Relics item level Guide

This information is based on what I found out while playing and thought I’ll share it with you guys. This is early beta and I will update this page when more information is out.

If you want information what Relics are, please visit my Artifact Weapon Guide here.

The ilvl of your Artifact weapon increases when you add Relics on it. You can totally add 3 Relics on your Artifact weapon. You start with two and the third unlocks when completing your class order campaign.

You do NOT increase the ilvl of your Artifact weapon when leveling your character.

Starting ilvl on Artifact weapon is 750.

Relic item levels


Questing and World Drop +2-28 ilvl
Normal Dungeon  +12 ilvl
Heroic Dungeon +36 ilvl
Mythic Dungeon  +40 ilvl
Raid Finder - The Emerald Nightmare +39 ilvl
Normal - The Emerald Nightmare  +43 ilvl
Heroic - The Emerald Nightmare +46 ilvl
Mythic - The Emerald Nightmare  +52 ilvl
Raid Finder – The Nighthold +39 ilvl
Normal – The Nighthold +43 ilvl
Heroic – The Nighthold  +46 ilvl
Mythic – The Nighthold  +52 ilvl

 Maximum ilvl on Artifact weapon is 906 (750 weapon + 3 relics * 52)

21 May 2016