Legion Inscription Guide

General Information

You will not obtain any Legion recipes at start. Instead, you will do quests which leads to recipes as rewards.

The job of the Inscription profession is to craft:

  • Codex of the Tranquil Mind (Set out a codex that allows players to adjust their Talents)
    Normally, you can change talents in resting areas but using this, alows you to change it everywere (remember that you can change speec eveywere without it).
  • Vantus Runes (a special extra boost ability against a specific boss, used once a week)
  • Relics (minor trait upgrade for Artifact weapon, and special songs)
  • Toy (Steamy Romance Novel Kit)
  • Scrolls
  • Milling herbs (break herbs down to pigments used as crafting material)
  • Cards (Trinkets, Darkmoon Faire Trinket card)
  • Class Glyphs


With the Inscription profession comes the milling talent (creating pigments for making ink)
You can create pigments from herbs by crushing 5 herbs.
The pigment from Legion herbs are called Roseate Pigment.
Roseate Pigment is used as material for creating all scrolls, toy, Relics and Vantus Runes and cards.

Milling all herbs from Broken Isles, rewards 2 Roseate Pigments, except for Yseralline Seed which rewards only 1 Roseate Pigment.

Important note on “Smashing Herbs” quest
When doing the second quest in the quest line “Smashing Herbs”, you need to obtain:
20 Roseate Pigments
2 Sallow Pigments

It took me a while to figure out how to obtain Sollow Pigments. Actually, there is a chance that you get the Sallow Pigments when milling herbs, however, I had to mill 30 herbs before I got the first Sallow Pigments. So keep on milling until they pop up.

Items that you get when milling

You don’t only get Roseate Pigments. Depending on what herb you crush you may obtain other items such as
* Quests
* Nightmare Pod (A pod that you open which contains extra Pigments)

A Cheap and fast Profession?

The costs of material to make the various inscriptions are very cheap compared to other professions.

You get 2 Roseate Pigments from milling a herb and 1 Roseate Pigments from milling a seed.

  • A Vantus Rune costs 1 Roseate Pigment to make
  • Scrolls costs 1 Roseate Pigment
  • The toy (Steamy Romance Novel Kit) costs 1 Roseate Pigment.
  • A Relic costs 1 Roseate Pigment to make.
  • Class glyphs costs 1 Roseate Pigment each to make

I guess it’s because of Alpha and will probably be changed soon.

Class Glyphs

You obtain the recipe: Class Glyphs once completed the second quest in the Inscription quest line (Smashing Herbs). 

At level 102 you can get the quest: “Our new Allies” from inscription trainer in Dalaran (Professor Pallin). This quest is needed to get further in the Glyph making.

The main changes regarding glyphs in Legion are:

  • Major Glyphs are removed
  • Minor Glyphs are the only glyphs and are now only called Glyphs.

Glyphs in Legion do not improve any spells or makes your character stronger in any way. Glyphs in Legion applies cool appearances on the spells you use.

How do I use a Glyph

  • Right click on the glyph in your inventory.
    If you can use that glyph, your spell book will open automatically and the spell you apply the glyph on will glow.
    If you can´t use that glyph, your spell book will not open automatically.
  • Right click on the spell that is glowing.
  • You have now applied the glyph and you can see what glyphs are applied by looking at the top right corner of your spells in your spell book.

How Do I remove a glyph

You remove glyphs with the use of vanishing Powder.

  • Right click on the vanishing powder and your spell book will open automatically if you have glyphs applied.
  • Click on the spell that has a glyph on it.

Vantus Runes

As an inscriptor you can craft runes that are specific for certain bosses. There runes will give you extra power against that boss. You can use 1 rune for a specific boss per week, but you can use several runes for different bosses of course.

The buff you get is the same for all bosses: Increases damage by 1000% against the boss. Now as great as that sounds, it seems that it’s not correct with 1000%. Will probably be changed. But take with you that you will basically do more damage on a certain boss.


Cards (Trinkets, Darkmoon Faire card)

  • Trinket
    You can craft a trinket that gives 876 crit (770 ilvl). This is actually the first thing you can make in Legion inscription and you need to complete the first 3 quests to be able to get it.
  • Darkmoon Faire Card
    The card you make is called Darkmoon Card of the Leigon.
    Crafting one will give you a random Darkmoon Faire Card- The Cards in Legion are
    - Darkmoon Deck: Dominion

    - Darkmoon Deck: Hellfire 

    - Darkmoon Deck: Promises

    - Darkmoon Deck: Immortality


No matter what class you are, you craft the same type of relics (compared to Blacksmithing that crafts different relics depending on class):

  • Aqual Mark
    Frost Artifact Relic
    +2 Ilvls
    +1 rank on Minor trait
  • Straszan Mark
    Water Artifact Relic
    +2 ilvls
    +1 rank on Minor trait

You can also make 3 different song scrolls

  • Lamnet of the Highbourne
  • Darnassus
  • Pandaren

“Apply the musical track NAME to your Sonic Environment Enhancer”

So yea, you have a sonic Environment enhancer on you as an Inscription :D


Not sure what these scrolls do exactly. Anyway, there are 3 Scrolls you can make

  • Scroll of the Forgotten Knowledge
    “Read the scroll and learn something”
    Made one and used it but nothing happened, and it has a 9h 37 min CD to use a new one. 
  • Scroll of the Heart

How to get the toy: Steamy Romance Novel

  • You need to have the inscription profession
  • You need to start the Legion inscription questline and learned Legion Inscription
  • You need to be level 108

I do not think that it is required any specific part of the inscription questline since I was on another quest that I haven’t completed yet and after I hit 108, Inscription trainer Professor Pallin (Dalaran), offered me the quest “Mass Milling Techniques”.

When accepting the quest Mass Milling Techniques, you are offered to get certain books in his shop, and the book Steamy Romance Novel is there as well, which offers you a quest. Completing that questline will reward you with “Steamy Romance Novel Kit” which is a toy and every time you use it you receive different Romance novels.

Recipes you obtain from quests in correct order (this will be updated from time to time)

  1. Learn Class Glyphs
  2. Learn Tinket (Prophecy Tarot)
  3. You need to be lvl 104 to obtain the next quest in the questline from Professor Pallin in Dalaran. 
  4. Learn Scroll of the Forgotten Knowledge
  5. You need to be lvl 106 to obtain the next quest in the questline from Professor Pallin in Dalaran. 
  6. Learn Propecy Tarot level 2.




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