Court of Farondis Reputation Guide

How to gain reputation with the Court of Farondis

  • You gain reputation when questing in Azsuna. The majority of quests, rewards reputation. This is the first way you will gain reputation if you level up your char there.
  • The second way of gaining reputation with Court of Farondis is when you are max leveled (110). When you hit max level you will find World Quests when opening your map. Click on Azsuna and you will find various quests tied to Court of Farondis. Mouseover on a world quest will give you information on what faction that quest is tied to. Completing that quest will reward you extra reputation. For a full guide on World Quest, follow this link.
  • The third way of gaining reputation with Court of Farondis is to farm the dungeon Eye of Azsuna. Endboss kill rewards you 250 reputations.
  • Fourth way: Do Kirin Tor world quest. Kirin Tor world quests do reward reputation for the other legion factions. In this case it is based on where the quest is located in the Broken Isles.
    Kirin Tor world quests in Azsuna rewards Court of Farondis reputation.
  • Fifth way: Do the Kirin Tor Emissary World quests. Completing 4 quests for Kirin Tor, when the Emissary World quest is up will reward you with one insignia of choice. The Insignia gives 1500 reputation to any reputation faction in the Broken Isles except Nightfallen which gives 750 reputations instead.
  • 6th way: Do the Wardens World Quests in Azsuna. The reward will be reputation for the Wardens AND for Court of Farondis(for example if the reward is 250 rep, you get 250 for The Wardens and 250 for Court of Farondis. 

Court of Farondis reputation rewards

At the moment on Beta version the profession rank upgrades requires only neutral with Cort of Farondis, this might change. 


Rank 3 Pattern: Silkweave Pantaloons (tailoring)

Rank 3 Pattern Imbued Silkweave Hood (tailoring)

Rank 3 Pattern Imbued Silkweave Gloves (tailoring)

Rank 3 Pattern Imbued Silkweave Robe (tailoring)

Rank 3 Vantus Rune Technique: High Botanist Telám (Inscription)

Rank 3 Vantus Rune Technique: Trilliax (Inscription)

Rank 3 Vantus Rune Technique: Skorpyron (Inscription)


Not implemented yet


Treasure Map: Azsuna
Reveals treasures on the minimap of Azsuna for 1 hour. 

Enchanted Stone Whistle
Summon the Sand Piper tied to the Enchanted Stone Whistle.
“This whistle´s magic was twisted by the basilisks of the area and the piper tied to it is forever bound.”


Court Scribe
Teaches you how to summon this companion

Boon of the Gemfinder

Permanently enchants shoulders with Gemfinding enchantment, allowing the wearer to obtain Found Sacks of Gems from the corpses of their enemies. 

Beginners Guide to Dimensional Rifting
Teleport to a Ley-line point in Azsuna to try and find one of the lessons.
“This seven step tome can be mastered in one week provided all the knowledge is there. *Disclaimer, the knowledge is rarely there.”

Gaudy Cadet´s Scarf
Back (for all classes/specs)
820 ilvl
Requires lvl 110.


Once-Fashionable Nar´thalas Leggings
Cloth – Legs
850 ilvl
Requires lvl 110.

Court of Farondis Tabard

Where is Court of Farondis vendor located

The reputation vendor for Court of Farondis is called Veridis Fallon (Court of Farondis Emissary). Veridis is located in Crumbled Palace – Azsuna.


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