Kormrok Boss Guide WoD 6.2

As ancient as Draenor itself, Kormrok once ruled Gorgrond, the creatures of the land slinking away from the giant magnaron’s destructive fury. But then the Iron Horde came, trapping the behemoth and attempting to break his will. They were entirely unsuccessful . . . that is, until the rise of Gul’dan, and the fel power that Kormrok could not resist


Short tactic explanation before pull when in LFR or PUG raid,
/RW (Raid warning)

/rw The boss will do 4 main abilities
/rw Summons runes on the ground that explode (Stand on the runes)
/rw Summon hands that grabs each player: Stack before it happens and AoE all hands
/rw Summon “waves” from the Shadow pool (Dodge them)
/rw Pounds the ground for 5 sec that does dmg to all players (stay spread from each other)

/rw  The boss will jump to his closest pool from time to time and gets enraged depending on what pool

/rw Explosive pool: The boss summons runes on the ground that explode (Face middle when standing on it so the next rune comes infront of u). All runes needs to come closer to boss so they go away.

/rw Foul Pool: The hands that summons will also drag the players to the closest pool and you die (Stack on boss, help main tank first and then AoE the rest)

/rw Shadow Pool: Loads of waves will come from all pools (Dodge them)

/rw For tanks: Explosive pool: Boss roots the main tank and 10s after he explodes and does dmg within 40y (run away before the root, and off tank taunts boss and moves him away)

/rw For tanks: Foul Pool: Boss grabs the tank and does dmg (ALL dps nuke the hand fast)

/rw For tanks: Shadow Pool: Boss does a knockback on main tank (Stand will a wall behind you and use defensive CD before the knockback)

/rw POSITIONING: Explosive and Foul pool: stand in middle. Shadow pool: stand close to a wall

- The platform players will fight on, consist of 3 pools.
- Kormrok will from time to time jump in to the closest pool and getting the energy from it, giving him the ability to     control this energy against the players.

  • Shadow Energy
    Kormrok uses Shadow waves to attack players.
  • Explosive Energy
    Kormrok uses Explosive energy, attack players which are explosive crates
  • Foul Energy
    Kormrok uses Foul energy, against the players, which are hands from the ground.


Players can choose which pool Kormrok will jump in, since he jumps to the closest pool.

Following pool order:
* Explosive Pool
* Foul Pool
* Shadow Pool

Can use Blood lust/Timewarp at start

Kormrok gains Shadow Energy

Tank stands, so that the boss faces the wall. In this way the knockback and damage will be minimized.

If Shadow Waves at the same time:
The raid focus on avoiding the waves more than damage on boss, since healers have to avoid the waves as well. Remember that there will be waves from all 3 pools, not only one.

Choose a wall and dodge the waves from there. Do not stand in the middle since it almoust impossible to dodge them there.

Kormrok gains Explosive Energy

- Tanks stand stand near the Explosive energy pool.
- Off tank taunts the boss after main tank gets stuck and moves him away 40y.
- Raid move away from the tank that is stuck, at least 40 yards.

If Explosive Runes at the same time:
Players trigger the runes really fast to minimize the chance for them to reform. Phase the middle every time before stepping on a rune. Since the next rune will spawn at the direction you are phasing. 

Kormrok gains Foul Energy

- After boss jumps in the pool, Tank moves as far as u can from all three pools ( stand in the middle of the platform and tank the boss there. When hit by foul Crush, use defensive cooldown.
- Tank swap 
- Raid stacks on Main tank that is stuck (on boss before tank swap). Do that always in case of Grasping Hands.
- Dpsers nuke the hand holding the tank.

If Grasping Hands at the same time
- Raid stacks in front of tank that is stuck (behind boss before tank swap)

- Nuke hand grabbing tank first since that player will be stuck while rest of the raid are dragged to the pool.
- After tank is free, aoe burst all the hands since you are stacked.

On Normal and Heroic, players can choose to only let Kormrok go too two pools (not 100% verified)

The Foul energy pool has to be the last one for Kormrok to jump into. Since the other pools are already used, it doesnt matter were kromok stands, he will jump in to the lat pool (Foul energy pool). When Kormrok jumps in, raid will get grabbed and dragged to that pool, and raid needs to be far away from the pool. Also the tank will get stuck and needs to be freed. This tact is if the above theroy is true. (not 100% verified)

Can use Blood lust/Timewarp at start

Abilities and Tactics

When fighting Kormrok he has 3 abilities affecting the pools which in turn affects the players and 1 ability that does direct dmg on players.

Shadow Waves
Kormrok slams the ground so hard that the Shadow pool will spill over waves on the platform. Players getting hit by these waves suffer moderate shadow dmg. Basically dodge the pools.

Explosive Runes
Kormrok create explosive runes on the ground and after 15 seconds passed they explode and does raid fire damage. Dps and healers focus on the runes and run over them fast.

Grasping Hands
Kormrok summons several hands from the ground grabbing all the players so they can’t move until destroyed.  Before grasping hands is casted, raid soft stacks. Then aoe burst all hands.

Kormrok gets pissed and slams the ground over and over for 5 seconds. Each second does raid dmg with a total amount of high/deadly dmg. Heal intensive and raid needs to use defensive cooldowns. Raid needs to spread 4 yards atleast

These abilities goes on during the whole fight no matter what pool Kormrok is close to.
However, after jumping in a pool he gets buffed up which affects the 3 pool abilities.
Kormrok empowered with shadow energy
all 3 pools will spill over waves on the platform.
Kormrok empowered with Explosive energy
each rune will create a new one next to it. However runes will not create a new one on top of another nor will it create a rune if it´s the last one.
Kormrok empowered with Grasping Hands
the hands will drag the players to the closest pool.


There is one last ability that affects the tanks and is important for tank swapping.

Mutating Hatred - (Fel Touch debuff)

Whenever Kormrok have been in a pool and uses any of the pool abilities (Swat, Explosive Burst and Foul Crush) the tank gets a debuff called Fel Touch (100% increased magical dmg). This is where the tank swap will occur.

  • Swat (When boss exits the shadow pool)
    Kormrok knock the tank backwards with high damage. The distance of the knock back affects the landing damage as well.
  • Explosive Burst (When boss exits the Explosive pool)
    Kormrok roots the tank so player can’t move and 10 seconds later the ground explodes and does very high Fire dmg to all players within 40 Yards.
  • Foul Crush (When boss exits the Foul Pool)
    Kormrok summons a big hand that grabs the tank and does moderate dmg every second until destroyed.

The one tanking gets the debuff Fel Touch (100% increased magical dmg), so Tank swap will occur directly after.

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