Shadow Lord Iskar Boss Guide

Background story

Iskar once lived with the high Arakkoa´s in Skyreach. He was even clutch brother with Viryx (The High sage of Skyreach and last boss in the dungeon Skyreach). Iskar was spying on Viryx when she found out the truth about Terokk and the cursed outcasts. But it was Iskar that wanted the truth to be told for the people and Viryx that was against it and burned the scroll about the truth. To show loyalty to Skyreach and their god Ruhkmar she cut Iskar’s wings and made him an outcast.

Something dark was always growing in Iskar, and he has always been obsessed with power. Over time, Iskar became the leader of the Outcasts and put an end of Skyreach.

Instead of celebrating and starting to build up the new life between them he ran off, and nothing would stop him. The only thing we know is that he killed the patrol searching for him and now, it seems that he found another type of power, Fel power.

Short tactic explanation before pull when in LFR or PUG raid, 
/RW (Raid warning)

Phase 1

/rw Tank boss on skull
/rw Entire raid stacks on star
/rw One player pick up Eye of Anzu. Use it on player that s targeted with Phantasmal Wind. That player uses the Eye of Anzu on the next player targeted.
/rw use the Eye fast on targeted players because they will be dragged out of the platform.
/rw If u are targeted by Fel Chakram run to green or diamond (do not run to same side)
/rw Pass The Eye of Anzu to players affected with debuff Phantasmal Wound (can also heal those players above 90% to remove debuff)
/rw Move away from raid fast when targeted by the fire beam (Fel Incineration)

Phase 2

/rw When adds come stack them all up.

/rw First air phase, Focus the Priest  and cleave dmg the rest.
/rw important that a healer has the eye to dispell the bombs (Phantasmal Bombs removes all bombs)
/rw kill Priest first. 

/rw Second air phase: A Warden joins as well.
/rw Warden needs to be interupted by healer (or tank) holding the eye
/rw after each interrupt, pass the eye to next healer who will be ready to interrupt the warden, and so on
/rw Kill order: Warden then Priest, then the rest.

/rw Third air phase: A raven joins as well.
/rw Pass the eye to the one tanking Raven
/rw The tank needs to tank the Raven and interupt the Warden.
/rw If you have the bomb on this phase, run out from raid until Raven is dead.
/rw after Raven is dead, pass the aye to a healer again.
/rw Kill order: Raven, Warden Priest.

There is a very good and helpful addon for this fight.
 (opens extra window so you dont have to go back again)


In this encounter players will fight Shadow Lord Iskar on a big balcony. This boss uses Illusions and Fel energy to stop the players. Also Iskar seems to guard the Eye of Anzu which player will use during fight to not fall for Iskar’s Illusions.  From time to time Iskar will fly up in the air and call his buddies for help which are more Arakkoa mobs with special abilities.

The encounter has two phases:

  • Boss only
  • Adds only


Same positions for both phases

Tank boss on skull marker.
The entire raid stacks on Star marker
Green and Diamond markers are there so players can run out to one of them when Boss will throw Fel Chakram on the targeted players (Phase 1)

At pull, assign one player to pick up the Eye of Anzu (it’s in front of boss with 2 beams on it)


Abilities and tactics

Phase 1

Shadow-Lord Iskar has 5 abilities:
- Focused Blast
- Phantasmal Winds
- Fel Chakram
- Phantasmal Wounds
- Fel Incineration

Focused Blast

Iskar targets a random player at throws a beam of Fel Energy that does overkill dmg if not split between players.
Players will be stacked most of the fight (except when to move out on some abilities) so the dmg split will occur more or less by default.

Phantasmal Winds

Depending on raid size, some players will be marked by the boss with a black whirlwind around their body. After some seconds, these players will be lured that the wind is pushing them off the balcony.

- Stand/run with in the arrows on the figure (close to raid).
- The player with the Eye of Anzu marks one of the friendly players that has black whirlwind around their body and press the extra button that shows when holding the Eye of Anzu.
- The player receiving it will do the same on next player and so on until all are safe.
- Focus on this mechanic and skip dps on boss if it is hard

Fel Chakram

Three players will be marked and some seconds later, Iskar throws a Fel Beam on one of the players. This beam will then bounce to the 2nd then 3rd player and then back to boss. If anyone is in the way of the beam they get dmg as well. The beam does high dmg on the marked players and on the raid (the dmg on raid is less the further away the beam is on impact)

The Chakram alywas marks a ranged, a melee and a tank and it will bounce in that order and then back to boss.
Marked players runs fast to the marked sides.

Wait until the beam hits you before you run back to raid.
If raid is behind boss on star and if tank handles boss on skull, then no extra players will be hit by the chakra beam.

Phantasmal Wounds

Players will be hit by bolts that does dmg over time and won’t stop until these players have been healed 90% of their own max health.

- Healers heal the players affected
- The one with Eye of Anzu has to pass it to one of the affected and it will stop doing dmg.
- Next person passes the Eye again to the other affected and keep on doing this until it´s removed on - all affected players.

Fel Incineration

A beam will come form one ot the two statues and target a player. This beam does medium fire dmg on the ground if a player stand on it.

Targeted player has to react quickly and run away to the side until the beam is gone. Then run back to raid.

Phase 2 Focused Blast

While fighting the adds, the boss will do Focused Blast on the person holding the eye.
The dmg will be spil amongst the players hit by it. 

Ranged: Make sure you are stacked together behind melee.
Melee: Make sure you are stacked together infront of ranged. 

Phase 2 – The adds

This phase is divided in 3 air phases.

First Air phase

Adds spawn in which 1 is most important:

- Corrupted Pries of Terokk – Places Bombs on players that does medium aoe dmg to nearby players.

Raid stand on star and adds will be tanked on skull.
Kill Priest first before the other adds.

About the dipselling

Corrupted Priest of Terokk places either a bomb or a Phantasmal Bomb on random players.
The player that is holding The Eye can dispell these bombs. 
The best is to dispell the player with Phantasmal Bomb becuase that takes away all bombs from the players. 

Second air phase

We will have the same types off adds BUT another type of add joins the fight this time.
He is called Shadowfel Warden.

Warden Channels Fel Conduit (Does Fel Chain Lightning on 5 players total.)

This needs to be interrupted and can ONLY be interrupted by the person holding The Eye.
Let the healers pass the Eye to each other after each interrupt. 

Kill order on second air phase is:

1) Warden
2) Priest

Third air phase

We will have the same types off adds BUT another type of add joins the fight this time.
He is called Fel Raven 

Fel Raven – Does phantasmal Corruption on the one tanking Raven, causing them to explode and do high dmg to nearby players.

In this air phase, the tank will hold the eye instead!
The tank needs to interrupt the Warden. 
Ranged needs to move out from group when they have the bomb during this air phase uuntil the Raven is dead.
After Raven is dead, give the eye to a healer again for dispells. 


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