Legion Transmog Guide

NOTE: Transmogs are now performed by talking to the transmog NPC located in next to the void bank NPC. 

What will happen to all my collected transmogs when Legion is live?

All your item appearances will automatically be unlocked and added to your wardrobe collection, and when unlocked you can get rid of the item. Only items that have been equipped will be added. So double check that all items have been equipped before getting rid of them.

This video covers the latest look of the transmog tab 2016-01-31


Are transmog items in the wardrobe collection account wide?

Yes, All gear in the wardrobe collection are account wide! Once an item is equipped, it will be added in the Wardrobe collection.

How do you unlock an item to your wardrobe collection?

You have to equip it to to be able to unlock it. Once equipped, it will automatically be added to your Wardrobe collection.

What about transmogs and old quest rewards?

All items awarded from EVERY quest you have ever completed will be added in the Wardrobe collection, even those rewards you didn’t chose.

Is it possible to have saved outfits for each class specialization?

Yes! Even if you have hidden a slot such as cloak or head.

Transmogrify UI


This is how the UI going to look like.
Left side is very similar to the character UI, here you can see which items are currently transmoged.
The right side is the wardrobe. This part is how it looks when you transmog in a vendor. When you are out in the field you will see a wardrobe UI. So you can keep track of your collection and see what you going to get.

At the top you can see a bar that shows how many helms this player has unlocked and how many there are in total.

Is there any way to save certain sets together?

Yes. Instead of trying to remember what items you have put together, there is “Outfit” on the top left corner. It is pretty simple, you can store what you are currently wearing and save it by clicking on +New Outfit and name it.

You can even save outfit looks even thou you haven’t collected it yet. So in this way you know what to go for, sort of a shopping list.

How can I link my transmog outfit gear?

After you have chosen what to transmog and then created an outfit (see above), then you can link that outfit by open chat and shift right click on the name you have chosen to call it. The players that can read the chat can ctrl right click on that name and see how it will look on them.

What Slots can I hide?

You can hide head, back and new in this expansion is shoulder.

There are three new transmoggable slots

Weapons Enchants Slot


Shirts Slot


Tabards Slot



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