Legendary Items in Legion

Legendary items in Legion are random world drops that have very powerful effects and can modify abilities.

The item level on Legendary Items are 895 and requires level110 to equip it. 

Legendary items are BoP.

You can only equip one Legendary item at the start of Legion expansion but that will increase later on as the expansion progresses.

You can find all the Legendary items for your character on the Loot tab in the Dungeon Journal.

How to get legendary items in Legion?

At the moment, there are no target specific areas to grind for certain legendary items, but that will change later in the expansion. Legendary items can come from:

  • World Quests
  • Dungeon Bosses
  • Raid Bosses
  • PvP Strongboxes

More difficult content has a higher chance of dropping legendary items.

The chance of getting a legendary item is by start pure luck, but the longer you´ve gone without getting one of these legendary items, the better are your odds of getting them. So you actually get one eventually.

What type of Legendary items are there?

In General there are Legendary items for all slots except for weapons and trinkets but different classes and specs have legendary items on different slots. For example frost mages have only legendary items for neck, wrist, hands chest, waist and finger. Fire mages have slots for head instead of feet. 


17 Jun 2016