Kilrogg Deadeye Boss Guide


Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow, seized control of his clan after performing a ritual to learn of his death. With this knowledge, he led his clan fearlessly on countless campaigns, marching toward the glorious end he desires. Now, with demon blood coursing through his veins, Kilrogg awaits you in Hellfire Citadel, awaiting the moment of his death—or yours.

Short tactic explanation before pull when in LFR or PUG raid, 
/RW (Raid warning)

/rw Tank Boss at Blue
/rw One tank on boss and one tank on big add (Hulking Terror)
/rw Ranged at Diamond
/rw Tank Swap at every Shredded Armor. Tanks remember: Active Mitigation prevents Shredded Armor
/rw When boss cast Heart Seeker, Run to Moon and other players dont stand between boss and moon especially melee
/rw Adds are prio (especially blobs since they heal boss) and needs to be killed before they reach boss/pool
/rw Run backwards when Boss does Raid fire dmg (Death Throes)
/rw assigning 3 players, 1 heal and 2 dps to enter the pools next to boss when he casts Vision of Death 
/rw when coming out, stand on melee to remove the debuff they have


Players will be affected by Fel Corruption at the start of the fight. This Fel Corruption will increase on each player and at 100 Fel Corruption, players are controlled by the Burning Legion.

During the whole fight, Killrogg will calls for his men to drink the Fel Blood. Players need to kill them before they drink it, otherwise these adds becomes bigger angrier, stronger and attacks the players.

During the fight, Kilrogg will also target ppl with his eye and send them to a demonic phase in which players has to fight adds from The Burning Legion in which a mini boss needs to be killed in order to come out from this phase.

The fight is about killing adds, nuking boss, entering The Burning Legion phase and kill mini boss and have Fel Corruption as low as possible.


Blue marker
Tank Killrogg there.
When players come out from Burning Legion Phase, everyone stack (melee and those that are affected with corruption) on blue behind boss until players are low enough with Fel Corruption. Important to make sure that tanks get reduction of the corruption as well (if only melee or only ranged enters)

Green marker
Tank Hulking Terror so he faces the corner (faces away from raid)

Diamond marker
Ranged stack. Important that the marker is positioned on max range for dps and heal.

Abilities and Strategy

Kilrogg´s Abilties

  • Fel Corruption
  • Shredded Armor
  • Heart Seeker
  • Death Throes
  • Vison of Death

Fel Corruption

From the start and through the whole fight, players will be inflicted by Fel Corruption that does damage over time and increases dmg over time the more Fel Corruption players reach.

Reaching 100 in Fel Corruption leads to a mind control by The Burning Legion called Demonic Possession (same principle as Yogg-Saron in Ulduar, but it doesn’t help to turn around).

Shredded Armor

- This is a tank important ability. The boss will from time to time hit the tank so hard so it causes Shredded Armor.
- Shredded Armor debuff makes the player (tank) receive 40% more dmg and it stacks.
- However, If TANKS are using active mitigation (their defensive spell) it will prevent the Shredded Armour.

Heart Seeker

A very nasty ability in which Killrogg throws a knife at a player’s heart! This does very high dmg and is almost deadly.
Players between Killrogg and the person getting hit will also take dmg. 

Not only that, two different adds will spawn that will move to a NPC called  is in the middle of the cirle. to give him special power.

  • Blood Globule will be summoned next to the player that got hit by the knife. This Blood Globule will move to Killrogg which absorbs it leading to high raid dmg.
  • Fel Blood Globule will be summoned next to the player that got hit by the knife. This Fel Blood will move to Killrogg which absorbs it leading to high/deadly dmg on raid and healing boss for 15%. of max health.

HOTFIX: Kilrogg Deadeye's  Heart Seeker now deals damage and spawns globules only against the target of the ability on Normal Difficulty.

HOTFIX: Significantly reduced the health of Blood Globule and Fel Blood Globule on Normal Difficulty.

