How to farm Blood of Sargeras

What is Blood of Sargeras used for

Blood of Sargeras is a crafting reagent in Legion.

This item is used to craft ilvl 815 BoE gear by Tailoring, Blacksmithing and Leatherworking.

This item is used to craft relics by Engineers and Inscription.

This items is used to create Obliterum. (Check the guide here regarding what Obliterum is). 

Different ways to farm Blood of Sargeras

First, there are one time only timepoints were you get alot of Blood of Sargeras. Which are from
* End of Zones rewards
* Big Questlines in Suramar

Profession Crafter World quests and Normal World Quests

Rewards from World quests can be 5 Blood of Sargeras.

Boon of the Bloodhunter enchant

This is a shoulder enchants that you can by from the Wardens when hitting revered reputation with them. This enchants gives you a chance to get Blood of Sargeras from dungeons/raids/mobs in The Broken Isles.

Dungeon and Raid Bosses

Loot from dungeon bosses can reward Blood of Sargeras. 

Herbalism Profession

Gathering Herbs will have a chance on getting Blood of Sargeras. For me I got the blood after hitting rank 3 in a special flower. However, hitting level 2 gives you “Find rare materials when gathering the specific herb”. So it is most likely that you can start farming the blood at level 2. Click here to come to my Herbalism guide regarding ranks.

Alchemy Profession

As Legion Alchemist you will eventually be able to perform “Wild Transmutation” which gives you a chance on discovering different Transmutes. One of them is called “Transmute: Blood of Sargeras”.

Meaning as an alchemist you can transmute Broken Isles Transmutagen into Blood of Sargeras.

Mining Profession

As mining in Legion you will have a chance to find Blood of Sargeras when mining all the various deposits in Legion. You need to be rank 3 on a special mining deposit to have a chance to find Blood of Sargeras when mining.   



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