Legion Class Order Hall Missions Guide

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Followers in Legion are called Class Order Followers. 

Each class will have their own specific followers that have the same class as the player.
The followers are divided in:

  • Champions
  • Troops

In Legion, your Order Hall will also have its own talent tree with talents that improves your missions. This feature is called Order Advancement.

Class Order Hall Questline

The quest that starts the Class Order Hall questline is called “Rise, Champions”. This questline will start guide you how to work with the mission table, followers and upgrades. It will also give you quests that takes you all over the Broken Isles so you will not only be at one spot sending missions. You will unlock new features to your Order Hall during the questline.

How to obtain the quest “Rise Champions”

Following crtieria needs to be fulfilled in order to get the starting quest “Rise Champion”:

  • Completed the Artifact questline and obtained your Artifact weapon
  • Gain access to your Artifact weapon trait tree.
  • Complete the quest choosing a leveling area.
  • Obtain 325 Artifact Power (earned enough Artifact Power for your next Artifact trait).

An NPC next to the Artifact weapon forge will offer you the quest Rise Champion.

This is during Alpha version and I´ve heard that this questline unlocks when hitting max level when it comes out live. As usual, these parts will be updated when more information is out.

Followers: Champions

Champions got more skills then troops and you can have maximum 5 active Champions.
Champions can also become your combat ally (support you while fighting mobs in the Broken Isles).
You can level your champions and you can also gear them up.
Each Champion got 2 Abilities and a certain spec.

You send out your champions and troops on certain missions that rewards quests, gold, XP for followers, gear for followers and Order Resources.

How to recruit Champions to your Class Order Hall

Each class will have their own questline campaign. The first class campaign quest you get is called “Rise, Champions” and the task is to recruit 2 Champions in you Class Order Hall. So, basically you will start with two Champions very early.

The other champions can be recruited while doing quest lines in the Broken Isles. For example, as hunter, completing the Nesingwary quest line in Highmountain will reward you Hemet Nesingwary as follower.

By continuing the Class Order Hall questline, you will also recruit Champions.

Followers: Troops

For every class, there are two types of troops. For example

Mages have Water Elementals and Apprentices.
Hunters have Rangers and Trackers.

Troops have one ability, which is to increase the success chance of a mission by 20% or 30% (depending on types of troops. And yes, they stack, sbut you need to have a champion with the troops in order to start a mission. Troops need a leader.

However, troops can be killed if mission failed.
Troops can also get exhausted, leading to that you need to recruit more. The troops have hearts under their name. After each mission a red colored heart turns grey. When you run out of hearts, the troops get exhausted and are removed from the Class Hall Follower UI, so you have to recruit more.

How to recruit troops to your Class Order Hall

You recruit one type of troops by unlocking a certain character recruitment to your Order Hall via the Class Order Hall quest line. Unlocking this feature will let you recruit up to 4 of those troops via Order Hall NPC troop recruiter. These troops increase success chance on mission by 20%.

The other type of troops will be unlocked later on during the class order hall campaign. However, I managed to recruit one by completing a questline in the Broken Isles as mage. You can recruit up to 2 of those troops. These troops increase success chance on mission by 30%.

Follower: Combat Ally

You can choose one of your champions to be your combat ally.
While attacking mobs in the Broken Isles, your combat ally will aid you from time to time.
Each combat ally has their own special ability. For example,

Mages can have Archmage Kalec that summons Kalecgos, who breathes frost on all your enemies in front of you, dealing damage and slowing them.

Hunters can have Hemet Nesingwary that will try to steal your kill, dealing 40% of an enemy’s maximum health (“One shot, one kill”).


Order Advancement

A new thing in Legion is that you can improve your Order Hall missions.  This is done by your Class Hall Upgrader. You can upgrade your class order hall 6 times and each time you upgrade, you can choose one of two traits (except for the last level, which is one trait choice only).

After unlocking the first level (via the Class Order hall quest line), it will cost you Order Resources to choose a talent (unlocking the next level). It will also take a certain time to research for the talent as well.

Level 1 costs 100 Order Resources and takes 2 hours to complete. 
Level 2 costs 500Order Resources and takes 8 hours to complete.
Level 3 costs 1000 Order Resources and takes 1 day to complete. Char level 110.
Level 4 costs 10 000 Order Resources and takes 3 days to complete. Char level 110.
Level 5 costs 12 500 Order Resources and takes 7 days to complete. Char level 110.
Level 6 costs 15 000 Order Resources and takes 14 days to complete. Char level 110.

All Class Order Halls have more or less the same type of traits, it is just the name of the talent and the type of troops/champions that differs between them.

Example of talents are

  • Increases the chance for quest rewards to get rare or epic Bonus Upgrades from non-repeatable quests.
  • Increase success chance against certain mobs by 20%
  • Reduce mission duration of all missions by 30%.
  • Increase the maximum number of troops
  • Troops gets special abilities
  • Reduces the cost of recruiting all troops by 25%.
  • You can place a work order for Champion armaments and equipment.

All classes have the same level 6 talent:
Increase the number of Legendary items you can equip by 1.

Order Resources

All tasks you want to perform such as recruiting troops, sending followers on missions, upgrade your Order Hall talent tree costs Order Resources.

How to obtain Order Resources

  • Quests in the Broken Isles
  • Order Hall campaign questline
  • Killing Rare Mobs
  • Looting chests
  • Boss loots from dungeons
  • Probably Class Hall missions (not confirmed yet).

Bonus Rolls on missions

In Legion, you can come over 100% in chance on completing a mission. The percentage that exceeds 100% is the chance you can get extra loot on missions.

23 Apr 2016