Players targeted by needs to run away far from that boss to increase the time for blobs to come to boss.
Run towards entrence of the room. (moon). 

Player targeted has to use defensive cooldown. Healers have to use defensive cooldown and top the health up again directly after.

Fel Blood Globule that spawns right after has to be priority one for all dps and killed before reaching Killrogg.  After that players nuke down the normal Blood Globule.

Nuke the Blood asap before it reaches boss

Death Throes 

Killrogg lays a debuff (fire dmg) on random players that does low dmg (depends on the distance to boss, further from boss= less dmg) every second for 8 seconds.

At the same time, missiles are fired at random locations doing moderate/high damage if getting hit.

Ranged need to stand at max dps distance to reduce dmg from debuff.
For missles: Keep on moving to dodge those missles then back again. This goes pretty fast so stay alert.
The key is to run backwards, so that melee run alone, ranged run alone and tanks run alone without running into eachother.


Visions of Death

Killrogg pours out Fel Energy from his eye. Players that stands on it get transported to another phase. There will be a certain amount of players that can enter that this phase and raid “have to” fill those spots, otherwise Killrogg does medium raid dmg. There will be 3 players that can enter the vision.

When entering the phase, players have to fight adds from the Burning Legion and finish off with a mini boss before they can exit that phase. Exiting this phase will give players certain buffs:

If you die in this phase you will get teleported out as well. 

  • Undying Resolve
    Players that exit will get a buff for 1 min that increases dmg by 30%
  • Undying Salvation
    Players that exit will get a buff for 1 min that increases healing by 10%
  • Cleansing Aura
    Players that exit will reduce Fel Corruption on nearby allies for 1 min.

A healer needs to stand on one cirlce as well to be able to enter. 
Send in 1 healer, 1 ranged dps, 1 melee (that has good AoE)

When inside: Every add that dies gives you 10% increased dmg. Nuke as much as you can and always interupt the adds. 

You exit the phase if Khadgar dies or if you die
When exiting the phase, the healer gives the cleasning aura for melee players, meaning stand on top of melee. 
Melee dps nuke the adds and boss with your extra dmg done buff.

You need 2 groups to enter the phase since you get a 90s debuff that prevents you from entering, once you have entered. 


The different adds

Normal Phase

Killrogg will call for his men to come and drink Fel Blood from the Blood Pool. These are called Salvating Bloodthirsters and will run to the blood pool. This adds comes from the far back and can be slowed rooted freezed etc. But one Hulking terror will be craeted directly since he falls right on the Fel.

CC and nuke this add before it reches the the circle were the NPC is covered with Fel.

After drinking the blood they become bigger and stronger and are now called Hulking Terrors with abilities that increases players Fel Corruption.

  • Savage Strikes
    The add does a 90 degree cone strike and players that get hit suffers 35% / 57% / 75% (Nm/Hc/Myth) weapon damage and Fel Corruption debuff that last for 4 seconds with totally 16 points Fel Corruption.
  • Fel Claws
    Normal melee attacks from the add may do 2 points splash Fel Corruption on tank.
  • Rending Howl
    This interruptible ability puts a debuff on all raid members that does dmg over time for 10 s.
    If it´s interrupted the add gains 150% cast speed.
  • Fel Rupture
    At low health (probably) the add bursts and sprays fire dmg and 20 Fel Corruption to the five closest enemies.
    When/if an add becomes a Hulking Terror, move the dps to him and kill him.

- One tank needs to handle this Hulking Terror and face him away from raid.
- Melee attacks from behind and beware of the Savage Strike.
- Tank move away when he casts Savage Strike
- Interrupt the Rending Howl as much as possible.

Burning Legion Phase

There are 2 different types of adds and one mini boss.

- Hellblaze imp that does insane fire dmg
- Hellblaze friend that will eventually explode and do aoe dmg.
- Hellblaze Mistress is the mini boss and does fire breath in front of her. Players standing in front suffers very high fire dmg followed by dmg over time.




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