Hellfire Assault Boss Guide 6.2 WoD

With the aid of the mercenary Blackfuse company, the Iron Horde constructed devastating siege machinery in the shadow of Hellfire Citadel, to be used in the eventual assault upon Azeroth’s capitals. With the tanks now retrofitted to use fel energy, Siegemaster Mar’tak awaits Gul’dan’s command to begin the assault.

Short tactic explanation before pull when in LFR or PUG raid,
/RW (Raid warning)

/rw Ranged: Stand spread all the time
/rw Melee group go for siege engine everytime it comes and pick up the ammo that vehicles drops when destroyed and run to the cannon
/rw if u are targeted by Howling Axe, move away from players

/rw tanks Move adds away from bombs

/rw kill orders:
When boss is present
/rw Nuke boss all the time and ALWAYS switch to Felcasters when they are up and kill them before going back to boss again.
/rw Cleave the engineers
/rw Cleave the berserker
When boss flees
/rw Nuke berserkers and switch to Felcasters when they are up and kill them before going back to berserkers
/rw Cleave the engineers



The first thing the players need to do is to break in to Hellfire Citadel and this event is a Boss encounter.

Players will fight militarized forces led by Siegemaster Mar´tak and at the same time defend the friendly Giant Hellfire Cannons that help players destroy the door.

During the whole fight players will encounter waves of different adds and siege weapons that will do whatever it takes to kill the players and destroy the friendly cannons.

Players will never have the opportunity to kill Siegemaster Mar´tak per say because when the militarized forces are dead, she escapes inside the citadel and the friendly cannons finally blast the door open.

In this encounter you will face: Siegemaster Mar´tak, waves of four different types of adds, waves of 3 different types of Siege vehicles and to be able to defeat them and blast the door open you have to buff up your firendly cannons by picking up Felfire Munitions and bring it to the cannons. 


- Ranged stands spread. 
- Melee stands behind boss
- One tank handles boss so she face ranged, and same tank handles siege vehicles that attacks raid and face them away from raid.
- One tank handles adds.
- One group of dpsers focus target nuke on siege vehicles when they are out.
- One or two players picks up the Felfire Munitions.


Picking up the Felfire Munitions
Assign one or two players to be ready to pick up the Felfire Munitions and bring it to the friendly cannons to buff them. These players will get a speed buff when picking up the munitions but choose characters that have their own speed buffs (or let someone that can give speed buff put that on these players when they will pick them up).
Beware of the Aoe dmg that these cannons get from the enemies so you don’t get dmg from it.

Handling the Axe that Mar´tak throws
Players that get marked for this has to run to diamond marker fast, away from raid to stop anyone else getting hit by the axe.

Handling the Shockwave Mar´tak casts
Ranged needs to be spread so they don’t spread the shockwave if they are targeted by it.

Melee needs to avoid standing between ranged and boss so they don’t get hit by Shockwave.

Handling the wave of adds
Since these adds have different abilities, players needs to focus on some adds more than others (check killing orders).

THe fight starts with Boss, a Felcaster, an engineer and 2 trash.
All other mobs are inside big shells that are thrown infront of each cannon down the ramp

Starts with a berserker
Then trash mobs with engineers
Then Felcasters
Then Berserker
Then trash mobs with engineers

and so on

From time to time the siege vehicles will come, one at a time.

Killing Orders

When boss is present

Nuke boss all the time and ALWAYS switch to Felcasters when they are up and kill them before going back to boss again.

Cleave the engineers

Cleave the berserker

When boss flees

Nuke berserkers and switch to Felcasters when they are up and kill them before going back to berserkers

Cleave the engineers


Handling the Siege Vehicles
The raid needs to select some dpsers that will have an extra task. Let’s call them Siege Vehicle group. When there are no Siege vehicles, they will attack adds and boss like the rest, but as soon as Siege Vehicles are spawned, this group has to prioritize them and destroy them fast.

Vehicles that needs to be tanked will be tanked by the tank that handles Mar´tak. And face the tanks away from raid.


Siegemaster Mar´tak

She has 3 abilities.

Howling Axe

  • Players will get marked and Mar´rak throws an axe at one of them which then chains to the other marked players and back to Mar´tak again.
  • Players within 8 yards will get dmg by the axe
  • All players getting hit by the axe gets a debuff that increases dmg from axe taken by 100%.


  • Mar´tak sends a shockwave at a player. When hitting the player it spreads 4 yards.
  • If another player are hit by the shockwave (either when it travels to a player or when standing to close to that player) it will do damage to that player as well. And this can end up to a nasty chain reaction.
  • Also, the longer the Shockwave travels from the caster, the more dmg it does.

Inspiring Presence

  • Mar´tak inspires her nearby units and that buff increase their damage by 10%.
  • This buff percentage increase while Mar´tak fights players.

The Felfire Munitions

  • When a Siege vehicle is destroyed, it drops the Felfire Muntion
  • These are Felfire Ammunition that players needs to pick up and load the friendly cannons with. When loading one in to the cannon, it gives the cannons 15% increased damage for 2 min.
  • While holding one, it dos low/moderate damage every second
  • While holding one, t buffs that player with 100% increased movement speed for 9 seconds.

Hellfire Reinforcements

Siegemaster Mar´tak militarized forces consist of 4 different types of adds: Gorebound Dragons, Berserkers, Felcasters and Engineers, all with different abilities. 

  • Gorebound Dragon

These adds are trash adds and die fast. only cleave dmg them.

  • Gorebound Berserker

  • Buffs the other adds with 3% increased dmg and 10% increased movement speed for 12 seconds.
  • Puts a slowing debuff on players that stacks
  • Slams a target with high damage and puts a debuff that increases physical dmg taken by 25% per stack, last for 9 seconds per stack.  

Gorebound Felcaster

  • Ranged add that shoots fire on players. Both single target and AoE volleys (50 yards)
  • Transforms into a demon (Gorebound Terror) which increases the dmg by 30% and movement speed by 70%, while in demon form, immune crowd control.

    The Gorebound Terror has some changes on the dps:

  • Instead of casting fire on single target, he leaps to a player and does dmg within 8yards from him.
  • Still cast fire volleys that has a 50 yard range.

Contracted Engineer

  • Boom: Sets an explosive charge on a target´s feet, after 30s it does high damage within 8 yards.
  • Repair: Repairing vehicles 5% every second
  • Conducted Shock Pulse: Shocks a player with low dmg and stuns for 3 second that may spread to other players.

Siege Vehicles

There are 3 types of Vehicles that spawns. 


  • Does Frontal dmg
  • Brings additional units that channel Frontal fire dmg


  • Shoots a line of Orbs for over than 10 seconds.

These orbs does 2 things
1) On collision (or after moving 60 yards) it explodes and does high dmg with a knockback
2) Player that gets hit, burns with dmg over time (6s)

This vehicle also shoots volley of flame on the player friendly cannons


This vehicle only aims at the player friendly cannons.
On impact it does dmg to anything within 40 yards.

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