Legion Herbalism Guide


Following plants can be gathered in Legion from the different zones:

  • Yseralline Seed
    Has a chance to loot it from every plant you pick up in Broken Isles
  • Foxflower
    You will find Foxflowers in Highmountain
  • Dreamleaf
    You will find Dreamleafs in Val´sharah
  • Aethril
    You will find Aethrils in Azsuna
  • Fjarnskaggl
    You will find Fjarnskaggl in Stormheim
  • Felwort
    Not known yet. This plant is only needed for crafting the trinket (3 needed).
  • Starlight Rose
    Not Known Yet, most likely Suramar

What does the rank (stars) mean in Herbalism profession?

There are up to 3 ranks for each plant gathering. Each rank will give you a certain benefit.
Remember that you don´t have any rank at start. The first time you gather a specific plant you will get a quest as well. Completing this quest will upgrade your gathering to level 1 on that specific herb.

Rank 1 is the same for all plants: Gather the specific herb more effectively.
Rank 2 is the same for all plants: Find rare materials when gathering the specific herb.
Rank 3 differs between the plants:
- Aethril: Gathering herbs in the Broken Isles may cause additional plants to appear.
- Dreamleaf: Standing near a Dreamleaf will grant you a powerful buff.
- Foxflower: Gathering Foxflower will summon friendly foxes to fight alongside you.
- Fjarnskaggl: Find rare materials when gathering fjarnskaggl.
- Starlight Rose: Attempting to gather a starlight rose will always succeed.
- Felwort: Gather seeds from all Broken Isles herbs.


Extra cool stuff 

Discovered some stuff while gathering. This is during Legion Alpha.

Fox spawns – Getting even more Foxflower
When picking up a Foxflower, there is a chance a fox spawns and runs around you for a while before he runs off. He drops several Foxflowers for you to step on (pick up). Meaning, if you get a fox spawning, you will get much more Foxflower than a usual loot.

Luck of Lotus buff
Picking up Foxflower in Highmountain will give you a buff called Luck of Lotus which gives you a higher chance to find extra treasure from creature in Pandaria it says in alpha version, but most likely it will be in the Broken Isles.

Flower add attacking you!
When gathering Dreamleaf there is a chance a big flower (Nightmare Creeper) will spawn and attack you. Killing it and looting will give you around 8 extra dreamleafs-


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