten.
10 000 years ago before the great sundering this whole area was a vast bustling night elf civilization.
What we have now after the world was destroyed, is the bones of that civilization.
So this continent is sort of a graveyard. 
It´s on this continent we will discover The Tomb of Sargeras.

The tomb is an active Gateway to endless Legion Worlds, thanks to Gul´dan.
A demonic Invasion bigger than it has ever been, is on their way.
Our job, is to fight back by tracking down the source of the invasion at The Broken Shore, and take the fight directly to Gul´dan and his demonic armies.
After a GLORIOUS battle at The Tomb of Sargeras, our story will begin.

This whole thing will start before the expansion officially launches.

When we come back from Draenor, we will wake up to a world on fire and probably a massive headache.  

Since this is the biggest Invasion we ever faced, we have to turn to the Titans for help.
We are going to search the broken Isles for the Pillars of Creation. These are Titan relics that were used to shape the world when it was young, when it was first born.
It is only with these relics that we can actually close this massive gateway at the heart of the Tomb of Sargeras.

We will also get help from Dalaran and the Mages of the Kirin Tor, now led by Kadghar. Meaning, Dalaran will travel to the Broken Isle and be the main Hub for players.



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