Socrethar The Eternal Boss Guide

Socrethar begins the encounter occupying the Soulbound Construct.

When players reduce the Soulbound Construct's health, Socrethar's spirit will be ejected from the construct, and a player can take control of it.

The Sargerei then stream into the chamber, and together with Socrethar attempt to regain control of the Construct.

When the Construct's health is depleted when controlled by a player, they are ejected and Socrethar regains control, beginning the cycle again.

Players must destroy Socrethar's soul to complete the encounter.

Short tactic explanation before pull when in LFR or PUG raid, 
/RW (Raid warning)

/rw This fight has 2 Phases

/rw Phase 1
/rw Ranged stack on far side of the room (Star)
/rw Tank boss in front of ranged (Skull) and face the middle
/rw move towards middle every time when Fel Prison to avoid it (if a person is in it, nuke the crystal down fast!)
/rw Move to the left/right (triangle/diamond) away from raid when boss Charges 
/rw Move left/right when you are targeted by Orb and run back after it hits you
/rw 2 dps stand in front of boss on first Reverberating Blow
/rw 2 Dps stand in front of boss on second Reverberating blow
/rw Tank swap at every 3rd Blow

/rw Phase 2
/rw Entire raid Stacks at red portal
/rw Interrupt boss and adds
/rw Run behind red portal when having the debuff “Gift of Manari”, pulsating dmg
/rw Prio nuke the add Dominators
/rw Ranged DPS, Interrupt the Shadowcallers so they come closer to raid
/rw One tank enter Construct, use the abilities to kill the Haunting Souls and boss
/rw Ranged, nuke the Haunting Souls before they reach the raid

/rw Bloodlust/timewarp on Phase 2 after 2nd Dominator arrives

2 Phases

Phase 1
Players Fight the big construct with Socrethar inside.
The Goal is to damage that construct so much that socrethar gets ejected out of it

Phase 2
Players fight Socrethars Soul together with his backup adds (Sargereis) that help him
The Goal is to jump into that construct and use it as extra dmg on Socrethar and the adds that spawn.

Phase 1 starts again when the player inside the construct gets ejected after certain amount of dmg and Socrethar jumps in to it again.


Phase 1 positioning

Tanks – Pull the boss to the far left side of the room (not on top of ranged that will stand furthest left) and let the boss face the middle (Skull mark)

Melee – Stand behind boss

Ranged -  Stack in the far left side of the room (Star mark)

Move closer to middle every time boss does Fel Prison/FelBlaze Charge

Phase 2 positioning

3 Portals will spawn, Red, Blue and Purple
Entire Raid stacks on Red portal.

Abilities and Tacts Phase 1

Reverberating Blow
Fel Prison
Volatile Fel Orb
FelBlaze Charge
Overwhelming Power
Incomplete Power

Reverberating Blow
- Does high Physical dmg infront of the boss in a cone
- Applies 3 stacks of Shattered Defenses divided on closest targets that are hit
- Shattered Defenses debuff is an increasd dmg from Reverberating Blow by 200%

  • Have 2 teams that will run to the main tank and get hit by the blow to share the debuff
    - First Blow: Main tank + Team 1 (2 Dps)
    - Second Blow: Main tank + Team 2 (2 Dps)
    - Third Blow: Only Main tank
    Tank swap after the third blow

Fel Prison
- Creates a rune of Fel Energy
- If a player steps inside the ring, a crystal will appear
- This stuns players within 8y and reduce dmg taken by 99% for 30 sec.

  • Move entire raid move gradually towards the middle just enough to move out from the rune
  • If a player is caught in rune, the Dps the Crystal down fast

Volatile Fel Orb
- Boss creates a Fel Orb that targets a player and follows.
- If that player gets hit, it will detonate and do damage to the player and other players standing close

  • Run to the far right side (Diamond), away from raid before the Orb reaches you. Run back after explosion.


Felblaze Charge
- Boss Charger in front of him, leaving an arcane energy trail behind.
- The arcane energy does low/moderate dmg every 1 sec and reduced movement speed to players touching it

  • Run to the far right side (Diamond), away from raid before the Orb reaches you. Run back after explosion.
  • Next charge, player runs to the far left side (Triangle)

Abilities and Tacts Phase 2

When the construct is almoust destroyed, Socrethar is ejected from the construct and players can take control of it.
One of the tanks jumps inside the construct
Socrethar calls for help in which the Sargerei spawns and helps him get back into the construct.

3 Different Portals will Spawn with different colors
Each Portal Summons a certain add.
Red -                  Dominator
Purple -             Shadow Callers
Blue -                 Haunting Souls

Entire Raid Stacks on the Red Portal since the Dominators are the Prio one to kill

Socrethar (2 abilities)

Exert Dominance
- Socrethar tries to take back the control of the construct and reduce 10% of it´s health.

  • Always Interrupt it
    Assign players to for this task

- Shadow dmg AoE to entire raid every 2 seconds for 10 seconds

Sargerei Dominators (2 abilities) Red Portal

Fel Barrier
Makes Socrethar immune to all dmg and interrupts

Gift of the Manári
- Puts a debuff on random target that does pulsating dmg on all players within 10y every 1.5 seconds.
- The debuff lasts for 2 minutes.

  • Run away from raid, behind the red portal.

Sargerei Shadowcallers (2 abilities) Purple Portal

Shadow Word Agony
- Puts a debuff on target every 2 second for 20 seconds that stacks

  • Ranged Dps, Interupt the spell EVERYTIME so the Add comes to red portal and can be cleaved.
  • Once in melee range, have this add on cleave dmg.

Shadow Bolt Volley
- Launches shadow volley to all players and does low shadow dmg.

  • Ranged Dps, Interupt the spell EVERYTIME so the Add comes to red portal and can be cleaved.
  • Once in melee range, have this add on cleave dmg.

Haunting Soul (2 abilities) Blue Portal

Virulent Haunt
- Fixates a player and haunts nearby players doing low/moderate dmg plus horrifying them for 8 seconds.

Ghastly Fixation
- Fixates a target and if it reaches the player it does Virulent Haunt on impact.

Soul Dispersion
If the Haunting Soul comes close to the construct (5 y) it dissolve into the construct and does 10 shadow dmg.

Controlling The Construct

Assign one of the tanks to control the construct
This player can use all the abilities that was used in phase 1.
Focus the boss and adds.

The Haunting Souls
One important job this player has, is to control the Haunting Souls

  • Place a Fel Prison in front of the Blue Portal in which the Souls come out from.
    This stuns the adds
  • Stand in front on the portal and use Felblaze Charge towards the raid.
    This creates a arcane pool that does dmg to the Souls.
  • Shoot the adds with Orbs when cooldown is ready
    This does large dmg to the Souls
  • Shoot Reverberating Blow on the Souls when cooldown is ready
    This does dmg and increase the dmg by 200% from the Reverb.
  • Rinse and repeat

Entire raid helps with remaining adds.

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